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Symphony’s Romance 蜗牛与黄鹂鸟 Episode 9 Recap

Before the performance of Group A, Lan Bo suddenly discovered that there was a problem with his score. Then he realized that when he met Zhuo Yin, the two of them had taken the wrong score to each other, but the performance was about to begin and there was no time to change the score. Rambo can only bite the bullet and play.

When the A group is playing, the members of the S group are also waiting nervously. In order to cheer everyone up, Li Zhenyan changed his suit, put on the group uniform, and Encourage everyone not to be nervous when playing for a while. Just follow your heart and enjoy the stage so that the audience can hear everyone’s true voice. Li Zhenyan took out a specially purchased team uniform and handed it to Fang Xiaolu, and told Fang Xiaolu that she was An indispensable member of the regiment.

Zhuo Yin also found out that his score was wrong. Lan Bo wanted to send Zhuo Yin’s score to him after playing, but Tian Yisong stopped him, saying that he was unfair to group A by sending the score, since both groups met. When the same problem is reached, then each should come up with solutions. In the audience, Lin Yumian asked Fisher if the S group really lost, would Fisher really want to disband the S group, Fisher did not answer directly, but Lin Yumian said that he knew that Fisher’s purpose was For Li Zhenyan, Fisher did not admit it either.

After the S group came on stage, Li Zhenyan took a deep breath and officially began to conduct the performance. Zhuo Yin took the score of the A group and looked at Li Zhenyan’s conductor very nervously. The audience in the audience was very surprised by the performance of the S group. The performance is not like an orchestra composed of poor students at all. Editor Bei also noticed Li Zhenyan and turned to ask Director Meng about Li Zhenyan’s situation.

After the official performance, Li Zhenyan took out his secret weapon and began to direct the members of the orchestra to play their rehearsal for these two days. Different from the rigid playing style, the performance of the S group was very exciting and very interesting. After the performance, Li Zhenyan Nervously waiting for the audience’s reaction, Li Zhenyan breathed a sigh of relief when the audience burst into applause.

But the game is a game, and the winner is always determined. Director Meng asked Fisher to announce the result of the game. Fisher greatly appreciated the performance of the S group, but at the same time pointed out that the S group handled the problem when it faced the problem of the score. Not professional enough, in the end, Fisher announced that Group A had won the game. Everyone in the S group was very depressed. Although Li Zhenyan was also sad, he still comforted them with a few words of fighting spirit.

Tian Yisong said in an interview that he would go to Fisher and strive to secure the position of Fisher’s apprentice. Lin Qingshang found Qin Fen and praised the performance of S group today. Today’s performance made Lin Qingshang look at Qin Fen with admiration. Lin Qingshang and Qin Fen rushed to the celebration banquet after chatting, but Lan Bo did not go.

At the celebration banquet, he went to the S team and gave Zhuo Yin back his score. Zhuo Yin was silently sad, thinking that it was his own problem that caused the S team to disband. Lan Bo felt a little guilty and felt that it was his fault. Fang Xiaolu was worried that Li Zhenyan was in a bad mood, so she ran all over the school to find Li Zhenyan. Fang Xiaolu tried her best to comfort Li Zhenyan, and Li Zhenyan suddenly became a little tempted by Fang Xiaolu’s words.

Fisher told Lin Yumian that although he let the S group lose, he formed the S group. After he leaves, the S group will be disbanded. It is no different from now. Moreover, he also likes Li Zhenyan very much and wants to take Li Zhenyan away. apprentice. Fisher issued a notice at the school. Before he left school, the S group rehearsed as usual. The students of the S group are a little strange. I don’t know if they are disbanded or not. But Li Zhenyan understands Fisher’s intentions. He finds Fisher to express his gratitude. The two are talking, Fisher’s secretary And agent Elise suddenly appeared in front of Fisher, took Fisher away without any explanation, and asked Li Zhenyan to tell Lin Yumian about it.

Fang Xiaoluo appeared at Li Zhenyan’s house more and more naturally, and replaced Li Zhenyan’s computer screen with her own photo. After Li Zhenyan turned on the computer, she was taken aback. Looking at Fang Xiaolu’s photo, Li Zhenyan wanted to find Fang Xiao Let’s settle the account, but I don’t know when, Fang Xiaolu was already standing next to Li Zhenyan, staring at him intently. The distance between the two was too close. As soon as Li Zhenyan turned his head, she accidentally kissed Fang Xiaolu.

Fisher did not come back after being left by Yili Ribbon. Li Zhenyan was a little worried that if Fisher did not return, then the S group would really be disbanded. Li Zhenyan was talking about this with Qin Fen, and Tian Yisong’s classmates suddenly took it. I came over with a magazine that had an interview with Li Zhenyan and questioned whether Li Zhenyan did anything to steal Tian Yisong’s opportunity. Qin Fen only knew that Li Zhenyan had accepted the interview. It turned out that after the game, editor Bei found Li Zhenyan. I did an interview with him and asked him why he chose to be a conductor because he was obviously a student in the piano department.

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