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The Long Night 沉默的真相 Episode 5 Recap

Hou Guiping took the key photos with a camera, and then went to the Jinshan Photographic Studio to develop the film. The museum owner Li Dabei discovered the secret and quickly contacted Huang Mao to find Hu Yilang, intending to use it as a bargaining chip to waive all previous debts.

After Hu Yilang got the film, he burned it down immediately and told Li Dabei not to leak any wind. Hou Guiping found out that he had been deceived, so he broke the window glass and entered the photo studio. After searching many places, he finally found Li Dabei’s backup film in a file bag.

As Zhang Chao refused to make any more confessions while in the detention center, the police did not get any useful clues from him until Ren Yueting put three photos of the mysterious person in front of him, so he slowly told about his relationship with Hou Guiping.

As a professor at the School of Political Science and Law, Zhang Chao is proud to have a brave and kind-hearted student like Hou Guiping, but he is also worried about revenge by the evil forces, so he is advised to complete good studies first. However, there are nine photos in total, all by Hou Guiping. The content of these photos represents salvation, whether for Weng Meixiang, the female students, or himself.

After repeated considerations, Hou Guiping finally decided to take the photo to the Pingkang County Public Security Bureau to report the case. Li Jing stood by the side reluctantly, watching him enter the ticket gate, and his back was gone. She burst into tears, unexpectedly. forever and always. When Hu Yilang received the news from Li Jianguo, he immediately ordered Huang Mao to remove the excess negatives. At this time, Li Dabei was still in the photo studio. In a blink of an eye, Huang Mao came in with a bunch of ruffians, and directly smashed things without saying anything.

Jiang Yang asked Teacher Ma about the situation on the day of the case, and Teacher Ma was deeply impressed. He remembered everything and the time very clearly. It was almost evening when Hou Guiping returned to Miaogao Township. The mountainous area was setting early and sparsely populated. When Teacher Ma had finished borrowing his stomach medicine and left, Huang Mao brought wine and food to the door to apologize.

Hou Guiping couldn’t figure out the other party’s tricks, and watched Huang Mao take the initiative to put out a few plates of meat and vegetable dishes, and filled two glasses of wine. Huang Mao took out three thousand yuan and handed it to Hou Guiping, hoping that he would stop the appeal and would like to pay a high price for the film.

Hearing his intentions, Hou Guiping was furious and blasted Huang Mao out on the spot. He thought the matter was far more complicated than imagined. In order to prevent accidents, he simply wrote to Li Jing and informed that the original film was in the Jinshan Photographic Studio. Then he stood there and watched. The sky above my head suddenly found that the sky was not only dark, it also had light and love.

Huang Mao left school and knocked on the door of the widow Ding Chunmei’s house. Ding Chunmei was instructed by him to lead the kettle to Hou Guiping to get hot water. It happened that Li Xue and her friend had just returned from watching an open-air movie outside. The two of them passed by the cornfield and overheard Huang Mao calling Hu Yilang to report on the progress, and learned that he was putting aphrodisiac in Hou Guiping’s drink.

Teacher Ma claimed to have poor hearing, so he did not notice any abnormal noise. It was not until the police car drove into the school in the middle of the night that Hou Guiping’s accident was discovered. Jiang Yang went to Ding Chun-mei according to the address, but because of Jiang Yang’s identity, Ding Chun-mei didn’t mention the seduction, so she turned around and left.

At the same time, a road was winding and secluded, Yan Liang was being followed, and he could only increase the accelerator to drive forward. The two cars competed with each other, chasing after each other slowly, and finally Yan Liang shook off each other, watching the black car turning away at the intersection, just like Jiang Yang back then, except that he hit the guardrail and was forced to stop.

Xiao Ma searched the entire Jiangtan City, but still nothing. Ren Yueting and Yan Liang took the initiative to visit Chen Mingzhang, wanting to ask for information about Hou Guiping’s case, but Chen Mingzhang still kept the forensic appraisal certificate and handed it over to the two of them to discuss the follow-up situation.

Because Jiang Yang was investigating the case alone and was threatened one after another, he considered stopping the investigation at Wu Aike’s request. Chen Mingzhang understood Jiang Yang’s ideas very well, so he refunded the thousand yuan intact, and invited Zhu Wei to introduce him to him. Zhu Wei was once the captain of the criminal police squadron.

He was appraised as “Pingkang Baixue” by the leader after he cracked a major robbery case. Later, Li Jianguo, the deputy captain of the Criminal Police, and the family of the criminals deliberately planted Zhu Wei to extract a confession by torture, resulting in Zhu Wei’s demotion, and Li Jianguo was promoted smoothly.

In fact, everyone knows Li Jianguo’s character, so he is avoided. Zhu Wei admires Jiang Yang, and at the same time thinks Hou Guiping is innocent, because he received an anonymous call many years ago with a girl’s voice, but behind her stood a man hiding in a dark corner.

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