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The Long Night 沉默的真相 Episode 7 Recap

“The Kahn Group’s capital chain broke, and the construction of the original Jiangtan Fertilizer Plant was suspended.” A blockbuster news was released by the Jiangtan Evening News, which first attracted Yan Liang’s attention. The serious crime team retrieved the black Santana record from the DMV. Because the last four digits of the license plate number were not clearly seen, there were thousands of vehicles in the city that met the characteristics, and it was difficult to lock them in a very short time.

Ren Yueting asked the Economic Investigation Department to investigate the economic situation of the Kahn Group, while Gu Yiming and others took Zhu Wei’s photos to distribute to various districts and search the whole city. And somewhere in a dark underground garage, Li Jianguo and Hu Yilang met secretly, discussing before the police found Zhu Wei, otherwise they would be in a passive state, just like a nightmare picture, they can only make the other party choke his throat and cannot break free.

Seven years ago, Zhu Wei went to other provinces to perform missions. Jiang Yang kept turning off his phone when he was on the phone. When he was passing by Kahn Group after get off work, he saw Huang Mao holding Ding Chunmei’s son, so considering the relationship between the two, he rushed to Ding Chunmei’s home. At this time, Ding Chunmei suddenly disappeared, and her departure added many doubts to this case.

Although Ding Chunmei was suspected of framing, she did not expect the result of Hou Guiping’s death subjectively, and there was a lenient plot that she voluntarily explained afterwards. As long as she is willing to testify in court, her sentence can be commuted, and there is no need to abscond. Zhu Wei thought that something was wrong, and simply brought Chen Mingzhang and Jiang Yang together. The three found that the outside of the canteen had been swept away, and there were mirror fragments and blood stains left in the house. By visiting the surrounding people, they speculated that Ding Chunmei was more fortunate.

Zhu Wei caught Huang Mao, but failed to ask for useful information, thinking that Li Jianguo transferred him to other provinces to perform tasks, as if it was intentional. Now that Ding Chunmei’s whereabouts are unknown, Chen Mingzhang believes that the investigation’s whereabouts have been exposed. Fortunately, Zhu Wei deliberately isolated Huang Mao and let his subordinates pretend to be social relations and return their mobile phones.

Sure enough, Huang Mao Zhongji directly called Hu Yilang. This person is the deputy general manager of Kahn Group and Sun Chuanfu’s assistant. Not long after receiving Huang Mao’s call, he dialed a mysterious number with his mobile phone. The owner was Sun Chuanfu himself, and Li Jianguo was entrusted by him to order Zhu Wei to release Huang Mao immediately.

Through the investigation of the Kahn Group, the task force involved the background of the chairman Sun Chuanfu. When he was young, he raised money to purchase an old country construction paper factory and renamed the paper factory Kahn Paper. As the revenue from the factory gets better and better, it gradually became the financial pillar of Pingkang County. It not only solved the employment problem of thousands of people, but also became the first listed company in Qingzhou City. After that, the Kahn Group was established with a total of seven or eight subsidiaries. , Involving real estate, paper, clothing, food, manufacturing and processing.

Through the tips of the food stall, Yan Liang instantly figured out the explosion principle of the unfinished building. Through a number of visits and investigations, Xiao Ma also contacted Factory Manager Lu to confirm that the elderly handrails came from his home. Since the production batch number of the product has been stamped into the steel pipe in the form of a steel stamp since 2008, it is necessary to provide an internal photo of the interface in order to accurately produce the date.

Then Xiao Ma and Yan Liang went to Zhang Chao’s house, but Li Jing did not expect to clean up the room again and asked the workers to remove the elderly handrails. The two rushed to the garbage treatment plant to retrieve the elderly handrails. According to the internal batch number, the director Lu found that the products were produced in June 2009. Because the products are in short supply, it will take a month or two for them to reach the customer.

Early the next morning, Zhu Weirong drove the police car radiantly and parked at the entrance of the procuratorate. He immediately called Jiang Yang out of the unit, and couldn’t wait to take him to catch Hu Yilang and Sun Chuanfu. Jiang Yang very much abides by procedural justice, so he is not optimistic about Zhu Wei’s rash actions. He did not expect Zhu Wei to get the summons in advance, so that he could only swallow his words.

When he arrived at the Kahn Group Building, Zhu Wei led people into the high-rise office area and directly opened the door to the chairman’s office. Hu Yilang was arrogant and keenly discovered that the summons certificate did not write Sun Chuanfu’s name. Zhu Wei had to act according to the rules and escorted him to the police station first, but Sun Chuanfu asked to accompany him.

Zhu Wei couldn’t interrogate in private, but he didn’t want to hurt Jiang Yang, so he asked him to return to the procuratorate first, and then came to the police station with a gloomy expression. County Mayor Qin and several leaders in the bureau waited for a long time. In the face of the scolding eyes of a group of people, Zhu Wei still turned a blind eye and ordered Hu Yilang to take notes. Then he went to the conference room to listen to Sun Chuanfu’s “sue”. Also expressed dissatisfaction with Zhu Wei.

The entire afternoon’s interrogation did not have any effect. The chief and deputy directors called Zhu Wei one after another, asking him to release him immediately. Due to insufficient evidence, Zhu Wei could only let him go. He was so angry that he went directly to complain to Jiang Yang, bowed his head for a long time, and planned to take Jiang Yang to Miaogao Township overnight to find Huang Mao.

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