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The Lost Tomb Reboot S2 重启之极海听雷第二季 Episode 5 Recap

Fatty and Red-topped Narcissus confirmed each other’s identities, and Red-topped Narcissus knew that Wu Xie had made Fatty come. Because Xue Wu came to him a few days ago and told him not to take this job. The red-topped Narcissus felt that Xue Wu was in trouble now and didn’t want to offend him, and that Wu Xie was about to die, so he didn’t want to take the job. The fat man said to give him a deposit of 200,000 yuan and ask him to help with the matter, but he was refused.

Silent were Coke boss arrested, coke boss let the Silent underground river to see the photograph of a map he could let her go. But the dumb woman said that she hadn’t seen him since she left the dumb village. Boss Jiao threatened her that he had time and made her think slowly. Wu Xie was hospitalized for medical reasons. They had to collect the money before dark today, so the fat man went to collect the money.

Fatty and Xiao Bai went around and found a shop called Xiao Wu Shanju, so they went in and took a look. The fat man discovered that the boss was selling fakes, so he worked with Xiaobai to win the genuine and fake products for 100,000 yuan. Xiao Bai took the fat man to the facade she was looking for called Hao Shan Ju, and the furnishings inside were similar to what Wu Xie liked. The fat man taught Xiao Bai to recognize the authenticity of the antique and asked Xiao Bai to put it in the group to sell. Someone bid 500,000 yuan. The fat man felt that the 500,000 yuan was capped, so he asked Xiao Bai to inform Lao Liu for an interview.

Suddenly the fat man received a call saying that Wang Piaopiao was injured and went to the hospital, so he told Xiaobai not to sell the fakes, and asked her to delay his return as much as possible. As soon as the fat man walked away, Lao Liu came to trade with cash on the back foot. Xiaobai introduced this antique to Lao Liu. Lao Liu liked it very much, and found a fake, so he said that he wanted both. However, in order to prevent the fakes from being sold, Xiaobai said that she wanted to keep a collection. In the end, Xiaobai finally got the old six to get the genuine one and signed a contract with the old six. The fat man came to Wang Piaopiao’s house and found that he had been tricked, so he drove back.

When the fat man came back and found that Xiao Bai had been cheated, they had to pay double the compensation. The fat man called Wu Xie and asked him to come over. After Wu Xie arrived, he checked the contract and decided to send Xiaobai back first, and he would solve the problem. As soon as I walked to the door, I ran into Lao Liu, who said that they had to pay double compensation for selling fakes. Wu Xie gave him the genuine product in no way, but asked him to give him the fake. The sixth man smashed the fakes in front of everyone, and said that they were selling fakes, so he smashed everything in their shop.

Wu Xie and the others went in and saw the mess on the ground. Wu Xie picked up the debris on the ground and found that it was Xue Wu and the others, mostly stolen goods, so Xiao Bai was asked not to call the police. The fat man said that Xiao Bai was still too young to be exposed to the sinister society. Wu Xie told Xiaobai and the others that Xue Wu had sold all his collection of paintings to save his master, but he still couldn’t save them, so he felt that all of this was poor, so he used all means to make money. After listening to the fat man, people who feel hateful must have pity. The three were chatting, and soon Xiaobai called for cleaning on 58 same city.

Xue Wu came to Xiaowu Shanju. Xue Wu asked his boss whether the sixth child had come back. The boss said that he hadn’t come back because he was afraid of being followed. The boss also told him that Wu Xie did not call the police. Xue Wu didn’t know whether Wu Xie didn’t call the police because he was afraid or because he found his mind, but he wanted to get rid of Wu Xie as soon as possible. He also asked the boss to help him arrange the marriage of his daughter tomorrow. He wanted to tell Wu Shanju that he was about to change ownership.

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