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Great Age 创业年代 Episode 1 Recap

In the early stages of reform and opening up, everything was revived, and all kinds of thoughts and ideas were coming. A group of intellectuals with dreams followed the trend of reform and followed the pace of the times. The story began here. Many educated youths who returned to their hometowns gathered around the office of Deputy Director Zhou of the Microcomputer Research Institute to ask for two months’ wages, led by Hong Yuqiao, forcibly forced Deputy Director Zhou to give an explanation for the outstanding wages, and the deputy director refused to bear the bad attitude. responsibility.

Director Kwong Mingchou, Director of the Institute of Microcomputers, and Director Zou, Director of the Institute of Microcomputers, went out to work. As soon as the two returned to the institute, they saw Hong Yuqiao taking the lead in the trouble. Deputy Director Zhou immediately shifted the responsibility to Kwong Mingchou when they returned. Director Zou set the tone and promised to solve the wage problem for the educated youth.

Director Zou convened a meeting of concentrated cadres. Kuang Mingchou proposed to first pay part of the salary to the educated youth, and then use the scientific research results, technology and talents in the institute to provide paid services outside in exchange for more funds. This is not a waste of resources. Director Zou temporarily agrees, but still has to report to the office leaders for further decisions.

Kwong Mingchou told the results of the discussion to Hong Yuqiao, Jiangcheng and others waiting outside. The big guys are happy to receive part of the salary to supplement the household this month. After receiving his salary, Jiang Cheng bought a pair of sunglasses and groaned in the tube corridor. He also informed Kuang Mingcao to see him at the old place on time in the evening.

Before Kuang Mingchou went to the appointment, he also dealt with Deputy Director Zhou’s inquiry about paid services. Guan Tao is Hong Yuqiao’s wife. She works in a supply and marketing agency. His old place is a supply and marketing agency. Kuang Mingchou told everyone that he didn’t know until he went abroad.

Foreign scientific research institutions would transform technology into products to be tested on the market. This method can be used for reference. He suggested that the educated youth can set up a computer service agency to provide technical services to earn funds, and pay themselves wages. Those who have big wages are in favor. The Party Central Committee called for science and technology to be the primary productive force. As for how to transform the scientific research results in the institute into products, Kuang Mingchou is always thinking about it.

Kwong Mingchou mentioned his thoughts at the middle-level meeting of the institute. Deputy Director Zhou was the first to object. He believed that this was a scientific research institution funded by the state and should not think about external services. Director Zou agreed with New tricks were created in the reform. When Deputy Director Zhou saw that Director Zou’s words had changed, he immediately turned to agree. He just wanted to take the position of the head of the service agency.

Naturally, Kuang Mingchoo would not give his ideas to others, and the two would argue. Given the position of the person in charge, Deputy Director Zou had no choice but to slow down the affairs of the person in charge and only agreed to open a service agency first. Jiang Cheng and Kwong Mingchou analyzed that Zhou Dingbei must have no good intentions to take over the person in charge.

As expected, Zhou Dingbei promised in front of Director Zou that if he became the person in charge, he would manage the educated youth and restrict them to abide by organizational discipline. Zhou Dingbei also specifically went to his university tutor Tian to speak for himself, but Tian agreed to let young energetic and energetic young people respond to the call of the Party Central Committee. The country urgently needs to transform science and technology into productive forces, and the country urgently needs to develop.

After listening to Teacher Tian’s words, Zhou Dingbei thought about it and figured it out. Afterwards, Kuang Mingchou became the head of the service agency, leading the big guy to form the service agency in the abandoned warehouse in the institute, and the division of labor was also arranged. Hong Yuqiao and Jiangcheng are responsible for the business, Wang Yong is the technical backbone in charge of the business, Mei Zhaohe is the comrade who came to supervise the financial punishment, and there is a pump house. Kwong Mingchou will arrange for Hong Yuqiao and Guan Tao as the marriage room. Hong Yuqiao and Guan Tao are very contented, and invite all friends to celebrate and imagine the bright future together.

In this way, an abandoned warehouse, a few hairy boys, one after another, which are not very technological, and the educated youth club opened, but they didn’t realize that this was the first step in social exploration. They just received There is a gap between the list of science and technology previously imagined, and it is not suitable for his own professional and future development. Kwong Ming-chou believes that everyone needs to take a long-term vision.

Zhou Dingbei looked at the service agency to make money and worried that they would run counter to socialism sooner or later. When he raised it with Director Zou, Director Zou didn’t care very much. He was particularly concerned about the next steps of the service agency’s educated youth. Zhou Dingbei I took Director Zou to the Care Service Agency. Kwong Mingchou suggested that he needed the office to come forward to accept some computer-related business for the service agency.

Director Zou was very willing. When Director Zou agreed to help the service agency, Zhou Dingbei remembered the mentor. When the District Mayor Tian Yi was transferred, he mentioned that he would install a computer room for the city’s electric power design institute, which happened to be done by the service agency. Hong Yuqiao and Jiang Cheng still couldn’t understand Zhou Dingbei’s appearance. Fortunately, Kuang Mingchou could talk to make Zhou Dingbei happy. Kwong Mingchou took Hong Yuqiao, Jiang Cheng and Wang Yong to the Electric Power Design Institute to install the computer room, but he never succeeded.

Kwong Mingchou suddenly remembered that he could go to the 301 computer room to learn its installation line sneakily. Several people secretly traced the line in the 301 room. The noise in the middle of the night disturbed the installation master An Gong in the computer room. An Gong learned the intention of several people and agreed. I helped them during the shift.

With the help of An Gong, the basic line of the computer room was finally settled. Kwong Mingchoi was inspired by this, and he can bring An Gong and Professor Hou in the institute to work in the service agency. Very agreeable. It’s just that the computer room needs to be introduced as soon as possible to complete the computer room.

This matter was handed over to Hong Yuqiao. Hong Yuqiao ran back and forth several times with Director He of the Foreign Trade Bureau, but it was not smooth. When he got home, it was thanks to Guan Tao reminding him to send some good cigarettes and wine. Guan Tao was uncomfortable running out of the room to breathe. On the second day, Hong Yuqiao asked Guan Tao to sneak out two pieces of Zhonghua from the Supply and Marketing Co. and give them to Director He. As expected, the gift was easy to do, and the computer was approved by the computer, but the money for Zhonghua Tobacco had not yet been settled. It’s about Guantao’s work.

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