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The Long Night 沉默的真相 Episode 8 Recap

As night fell, Jiang Yang drove Zhu Wei to Miaogao Township, chatting with each other about his life and experiences, especially when Zhu Wei talked about his son, he always had a smug smile on his face, as if he saw the father and son join hands to catch criminals several years later. . During the conversation, I heard the cry for help through the fish pond. After the two chased after him, they discovered that Huang Mao was kidnapped. Seeing Zhu Wei’s gun on the air, he immediately threw Huang Mao out of the car and fled.

Huang Mao was rescued, and after careful consideration, he confessed that he had searched for a young virgin for the Kahn Group that year. He was accidentally discovered by Hou Guiping and he had a list and photos of the students who were sexually assaulted. Scourge. Zhu Wei took Jiang Yang’s tape recorder to record Huang Mao, and decided to take him back to the police station to continue the interrogation. Hu Yilang wanted to kill Huang Mao but failed, and simply ordered Li Jianguo to repeat the old tricks, and then brought the lawyer to the court on the grounds that the interrogation procedure was illegal. The police station interrupted the interrogation.

Zhu Wei was furious and clashed with Li Jianguo. Fortunately, other police officers promptly prevented the scene from deteriorating. Li Jianguo directly reported to the Inspectorate. Before leaving, Li Jianguo secretly handed the tape recorder to Jiang Yang and told him to keep the clue of Huang Mao.

Because Sun Chuanfu complained that Zhu Wei was illegally subpoenaed, and Huang Mao temporarily retracted his confession, Zhu Wei was accused of shooting and threatening him to frame Sun Chuanfu as an evil force. Faced with the current changes, Jiang Yang, as a prosecutor, felt deeply powerless and could only watch Zhu Wei take all the responsibilities and wait for the judicial trial. Chen Mingzhang advised Jiangyang not to be impulsive and not to disappoint Zhu Wei’s trust and expectations.

Jiang Yang personally went to thank Wu Jian for interceding, and hoped that Wu Jian could get Zhu Wei out. However, Wu Jian wanted him to give up the investigation and do his job well so as not to get into trouble. If you change to the past, maybe Jiang Yang will think about it a little bit, but now that he has gone through so many things, he can no longer choose to be silent, once it starts, he can’t stop, even if it is death.

The Supreme Procurator selects young and promising prosecutors across the country. Wu Aike has this intention. Prosecutor Wu persuades Jiang Yang to stay away from his daughter as much as possible. It just so happened that Jiang Yang didn’t want to hurt Wu Aike, so he resolutely mentioned the breakup. He didn’t wait for Wu Aike to respond, turned and left, silently climbed the long steps, stepping into the darkness.

At first, the procuratorate could only issue a criminal warrant to Zhu Wei due to the request of the big man. However, because many people in the political and legal circles stood up and asked for a lighter treatment, they even wrote to the leaders at all levels, including the people’s joint letter submission. He was released on bail pending trial, temporarily removed from all posts, and sent to the police school for further studies for three years.

Yan Liang took the initiative to talk to Zhang Chao and learned that Zhang Chao’s parents had passed away as early as the end of 2008, and that the elderly handrails were produced wholesale in June 2009, so the timing became a key mystery. Regarding the cause of Hou Guiping’s death, Yan Liang was very curious why Zhang Chao did not act for him, but at this time Zhang Chao was engaged to Li Jing, left the School of Political Science and Law, and even warned Jiang Yang not to involve Li Jing in the case. So far, Jiang Yang is only alone.

After Zhang Chao’s mother passed away, the house was rented to Jiangyang. Since Jiangyang had no record of a fracture during his lifetime, the elderly handrails should have additional functions, such as easy removal of the handrails and replacement of retractable hangers. Based on this, Yan Liang guessed that the murderer was someone else, or Jiang Yang deliberately committed suicide. The forensic doctor had not found any clues of the microphysical evidence at the scene of the crime. Even if the deceased and the murderer planned in advance, the human survival instinct would still be forced to activate and thus struggle , But Jiang Yang’s autopsy report found that he was in a relaxed state before death.

Li Jing handed Hou Guiping’s autograph to Jiang Yang, which contained a receipt from Jinshan Photo Studio. Jiang Yang revealed his identity and wanted to get the list and photos from Li Dabei, but he didn’t expect Li Dabei to open his mouth and directly ask for fifty thousand. In the end, Jiang Yang borrowed money from Chen Mingzhang to raise funds, agreed on a trading time, and drove there. Unexpectedly, Hu Yilang was the first to learn about it and immediately arranged for manpower to set fire to the photo studio. Even Li Dabei was killed in the fire . In front of the Jinshan Photographic Studio, the two cars met head-on, and Jiang Yang was shocked when he witnessed Hu Yilang passing by.

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