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Symphony’s Romance 蜗牛与黄鹂鸟 Episode 12 Recap

Everyone in the S regiment heard the news that Li Zhenyan said he was going to the A regiment as a commander, and everyone could not accept it. Li Zhenyan patiently explained to everyone that as a companion of the S regiment, Li Zhenyan told everyone that because of the S regiment, He has a feeling that his dream has come true this year.

Although he doesn’t know whether his decision is right or wrong, he wants to try it bravely. I hope everyone in the S group can accompany him and face this together. challenge. Fisher looked at the dialogue between Li Zhenyan and the people of the S group outside the door with emotion. The people of the S group can only accept Li Zhenyan’s decision.

Time is running out. Tian Yisong and Li Zhenyan started to lead the orchestra to rehearse separately. The rehearsal of the A group went smoothly. Li Zhenyan worried about the situation of the S group. Li Zhenyan’s worries were not redundant. Tian Yisong was very dissatisfied with the S group, not only to them. The requirements were harsh, and they also asked for additional training. Everyone in the S group complained. Jiang Caiwei took their emotions in their eyes. She reminded Tian Yisong that he could not teach the S group in the traditional way.

Jiang Caiwei had dealt with the people in the S group. The biggest thing they have in common is that they hate dogma, but Tian Yisong does not listen to advice. Instead, he believes that the biggest problem of the S group is that it is not standardized. He even thinks that Fisher asked him to exchange orchestra conductors with Li Zhenyan in order to let him regulate the S group. Jiang Caiwei had no choice but to say no more.

Fang Xiaorui made a meal and went to Group A to deliver food to Li Zhenyan. Seeing Li Zhenyan happily eating his own meal, Fang Xiaorui was very pleased. Ji Mo felt a little sour when he saw the two close together. On the S group side, Tian Yisong was thinking about the score alone. Jiang Shasha came to give Tian Yisong a suit. Tian Yisong refused to accept it, and again refused Jiang Shasha’s favor, but Jiang Shasha said that Tian Yisong put all hope in becoming a fisher. Apprentice Er, if she loses, she can provide Tian Yisong with a better opportunity, and if Tian Yisong figured it out, come to her.

Before the game started, Fisher called Lin Qingshang and Qin Fen to let them have a warm-up match before the game. The two did not like each other and couldn’t wait to bring out the piano, but Fisher Instead of letting them hold the piano, they let them dance with themselves, and let them shout louder than anyone else.

After a while, Fisher chatted with Lin Qingshang alone, saying that her biggest problem with playing the violin was that she was too accurate. She and Qin Fen were two extremes, one was too passionate, the other was too lawful, if If the two of them can be integrated, it is best if they each have their own strengths. Lin Qingshang didn’t understand Fisher’s words.

Fisher patiently taught him. He told Lin Qingshang that he could not paint the ground as a prison for making music, otherwise he would lose his creativity. If he could not change, then Lin Qingshang would be just an ordinary violinist. Rather than a real artist, Fisher knew that it was impossible for Lin Qingshang to make changes at once, but he believed that one day Lin Qingshang could truly understand what he said.

The day before the game, Li Zhenyan asked Lin Qingshang how he felt about the rehearsal situation of Team A these days. Lin Qingshang expressed admiration for Li Zhenyan’s ability and felt that his ability was stronger than those in the command department, and even thought that Li Zhenyan could win this time game. Here Tian Yisong was also nervous for the next day of the game. Jiang Caiwei carefully prepared a romantic date to help Tian Yisong relax her nervous emotions, and even made up for Tian Yisong’s previous birthday, which made Tian Yisong very touched.

On the day of the game, Li Zhenyan was preparing, but he overheard the conversation between Fisher and Li Yazhe. It turned out that Fisher and Li Zhenyan’s father Li Yazhe knew each other, and Fisher was on the phone with Li Yazhe, talking to him Li Zhenyan Fisher said that Li Zhenyan is indeed very competitive, but he will not lower the standard because of Li Yazhe’s relationship with his apprentice. If Li Zhenyan can’t win, he won’t go through the back door. Li Zhenyan’s mood is a bit complicated, but the opportunity he has always dreamed of is brought to him by Li Yazhe.

When the game was about to start, Li Zhenyan walked into the performance hall and said that he was not participating in the game. Fisher was very puzzled. Li Zhenyan said that the game was no longer necessary. When Fisher saw that Li Zhenyan already knew the truth, he sighed. Said that Li Yazhe had changed, but Li Zhenyan did not want to get involved with Li Yazhe. He wanted to leave without heeding Fisher’s advice. Tian Yisong chased after him and accused Li Zhenyan emotionally.

Li Zhenyan would rather give up and let the opportunity go. To Tian Yisong, he didn’t want to participate in this competition, but Tian Yisong said that it was not Li Zhenyan that he could become a student of Fisher. Li Zhenyan ruined Tian Yisong’s chance, and Tian Yisong hated Li Zhenyan from then on.

After Fang Xiaolu and Li Zhenyan went home, they didn’t ask Li Zhenyan why they refused the competition. Even when Li Zhenyan refused Fisher, Fang Xiaolu was relieved, somewhat happy that Li Zhenyan could continue to stay in the country. Li Zhenyan recalled the past. When he was young, he was strangled by Li Yazhe’s dream of being a conductor. Li’s mother divorced Li Yazhe for this reason and left home with Li Zhenyan. Tian Yisong was using wine to dissipate his sorrows. He really couldn’t figure out why Li Zhenyan would do this, nor could he figure out why Fisher had never seen him in his eyes.

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