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The Lost Tomb Reboot S2 重启之极海听雷第二季 Episode 4 Recap

Wu Xie and the others found the thunder-listening device. The fat man said that Xiao Baiqing asked her to take it down, and Xiao Bai said that he should take it down quickly. The fat man said that the bastard had been released early, and he couldn’t help his weight looking at the tree. Wu Xie couldn’t stand it and said he went up by himself, and then removed the thunder-listening device from the tree. Wu Xie and them analyzed the thunder-listening device and said that there was only the last device left, that is, the Faraday cage. The fat man said that he would give him the last one, and he also asked them to try the thunder-listening device.

So the three of them wanted to try the Tinglei device during a thunderstorm, but Wu Xie was injured by the Tinglei device. The fat man saw Wu Xie’s injury, so he ran out to check Wu Xie’s injury. Wu Xie was taken to the room, and the fat man rinsed Wu Xie’s wound with mineral water. Wu Xie asked the fat man whether the Faraday cage made by him was not reliable. The fat man said it was because he had forgotten the ground wire. Wu Xie found that the mountains here were very similar to the iron pendants seen in the head of the dumb princess, and wondered if the mountains here were also designed. The repetition of thunder is related to the mountains. He found that in Sanshu’s photos, some were the shapes of the mountains around the valley, and there were natural karst caves in the dead zone under Wuzhou.

This weather station and the Nanhai Wangdi Palace were also similar in terrain. Wu Xie believes that Leicheng also has a similar topography. Whenever the King of the South Sea goes to a place, he seeks out and repairs a valley so that the frequency of thunder reflected here will be the same, which is convenient for the interpretation of the thunder-listening device. He also found that there should also be something related to this under the eleven warehouse. He wanted to go in again and thoroughly investigate it.

Wu Xie asked them if they saw anything when thundering just now, and they all said they hadn’t seen anything. Xiaobai went to fetch the camera and found that a pattern had been burned outside. Wu Xie hurried out to check and found that this might be the news from his third uncle, so he took it and sent it to his second uncle. The second uncle called him and told Wu Xie to leave it alone. The second uncle videoed with him, and after chatting for a while, he was ready to go down. The second uncle went down with them, and Zhang Qiling felt that the sound of the rocks here was strange and there was a problem with the sound. The second uncle told them not to speak loudly when they acted. Video of Zhang Qiling and Wu Xie, showing Wu Xie the scene.

Zhang Qi Ling found wrong, and dark glasses to go see a black glasses think this is the design of artificial terrain, it will issue such a sound. Suddenly a harsh sound came out, accompanied by the sound of the sea surging, and suddenly the video was interrupted. Wu Xie guessed that Zhang Qiling and the black glasses should be okay if they hid under the rock, but it would be a bit dangerous if the others were washed by the water. Wu Xie and the others could only wait for news. Wu Xie used the fat man’s cell phone to send a message to Xie Yuchen to tell him that there was an accident with his second uncle.

The mute woman found herself being watched in the restaurant, so she immediately left the restaurant and got into a taxi in order to escape, but the driver seemed to have a problem. Vest and Wu Xie video, Vest tells them about the scene. Wu Xie asked her vest to follow him, and contacted Zhang Qiling with a secret code. Zhang Qiling told Wu Xie that there was a spy in the team and this was a trap. Let Wu Xie come back after processing, the fat man pretended to be dead and cheated his waistcoat.

Xue Wu received the call and told his subordinate Wu Erbai that something was wrong, so he wanted to do something and asked his subordinates to take back all the chapters. Wu Xie looked at the photos in the morning and recalled what happened yesterday, analyzing who the spies would be. Wu Xie discovered that the spy had been to Leicheng and was directed against him, so the fat man thought they should disguise themselves.

Wu Xie wanted everyone to know that he was going to save the second uncle because he did not accept the fact that the second uncle died. Wu Xie received the asset freeze book, and Wu Xie and Fatty’s money were frozen. Wu Xie asked the fat man to find someone who could dive for him, so he went to Tangkou to find Xue Wu, but was stopped. Wu Xie called Uncle Jing, and Uncle Jing told him to ignore Xue Wu’s affairs.

After Wu Xie came back, he met Xiaobai. Xiaobai wanted to help Wu Xie save people. Wu Xie couldn’t help but asked Xiaobai to go back and wait for the call. The fat man told Wu Xie that he had found a suitable candidate, a netizen named Red Top Narcissus . The fat man came to the hot spring to look for the red-topped narcissus. He was playing mahjong with a group of women, so he immediately called the red-topped narcissus.

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