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Marry Me 三嫁惹君心 Episode 24 Recap

Yun Qingxian and Ju Mu’er traveled together, but Ju Mu’er was very concerned about the distance between the two, deliberately alienating Yun Qingxian, Yun Qingxian was helpless. Ju Muer entrusted Yun Qingxian to take her into the Criminal Department to meet Lin Yueyao, but Lin Yueyao suggested that she would cooperate with Ju Muer only if she saw Master Yin’s piano again.

When Ju Mu’er left, she accidentally learned that even though Lin Yueyao was being coerced by others, the matter was of great importance. She might not be able to escape to death. In addition, she was the old friend of Shi Boyin, which made Ju Mu’er even more worried. Ding Yanxiang and Ding Yanshan came to the Ministry of Justice to see Yun Qingxian, but they were stopped by the guards. Ding Yanshan was about to be arrogant, and found that Ju Muer and Yun Qingxian had talked to the Ministry of Justice and immediately went to accuse Ju Mu Son, the tone is extremely rude.

Ju Mu’er was frustrated by the entanglement of the sisters, so she explained the reason frankly and left immediately. Ding Yanshan naturally didn’t believe Ju Muer’s words and planned to argue with her. She happened to see Long Yue waiting at the door and immediately accused Ju Muer of seducing her brother-in-law. Long Yue defended Ju Mu’er domineeringly, stupefied to take Ding Yanshan away. Ju Mu’er was deeply moved, remembering what happened in the morning, and hurriedly pleased Long Yue, pulling him home.

When Long Fei and Feng Wu returned to the capital to find Ju Mu’er in Yinsi’s Mansion, they had a face-to-face meeting with Lin Yueyao’s two maids. Feng Wu was surprised when she recognized that the other party was a native of Ximin. At the same time, Feng Wu was found with a look of surprise, and then left. Long Fei was keenly aware that Feng Wu was hiding something from him, but Feng Wu kept talking about him, so he hurried to follow the two for questioning, but was interrupted by Feng Wu when he was about to inquire.

Long Fei felt that Feng Wu was different after going out this time. Feng Wu told him not to worry, and then went to find Xiao Bao. When entering the door, Long Fei wondered where she was waking up, but Feng Wu recalled how she helped Long Fei wake up. Xiao Bao hurried to see Long Fei, and then Long Fei and Xiao Bao played Kong Ming Suo together. Xiao Bao was extremely Clever, assemble the extremely difficult Kong Ming lock in threes or twos.

Xiaobao thanked Long Fei for his eighth birthday gift, but Long Fei clearly remembered that the relationship was seven years ago. In doubt, Feng Wu hurried over to correct Xiaobao, saying that Long Fei was right, and then again. Pulling Xiao Bao to a quiet place makes Xiao Bao claim seven years old from now on, and Xiao Bao agrees very obediently.

Two flowers bloom, one on each table. After experiencing these ups and downs, Concubine Shu was eager to secure the status of Shu’s family. She designed Shu Ruochen to meet with the emperor. The emperor loved her, was named a nobleman, and entered the palace on the next day. Long Teng learned the news that Shu Ruochen was in trouble, so he arbitrarily stopped the team entering the palace, and was about to take Shu Ruochen away from Yun Qingxian. Unexpectedly, this was the trap set by Yun Qingxian, and many black-clothed killers appeared halfway.

Long Teng took Shu Ruochen and fled to a cliff, and the man in black also chased there. In the fight between Long Teng and the man in black, he found that Shu Ruochen was pulled off the cliff, and Long Teng rushed down the cliff together. Yun Qingxian rushed to kill several people in black. Ju Mu’er saw this scene and immediately questioned, but Yun Qingxian told her the truth. It turned out that all of this was his strategy, and it was only for the two of them to attract the dragon. The Long Family must be eradicated on the grounds of personal affair and Ju Muer agrees to leave Long Yue, only then will the Long Family be completely let go.

Ju Muer returned to Long’s house in despair, and his attitude changed drastically since then. Long Yue wanted to ask more about the situation, but Ju Muer repeatedly refused. At this time, Ju Muer discovered that there was a problem with the Royal Doctor Wang, and was about to start with him. Ding Sheng asked about the results of the autopsy of Li Fei, and found by accident that Li Fei was three months pregnant before her death.

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