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Poisoned Love 恋爱吧,食梦君 Episode 1 Recap

Today, Shui Jing Wu Yu Hu Shen Dubbing is selecting the voice actors, Wei Lin told the dialect to come to you soon, the dialect vividly tells the story of Sleeping Beauty, the Sleeping Beauty will only wake up when she gets the destined kiss of true love, and the dialect senior sister secretly The director said that he was drunk that day. The CEO of the film producer company Shi Meng listened to the live dubbing with headphones.

For the next dubbing audition, the dialect senior sister suddenly clicked on a horror scene. , The dialect’s eyes were dull and fell into memory, and then unknowingly walked forward and hit the table and fell down. Zuo Yaoweilin rushed in. It turned out that the dialect had suffered from a strange disease since he was a child. As long as he was frightened, he would fall into a sleepwalking state for several hours. He could only recover later. Shi Meng drove there just in time. He took the umbrella and saw the dialect walking alone in the rain. He entered the company by himself.

Zuo Yao took the dialect into a taxi. Dr. Cui said that this time it lasted longer and felt that he must be replaced. Treatment method, and then talked about someone who also had the same somnambulism, but when her first lover hugged her, she immediately regained consciousness. Later, she recovered slowly. Dr. Cui suggested that she should have a relationship in dialect. Zuo Yao drove the car and took the dialect to the street looking for handsome guys, looking for true love.

As soon as the big star played the piano and sang softly, Zuo Yaoweilin brought his dialect to the media meeting at the Concept Cinema Water Mirror Story. As soon as he finished singing, everyone stood up and applauded. Only Shi Meng sat indifferently. Zuo Yao asked Wei Lin to enter with a work card. Here, the protagonist of Shui Jing Monogatari came to the stage to give a speech, but Yiming said that he had decided to terminate the contract with Concept Shadow. Shi Meng sat down on stage and muttered something to Hao Yingjun, who was next to him.

Meng said that some money must be spent. Shi Meng took the microphone. Someone suddenly poured a pot of water and cursed in his mouth. Shi Meng continued to say that he supported Yiming withdraw. Although he was poured cold water, it didn’t matter. A fan of dialect and Zuo Yao confided in the company when they were pretending to be. Now Yiming’s big-name news is topped by the hot search. It turns out that Hao Yingjun understood Shimeng’s intention to find an actor to splash water over and put him on the hot search. Hao Yingjun believes that although he broke the contract and raised the price and got sick and played a big name, he could be compared with Yiming.

The actors are hard to find. Shi Yi was handsome and forced people to walk over. Fans chased after him frantically. Dialect saw that the crowd was frightened and began to get sick. Shi Meng got off the elevator and saw dialect walking forward in a daze. He stepped on something and was about to fall. Shi Meng hurriedly caught her, and when he saw the girl he saw in the rain that day, he fainted in dialect in his arms. Wei Lin called and told Dr. Cui that it was only a few hours before, but only a few minutes today, so he should have found the destined person.

Shi Meng sat in a daze. Hao Yingjun said that Shiyi had re-registered a trumpet account on Weibo. The only person he followed was the person called Yinjiang. Shi Meng asked to find information about Yinjiang as soon as possible. new Wenli star Shiyi attended the Water Mirror Story press conference. Zuo Yao looked at her mobile phone and found that Shiyi was wearing the same clothes as the dialect of the day. He guessed that the destined one was Shiyi. He didn’t believe the dialect, everyone thought it was. Zuo Yao said that you have a Weibo trumpet called Yinjiang.

You used to have a job to send a message. Zuo Yao took a notebook and wrote down how to sleep till the hour, and then handed it to the dialect to ask her to do her homework. Shiyi’s creation has never been inspired, and the dialect thinks that the person is really Shiyi. He recorded an audio of Aite Shiyi in the dialect, and Shiyi became happy when he saw the audio in the dialect. Hao Yingjun told Shimeng that Shiyi is the most recent I am very obsessed with Yinjiang. You can learn about Yinjiang.

The dialect left a message saying why I believe in fate. Shi Meng picked up his mobile phone and looked at their conversation. He was bored. He called Hao Yingjun and quickly signed Yinjiang. Shi Meng Turning on Yinjiang’s audio and listening to the sudden rain while walking, Shi Meng looked back and saw that the dialect was holding an umbrella to help him cover the rain.

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