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Great Age 创业年代 Episode 3 Recap

Zhou Dingbei did not agree to release him because Hong Yuqiao injured the cadres of the security department. Kuang Mingchou heard that he was even more angry, and pointed out that Hong Yuqiao’s wife had miscarried because of this incident. Zhou Dingbei was a little surprised. Rescued from the police station. Hong Yuqiao hugged Guan Tao to comfort her. In the future, the two will have more children, and they will not be so sad because of a hundred yuan.

Not only that, Hong Yuqiao also decided to leave the service agency to go out and go out, Guan Tao is haggard Holding the Hongyu Bridge uncomfortably promised. Kuang Mingchou persuaded Hong Yuqiao not to leave the service agency and Guan Tao, but Hong Yuqiao was full of resentment towards both the Microcomputer Institute and Zhou Dingbei, and he resolutely stopped staying there.

Yao Kun also bid farewell to the Institute of Microcomputers after completing his task. The party committee of the Microcomputer Institute discussed and decided to make Zhou Dingbei the head of the service agency. Kuang Mingchou was ordered to conduct a thorough review due to his negligence in his work. However, considering his role in the service agency’s work, he agreed to continue to stay in the service agency to assist Zhou Dingbei, and Hong Yu Although Qiao was only given a warning, he himself offered to resign. However, considering the difficulties of his family, he let him continue to live in the pump house.

Hong Yuqiao met Guantao and was discharged from the hospital to stay in the pump room temporarily. However, Hong Yuqiao has a strong self-esteem and will find a job and move out as soon as possible. From now on, he has no relationship with the Microcomputer Institute. Jiang Cheng carried Zhou Dingbei to talk about business. Zhou Dingbei thought that the business project was too big to be taken over by the tree.

Jiang Cheng said that Zhou Dingbei just made up his mind and disagreed. Jiang Cheng angrily threw Zhou Dingbei in place, Zhou Ding. Bei himself ran back to the service agency and was panting. Kwong Mingchou heard about Zhou Dingbei’s pushing away the business, and he took the initiative to inquire about Zhou Dingbei.

Zhou Dingbei was stubborn and afraid that the business was too big to make mistakes. After Hong Yuqiao resigned and wandered on the road, he accidentally discovered that someone was selling tapes from Guangzhou at a street stall. When Hong Yuqiao saw that the tapes were in good business, he also wanted to go to Guangzhou to purchase goods and set up a small stall. He also calculated that he could earn four per month. Five hundred, Guan Tao has no idea, Hong Yuqiao can do whatever he wants.

Hong Yuqiao went to Guangzhou to put in a lot of tapes. When he came back to set up a street stall, he ran into a market inspector. He didn’t make any money and lost a few tapes. Fortunately, it didn’t take long for Hong Yuqiao to master the law of small vendors, and the stall business was booming. On the other hand, the service agency was struggling. Everywhere was restrained by Zhou Dingbei and unable to perform. Kwong and Jiang Cheng looked at Hong Yuqiao, who was the owner of the stall, and felt that the future of the service agency was at a loss.

Kwong had been thinking about this issue for days and chatting with Jiang Cheng. So he made up his mind to go to Director Zou to resign. Director Zou resolutely disagrees with Kwong Mingchou’s resignation. These young people’s decision is too impulsive and over-blooded in Director Zou’s eyes. Director Zou promised to help Kuang Mingchou. As long as the contract is negotiated, he must go to Zhou Dingbei.

Kwong Mingchou relayed Director Zou’s words to Jiang Cheng. Jiang Cheng was full of confidence. The person in charge of the contracting unit was a good friend of Jiang Cheng. Kwong Mingchou heard that it was Jiang Cheng’s iron buddy who was not at ease. Guan Tao went to see a Chinese medicine doctor to treat her body. She happened to meet Yao Kun in the hospital. Yao Kun took Guan Tao to find a good friend to help him take a closer look. Unfortunately, the result was not good. The doctor told Guan Tao that she might not have a baby in the future. Guan Tao felt uncomfortable but never blamed anyone, but she didn’t know how to say to Hong Yuqiao.

In the middle of the night, Guan Tao turned over and over and couldn’t sleep thinking about how to tell Hong Yuqiao something he might not be pregnant with. Hong Yuqiao wanted children very much, and would work hard to give Guan Tao and his children a better life. Hong Yuqiao’s words are profound. Guan Tao was deeply irritated. Guan Tao cried and said that she could not conceive a child. More than anyone, she hoped that she would give birth to Hong Yuqiao. Hong Yuqiao was shocked but she could only comfort Guan Tao.

Jiang Cheng took Kuang Mingchou to see Director Dong, the person in charge of the contracting unit. After drinking for three rounds, Director Dong really didn’t give Jiangcheng face, and all kinds of things refused to cooperate. Jiang Cheng couldn’t hold on to his face, and he was frustrated, but the next day he had to go to Director Dong to continue discussing cooperation. But when he saw Director Dong, Director Dong didn’t talk about the cooperation, and instead gave Kuang Mingchou and Jiang Cheng out. There was a problem. Director Dong was going to participate in a senior cadre training class organized by the province, but he was taken down for no reason. It was when he was depressed.

Kuang Mingchou seized this opportunity, thinking that if he could help Director Dong get it done. Regarding the quota, the order is estimated to be interesting. It turned out that the training class required cadres to be under the age of 40. Director Dong had just reached the standard, and Director Tian was only 38, and then Director Dong was taken down.

Kwong Mingchou asked Jiang Cheng to all the unacquainted people of 733, the director of which was Director Tian. However, Qiao Jiangcheng knew Lao Yang, the worker who burned the boiler of 733. During a chat, Jiang Cheng and Lao Yang learned that Director Tian was not 38 but 43 Kuang Mingchou seized this loophole and went to the unit that managed the cadre training class to check Director Tian’s information, so as to correct the mistake and obtain the qualification of Director Tian.

The staff of the management cadre training class unit are good at talking and are willing to provide information for the two to check carefully. However, it was Yao Kun who passed the information, and Kuang Mingchou deliberately hid behind Jiang Cheng to prevent Yao Kun from discovering himself, but the witty Yao Kun still recognized Kuang Mingchou.

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