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Charming and Countries 十国千娇 Episode 1 Recap

After the fall of the Tang Dynasty, the Central Plains split, the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms rose, and wars flew. It was also an era of heroes. The male protagonist Guo Shao’s parents died and met Fu Jinzhan, the eldest daughter of Wei Wang Fu Yanqing, and was later taken into the palace as a guard. In the chaotic times of the Five Dynasties, there were constant wars between countries. Zhou Taizu passed the throne to his adopted son, Chai Rong, and made Fu Jinzhan the queen of Chai Rong, but Chai Rong missed the death of Fu Jinzhan. She only regarded Fu Jinzhan as a decoration. Not close. After Guo Shao joined the army, he became famous in the first battle and was appreciated by Chai Rong.

He and Fu Jinzhan were in love, but because of their identity, they could only hide in their hearts. Guo Shaohe, Qing Xiao, the small county lord Chai Yiyi, and others who he met on the battlefield set the posthumous Shu and destroyed the Southern Tang and became Zhao Kuangyin’s right-hand man. Later, Fu Jinzhan got rid of the queen’s identity through suspended animation. After Chai Rong’s death, Guo Shao and others supported Zhao Kuangyin in launching the “Chen Qiao Mutiny” and supported him in the upper position. After becoming famous, Guo Shao quickly retreated, took Fu Jinzhan and others away from the court, and lived a happy life.


At the bottom of the bamboo, Fu Tianhuang, marrying Fu-nu, and becoming emperor. Fu Yuzhan, the eldest lady of the Fu family, passed by in a carriage and heard the nursery rhyme. The escorting general told the child’s mother not to let the children sing again. Fu Jinzhan, the second daughter of the Fu family, comforted her, and it was not that whoever married the daughter of the Fu family could really be an emperor, and the family of Fu was not the only one in the world. Fu Yuzhan told his sister that apart from King Wei in the capital of the capital, who would dare to know the world by the name Fu. As for the contents of this nursery rhyme, those who are willing to believe will think it is true, and those who do not want to believe it will be false.

Today is the day when the eldest princess invites the palace officials to enjoy the flowers in the Imperial Garden. Fu Yuzhan warns her sister not to play mischievously, not to fight against the Imperial Guards, and not to use weapons in the house.

Xue Rong, King of Jin of Lingyang, visited his father, Xue Wei, and Xue Wei asked him about meeting Peng Ze’s envoys. Xue Rong said that the status of the envoy of Peng Ze does not need to send a high-ranking official like Hongyousiqing to greet him, just send a Hongyousicheng to go. Then, Xue Wei asked him what he thought of the nursery rhyme circulating among the people.

Xue Rong said that this may be nonsense spread by the people, or it may be someone secretly spreading the intention to cause trouble. If it is the latter, it is necessary to find out who is behind the scenes as soon as possible, otherwise it will affect Di Zuo. And Xue Wei believes that the mere nursery rhymes will not affect Jiangshan Sheji, and only he can decide who the throne is passed to.

On the way to the palace, Fu Jinzhan saw the envoy He Zhengwen of Pengze who was humiliating a soldier, and he insulted the Xue family with words, and wronged the soldier to steal his finger. Seeing the injustice on the road, Fu Jinzhan drew a knife to help, she took the initiative to teach He Wenwen and his guard, and then took her maid Qing Ge away. He Wenwen was furious, yelling that the Lingyang Emperor would punish her nine clans.

The eldest princess adopted Xue Rong, but she always looked down on him, and her words were harsh.

Above the court, He Wenwen became irritated and filed a complaint with the Lingyang Emperor, saying that he saw the woman who beat him enter the palace. The emperor sent people to the inner city to look for people and brought Fu Jinzhan to the court. Wei Wang Fu Yanxin saw his daughter and hurriedly pleaded guilty to the emperor.

Fu Jinzhan told the emperor that he saw He Wenwen on the street and was innocent. He Zhengzheng refused to admit it and asked Fu Jinzhan to produce evidence. The emperor satirized the text of He, but he still punished the Fu Jinzhan with fifty. At this moment, Fu Yuzhan asked to enter the hall to see him.

After listening to the statements of the soldiers involved, Fu Yuzhan believed that the emperor had committed the same crime as the common people, and that the envoy of Peng Ze had to abide by the laws of Lingyang when he reached the boundary of Lingyang. How could he behave and lose Peng Ze’s face. The emperor decided to waive Fu Jinzhan’s punishment.

King Wei told Xue Wei that He Wenwen went straight to Fu’s house after leaving the palace to propose marriage for King Peng Zecheng. Xue Wei understood that He Zhengwen had another owner, and he was on the order of King Peng to negotiate the return of the top three cities, and secretly proposed marriage for Cheng Wang. Xue Rong said that the envoy of Peng Ze was arrogant and idiotic, and he was willing to send troops to Peng Ze.

Xue Wei had a plan. Since Cheng Wang was convinced of the nursery rhyme of “marry Fu Nu and be the emperor”, he married Fu’s daughter and assassinated Liu Chengfu on the day of his marriage. Wang Wei had to obey the order. The emperor sent Xue Rong to lead soldiers to assist Fu’s daughter.

The two sisters of the Fu family wanted to get married and decide whoever gets the sachet of King Jin first. After some trials, it was decided that Fu Yuzhan would go.

It turned out that the emperor had planned for a long time and wanted King Jin to get rid of Fu Yuzhan after the matter was completed, and then come back to marry Fu Jinzhan.
The princess did not want King Jin to ascend the throne, and told the maid not to let Fu Yuzhan arrive smoothly. Fu Jinzhan was stunned before the wedding, and took her place on the sedan chair. After waking up, Fu Yuzhan hurried to catch up with the wedding team. At this time, Fu Jinzhan who got off the car to rest was knocked out from behind.

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