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Oh! My Sweet Liar! 偷心画师 Episode 10 Recap

Because Xiong Xiruo was going to greet Li’s father and mother in the morning, she was drowsy when she got up early to dress up. Walking on the road, the servants of Li’s mansion were dismantling the lanterns and red cloth for hanging, but he heard the servants say something bad about Xiong Xiruo. She is not a daughter of a county magistrate, but a liar at a gambling house. The maid, Mei Xiang, was caught by Xiong Xiruo after she was embarrassed.

It was also discovered that pirated Huanxixian Huanxixian painting books were circulating in the hands of the people, spreading rumors about Xiong Xiruo’s various deeds. Xiong Xiruo’s maid, Mei Xiang, asked Xiao Si to borrow lanterns for lighting, but was rejected. Xiong Xiruo found that Li’s servants were crowding out and looking down on her. The black lamp was blind. Xiong Xiruo fell and broke his knee. Then Li Hongbin came and hugged her. When Xiong Xiruo went back, Xiong Xiruo felt angry and prevented Li Hongbin from touching her to help her deal with the wound. Xiong Xiruo was angry and wanted to find out the fake Huanxixian as soon as possible.

Ms. Song Jia and San Ye were very unhappy with the rumors of Xiong Xiruo’s paintings. It turned out that the third master made up. Miss Song painted to smear Xiong Xiruo, but they don’t know the fact that all the contents of San Ye’s fabricated mistakes were made by mistake. Ru’er saw the painting book also fell into trouble, and decided to help mess it up.

Xiong Xiruo called the doctor Ye Zhihan and gave him gold and silver jewelry. He wanted to ask him for help and asked him to bring some gold and silver jewelry to her mother in the art gallery. Ye Zhihan agreed.

Li Hongbin was very angry when he heard people saying bad things about Xiong Xiruo, and warned them not to say bad things about Xiong Xiruo any more. Li Hongbin also saw the painting book that spread rumors and smeared Xiruo. Li Hongbin took the painting book and asked if Xiong Xiruo did it himself. Xiong Xiruo was very angry and prepared to send it. Li Hongbin stopped the poisonous oath.

Ah Zhang told Li Hongbin in the evening about the painting book rumored in the Li Mansion, which made the servants of the Li Mansion very unfriendly to Xiong Xiruo. Xiong Xiruo suffered a lot of grievances, so Li Hongbin took Xiong Xiruo out to ride a horse for relaxation, Li Hongbin cursed Ah casually. Yeah, but the next day he took Xiong Xiruo to ride a horse. Xiong Xiruo thought that Li Hongbin was upset and kind, and he was uneasy. Li Hongbin took Xiong Xiruo to boat again. Xiong Xiruo was confused, and he took Xiruo to climb the mountain. Xiong Xiruo couldn’t help but sigh the beauty of the mountain scenery. Xiong Xiruo asked Li Hongbin why he brought her here.

Li Hongbin said happily to watch the sunset. Yes, Li Hongbin took out the cakes he made for Xiong Xiruo. Xiong Xiruo said that he disliked it, but he was very happy. Li Hongbin said that he would come here to see Yunyao’s wonderful rivers and mountains every time he was upset. Xiong Xiruo understood Li Hongbin’s meaning and leaned his head on Li Hongbin’s shoulder. Both of them were very happy. Li Hongbin said that he would invite his aunt to re-paint Xiruo Xiong’s painting book, and let Xiong Xiruo compile his own life experience and encounter stories, and restore Xiruo’s reputation.

When Xiong Xiruo and Li Hongbin and his aunt wrote a biography, the third master came to make trouble again, and the third master repeatedly tested Xiong Xiruo’s identity. When Xiong Xiruo was exposed, Li Hongbin repeatedly let the third master let Xiong Xiruo go, and the third master left his sleeves and left. Li Hongbin caught up and told San Ye that he really liked Xiong Xiruo and didn’t care about his family background. I hope that San Ye will stop embarrassing Xiong Xiruo. All these have been secretly heard by Xiong Xiruo.

The Li Mansion held a tea party to justify Xiong Xiruo’s name. I hope that all the female relatives outside can help Xiong Xiruo to say a few words. At this time, Miss Song family came to make trouble again. When the ladies saw Xiong Xiruo making tea, they thought she was very good. When serving the tea, Xiong Xiruo’s legs were numb. Xiong Xiruo fell down to pretend to be dizzy and escaped. Ye Zhihan came to prick the needle. Xiong Xiruo kept pretending to be dizzy. After removing Li’s mother, Li Hongbin also knew that Xiong Xiruo was. Installed.

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