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Great Age 创业年代 Episode 2 Recap

Guan Tao is still anxiously waiting for Hong Yuqiao to send the cigarette money. Fortunately, Mei Zhaohe has a relationship with Hong Yuqiao and Guan Tao. Before Kuang Mingchoo signed, he first approved the cigarette money to Hong Yuqiao for emergency. When He Fang talked to Kwong Ming-chiu about Hong Yuqiao’s entertainment expenses, Kwong Ming-chiu believed that this was an unhealthy trend and disapproved of the service agency doing this.

As planned, Kuang Mingchou called Professor Hou and An Gong to discuss the blueprint together, and Zhou Dingbei was still staring. Mei Zhaohe has been thinking about how to get Kuang Mingchou to sign Hong Yuqiao’s reimbursement receipts these days, but Kuang Mingchou does not agree with this kind of entertainment, and is very careful when signing the receipts, so the documents have not been signed by Kuang Mingchou’s name.

One month later, the service agency paid the employees who participated, and the big guys received compensation other than salary to supplement the happiness of their families. However, after these comrades received the reward, they discussed it in the office, which annoyed Zhou Dingbei.

At the meeting, Zhou Dingbei raised questions about the financial problems of the service agency, and forced Director Zou to report to the office to arrange professional financial staff to check the accounts. Such a move made An Gong very uneasy and took the initiative to return the money. Before long, the financial investigator Yao Kun invited by the institute was in place.

Kwong Ming-choi believed that the service agency’s finances had no problems. It was just that the service agency was audited as soon as it was established. Kwong Ming-choi was worried that it would undermine the enthusiasm of the service agency, but Director Zou wanted to The establishment of the service agency underwent a lot of pressure, and the pressure of the service agency being audited should also be resisted.

Kuang Mingchou could not only agree to the audit, and arranged for Mei Zhaohe to cooperate with Yao Kun. This audit frightened Mei Zhaohe and told Hong Yuqiao to be careful. Sure enough, Yao Kun found the reimbursement slip for cigarette money that Mei Zhao and Kuang Mingchou signed. Yao Kun ordered Kuang Mingchou, Hong Yuqiao, and Mei Zhaohe to interrogate separately to avoid collusion.

The signature on the receipt was obviously not in Kuang Mingchoo’s font, but Kuang Mingchoo believed that Mei Zhaohe and Hong Yuqiao would not embezzle public property and carried on for them until the interrogator learned from Hong Yuqiao that the money on the receipt was used to buy cigarettes. Kuang Mingchou couldn’t believe it and was shocked by the use of entertainment. Yao Kun reported the matter to Director Zou and Zhou Dingbei.

Zhou Dingbei was very excited and wanted to call the police, but Director Zou stopped Zhou Dingbei’s hasty decision, because at this time a reckless move might ruin some comrades. For the rest of her life, coupled with the other accounts of the service agency, Yao Kun also thinks that she needs to consider it again and again, and she also feels that the signature on the receipt is not Kuang Mingchiu’s handwriting.

As soon as Zhou Dingbei heard this, he took the initiative to talk to Kwong Ming, and the office could impose a light penalty on Kwong, but Kwong was required to surrender the position of the person in charge of the service agency. Kwong did not agree, and Zhou Dingbei clamored to dissolve the service agency.

Hong Yuqiao and Mei Zhaohe were released first. His two-to-one confession didn’t think there was a big problem, but Jiang Cheng heard Zhou Dingbei threaten Kuang Mingchou at the door of the conference room, indicating that the problem was big, and Hong Yuqiao and Mei Zhaohe would get involved. Kwong Mingchou is also very guilty, especially Hong Yuqiao secretly guessed that it was Mei Zhao and forged Kuang Mingchou’s signature. This happened because of himself. Hong Yuqiao did not listen to the persuasion of everyone to take the responsibility in front of Zhou Dingbei and Yao Kun.

The cause and effect of the incident, Zhou Dingbei had to report to the police after he knew the cause of the incident. Director Zou was very considerate of the difficulties of these young people, and because of the lack of money, he repeatedly prevented Zhou Dingbei from reporting to the police to make the matter worse. Kuang Mingchou was released, but Hong Yuqiao had to stay in the institution for one night, and Hong Yuqiao assumed all the responsibilities for serving the society.

Kwong Mingchou couldn’t watch the accident at Hong Yuqiao, and he found Mei Zhao and the two of them, and they must have been signed by Kuang Mingchou. On the second day, Kwong Mingchou found Yao Kun to take responsibility. Yao Kun didn’t want to stay here to investigate the matter. But when Kwong Mingchou said this, Yao Kun went to Hong Yuqiao to continue to understand the situation, and Yao Kun found Hong Yuqiao. The loopholes in the words should be verified by Guan Tao. Hong Yuqiao didn’t want things to get involved in Guan Tao, even though Kuang Mingchou followed Yao Kun to find Guan Tao, he was still worried. Yao Kun went to Guan Tao to ask about the situation.

He didn’t mean to be held accountable, but Hong Yuqiao was worried. Not only did Hong Yuqiao hurt his colleagues in the Security Department and forcibly ran out of the building, he also ran up to Yao Kun and made a big noise. Several people pushed him. Jian Guantao was pushed down and sent to the hospital for emergency treatment.

Zhou Dingbei chose to call the police when he escaped from Hong Yuqiao. The police followed Hong Yuqiao and sent Guan Tao to the hospital. Guan Tao’s body was fine, but the child in Guan Tao’s belly was not kept. Only after Hong Yuqiao knew that Guan Tao had a child, he could not accept the fact that he had lost the child, and then he was taken away by the police for investigation.

Yao Kun was also panicked and guilty in the face of this sudden accident. Kuang Mingchou didn’t understand how things could turn out to be so anxious and went back to the office to ask to understand, Yao Kun stayed to take care of Guan Tao. Kwong Ming-chiu tried his best to take responsibility in the office and wanted the matter to end.

When Guan Tao woke up and saw that Hong Yuqiao was not there, she knew that he had an accident because of the gift-giving. She begged Yao Kun to help Hong Yuqiao. Even if she lost the child, the kind Guan Tao still did not blame Yao Kun, which made Yao Kun feel more guilty. Yao Kun took the initiative to go to Director Zou’s office to explain everything. Director Zou saw that the matter was clear and ordered Zhou Dingbei to go to the police station to explain the situation and bring it back to Hongyuqiao.

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