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The Long Night 沉默的真相 Episode 6 Recap

Zhu Wei informed Jiang Yang of the anonymous call and found out that the other party was calling from a public phone in the town. Jiang Yang saw a turnaround in the case, so he planned to continue the thorough investigation. Zhu Wei appreciated Jiang Yang’s courage and decided to help him find out the real culprit and return Hou Guiping to his innocence.

Jiang Yang and Zhu Wei formed a two-person team. They began to visit the “victim” Ding Chunmei, and they found that there was a two-year-old boy called her mother in the canteen. Since Ding Chunmei had not remarried and did not adopt a child, Zhu Wei questioned this and interrogated the child’s origin. Ding Chunmei said that she was a child of a friend’s house, and immediately called the “child parents” at Zhu Wei’s request.

The owner of the phone was Huang Mao, and when he rushed to the canteen, he happened to meet Jiang Yang and others in front of him. Zhu Wei first pulled Huang Mao out of the door and locked it in the car. Jiang Yang then took out a tape recorder to record Ding Chunmei’s confession, and the tape recorder was transferred to Chen Mingzhang seven years later. The task force obtained important information accordingly.

Ding Chunmei in the tape recorder was very panicked, and she was still concealing something at first, but because Zhu Wei lied about Huang Mao’s confession, not only did she set out that the child was Huang Mao’s own flesh and blood, she also repeatedly attacked Ding Chunmei’s psychological defenses with Jiang Yang, allowing her to truthfully confess to the seduction. The process of Hou Guiping’s rape.

Huang Mao took the initiative to find Ding Chunmei, put out 10,000 yuan, and even promised to take Ding Chunmei away from the village gossip, and then open a supermarket in the town to live. Ding Chunmei has been longing for a stable life for a long time, so she naturally believed in Huang Mao, and according to his instigation, she specially dipped Hou Guiping’s semen with a towel and took it away until she reported the crime an hour later.

Originally, Jiang Yang could directly ask about the cause of Hou Guiping’s death, but Huang Mao broke free from the handcuffs and rushed into the commissary to interrupt the questioning. Ding Chunmei noticed that she had been fooled, and she said silently, refusing to reveal any details. Zhu Wei wanted to perform inter-provincial official duties temporarily, so he did not take Huang Mao back to the police station for interrogation, but asked Jiang Yang to wait for him to come back to clean up Huang Mao and the little widow.

In 2010, Zhang Chao in the detention center, sitting on pins and needles, got up and asked the supervisor about the time. He frowned when he learned that it was past 10:30 in the evening. After listening to the recording and combining Hou Guiping’s autopsy report, the task force discussed the matter. The forensic doctor found that Hou Guiping was not drowning after alveolar autopsy. The only time of death was around 9:30 that night.

Chen Mingzhang believes that Ding Chunmei’s confession is false or false. The doubt is whether Hou Guiping died after rape or before the rape, because ejaculation and knee reflexes are both spinal reflex actions. After death, as long as the sexual organs are stimulated to a certain intensity, they can still ejaculate. Yan Liang doubted the cause of Jiang Yang’s death, but couldn’t find the retractable hanger, so he asked Xiao Ma to take a few pictures of the old handrails in the super living room, and then went to the mall to find similarities.

The “Jiangtan Evening News” was temporarily suspended due to reports from the masses. The homeless people began to act and caused two explosions. After the police and the media received the news, they rushed to the scene of the accident. Because the location was in the unfinished building of the Kahn Group , So there were no casualties, and no prohibited explosives were found.

Yan Liang went to Zhang Chao and asked him to confess his accomplices, but Zhang Chao reminded Yan Liang to resume the photo release as soon as possible, otherwise he would not be able to control the development of the situation. Because this unfinished building was once magnificent, it is a pity that it harbors too much dirt, including Li Jianguo and Hu Yilang, who accompanied Sun Chuanfu to eat caviar here and talked about how to deal with Jiangyang.

The serious case team met and discussed and found that the time between the two explosions was very short. There were only a lot of daily furniture such as steel wire beds, honeycomb stoves, and electric fans. There is no surveillance nearby, but the surrounding residents will go to Sparrow Lake for a walk. According to them, there are often homeless people in unfinished buildings. Yan Liang locked key information on the tramp, so he and Ren Yueting went to investigate the explosion site again.

Ren Yueting looked at the honeycomb stove left on the ground, and couldn’t help but recall the scene of her eating around the honeycomb road with her father when she was a child. At that time, his father, as a public security criminal police officer, was unfortunately injured while performing his duties. Since the hospital had only one operating room, he gave up the chance of life-saving to the little girl who also needed to be rescued. Until today, Ren Yueting would miss her father through the smell of cigarettes.

After the explosion, President Yan realized the seriousness of the situation and immediately resumed newspaper publication and continued to cooperate with the police. Yan Liang analyzed that the bombing was related to the Kahn Group. He decided to change his mind and plan to find Zhu Wei who was missing. But at this time Zhu Wei was in Jiangtan City. He was in rags and became a homeless man in the eyes of outsiders; The waterman helped the boss to look at the warehouse.

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