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Symphony’s Romance 蜗牛与黄鹂鸟 Episode 11 Recap

Fang Xiaolu was infected by Song Ran’s piano, and felt that his piano sound was out of order with Song Ran’s. He even felt discouraged that he was unworthy to stand beside Li Zhenyan. Li Zhenyan noticed Fang Xiaolu’s psychological changes. Consoling Fang Xiaorui, with her ability, one day she will be able to stand on a larger stage, and Fang Xiaorui feels a little better. But Fang Xiaorui still couldn’t let go of the incident.

Ji Mo also saw that Fang Xiaorui was in a bad mood, so he took the initiative to bring something to Fang Xiaorui and wanted to comfort her. Fang Xiaorui was chatting with Ji Mo happily. I also came to the piano room to find Fang Xiaolu with some food. Li Zhenyan felt a little uncomfortable when he saw that Fang Xiaolu and Ji Mo were close. He turned around and left. Fang Xiaolu hurried out and asked if Li Zhenyan was jealous. Of course, Li Zhenyan Impossible to admit.

Here Qin Fen was looking for Li Zhenyan on the campus, but he accidentally saw Lin Qingshang being confessed. Qin Fen didn’t want to care about it, but seeing Lin Qingshang being entangled, Qin Fen couldn’t help but step forward and wanted to do When she made the siege, Lin Qingshang pulled Qin Fen aside and asked him why he had just come out to help him.

Qin Fen only said that he was drew his sword to help him because of an injustice. Lin Qingshang actually liked Qin Fen a little bit, so he asked him if he had just come out to help. He agreed to the boy’s confession, what would Qin Fen do? Qin Fen didn’t understand the meaning of Lin Qing’s business, and said stiffly that even if Lin Qingshang was with that boy, it had nothing to do with him. Lin Qingshang didn’t get himself.

The answer he wanted was a little disappointed with Qin Fen. Qin Fen thought about it all night and felt that Lin Qingshang was angry, and the next day he ran to her to apologize. Lin Qingshang asked the same question as yesterday, but Qin Fen still avoided his inner feelings, Lin Qing Shang became more and more lost, and didn’t want to bother him anymore.

After Qin Fen returned home, Fisher suddenly came. Da Qin enthusiastically entertained Fisher, but Fisher said he wanted to try Qin Fen’s craftsmanship. Qin Fen had never cooked noodles before, and he taught him hand in hand. , Qin Fen cooked one bowl after another, which made Fisher satisfied. Fisher wanted to use this to teach Qin Fen, that he wanted Qin Fen to settle down, not to be so impulsive in doing things in the future, but to have enough patience.

Fisher called Tian Yisong and Li Zhenyan, and asked them if they would be his students. Tian Yisong agreed without hesitation, but Li Zhenyan was a little confused. He didn’t understand what medicine Fisher was selling in the gourd. Lin Yumian was by the side.

I explained that if you can become a student of Fisher, you can learn music with Fisher and get a great opportunity. Fisher talked a lot, but Li Zhenyan saw that he could not talk for a long time. When it came to the point, Fisher wanted to leave impatiently. Fisher hurriedly stopped him and said that the way to assess the two was to exchange command between the S regiment and the A regiment.

Li Zhenyan would command the A regiment, and Tian Yisong would command the S regiment. 3. After a few days, Fisher would conduct an assessment, but Li Zhenyan refused. If Li Zhenyan did not participate in this assessment, Tian Yisong would naturally have lost the opportunity to become a Fisher student, but no matter how Tian Yisong persuaded him, Li Zhenyan would not let go.

After Song Ran learned of this, she also found an opportunity to ask Li Zhenyan why he refused to be a student of Fisher. Li Zhenyan said that his teacher was Wayenda, but Song Ran felt that this was not the real reason for Li Zhenyan’s rejection of Fisher. Song Ran thought that Li Zhenyan couldn’t let Xiaofu go, so he persuaded Li Zhenyan that if he gave up the opportunity to go to Europe this time, he would regret it, but Li Zhenyan insisted on his own ideas. The conversation between Song Ran and Li Zhenyan was heard by Fang Xiaolu. To.

On the way back, Li Zhenyan kept thinking about what Lin Yumian and Song Ran said. He asked himself what he was afraid of. Li Zhenyan was immersed in the past. Fang Xiaolu followed Li Zhenyan and left silently. When Li Zhenyan stopped, Fang Xiaolu asked him Why is he unhappy? Li Zhenyan actually doesn’t understand what his concerns are. Fang Xiaofu encourages Li Zhenyan. No matter what Li Zhenyan wants to do, he will be by his side. Li Zhenyan feels much better and changes his mind and decides to participate in Hetian Yisong’s game.

After everyone in Team S learned that they were going to cooperate with Tian Yisong and Li Zhenyan, they felt a little complicated. They didn’t want Li Zhenyan to leave or become Li Zhenyan’s opponent. Qin Fen was comforting everyone. Li Zhenyan came suddenly and told everyone about themselves. Going to the A group.

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