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Symphony’s Romance 蜗牛与黄鹂鸟 Episode 10 Recap

Li Zhenyan told editor Bei that conducting was his long-time dream. Editor Bei wanted to ask about Li Zhenyan’s father Li Yazhe. Li Zhenyan interrupted editor Bei and said that he didn’t want to mention his father. Editor Bei also wittily did not ask any more. After giving his business card to Li Zhenyan, he left. Director Meng was a little happy after seeing that Li Zhenyan was in the magazine, and he was somewhat admired by the S group. He felt that keeping the S group would be more beneficial to the development of the school.

Lin Yumian went to find Elise, trying to persuade her to let Fisher go back to school, but Elise refused to let go. While the two were talking, Fisher took the opportunity to escape from the hotel, and Elise knew Later, he didn’t have the thought to talk to Lin Yumian any more. Jiang Caiwei and Tian Yisong ran into Jiang Shasha in the bookstore. Jiang Caiwei saw that Jiang Shasha liked Tian Yisong, but Tian Yisong deliberately played stupid. Jiang Caiwei was suspected that she locked Jiang Shasha in the last performance. Jiang Caiwei did not want to accept inexplicable doubts. ,

She asked Tian Yisong if it had anything to do with this incident, but Tian Yisong disagreed, thinking that Jiang Caiwei had already gotten the quota to go abroad, and this matter was not important. Jiang Shasha found Tian Yisong alone and said that he could help Tian Yisong get the chance to go to Europe to apprentice. Tian Yisong said that he didn’t need it. It was impossible for him and Jiang Shasha, but Jiang Shasha didn’t give up.

Li Zhenyan and several people were still worrying about how to find Fisher. Dad Qin on the side heard their conversation and said that he wanted to know where Fisher was. Ask Lin Yumian for sure. Only then did several people know that Fisher’s first love was Lin Yumian. ,

Several people ran back to school and saw that Fisher and Lin Yumian were talking, and they were relieved after confirming that Fisher was back. Fisher took Lin Yumian to Qin’s shop to eat noodles. As soon as he arrived at the door, Fisher saw Elise. Elise said she wanted to talk to Lin Yumian.

Elise told Lin Yumian that this time Fisher You did not come back because of Lin Yumian, but Lin Yumian seemed to have known about it a long time ago, and even guessed who brought Fisher back. Elise promised to give Fisher another month to stay in Baike, but she told Lin Yumian , Fisher wants to accept disciples, and needs Lin Yumian’s help.

Fisher will choose a person between Tian Yisong and Li Zhenyan as his student, but before accepting apprentices, they need to take a special test. Tian Yisong is full of fighting spirit and is determined to pass this test and become Fisher. However, Li Zhenyan is not as nervous as Tian Yisong. Tian Yisong’s definition of success is to constantly surpass others, but Li Zhenyan thinks that success is to surpass himself. The two have different positions and there is nothing to say.

Song Ran, Li Zhenyan’s friend, came back from abroad to look for Fisher. Song Ran went around Baiqi and met Fang Xiaolu. Fang Xiaolu enthusiastically wanted to take Song Ran to the S group, but Song Ran heard it on the way. With the sound of Li Zhenyan’s piano, he eagerly ran into the piano room to find Li Zhenyan. Fang Xiaolu was a little lost seeing Song Ran and Li Zhenyan getting close, but he didn’t know what to say. Song Ran was very enthusiastic about Li Zhenyan, but Li Zhenyan was unwilling to chat with Song Ran. After playing the piano with Song Ran, he took Fang Xiaolu home.

Along the way, Fang Xiaolu thought about Song Ran’s affairs. Li Zhenyan saw that Fang Xiaolu, who had been noisy, suddenly fell silent, and knew that Fang Xiaolu had something in his heart. Fang Xiaolu asked Li Zhenyan if she was very poor compared to Song Ran, but Li Zhenyan said that they were not on the same level and there was no comparability, and Fang Xiaolu was a little bit lost.

The two were eating at home. Song Ran came suddenly and said that he was going to live in Li Zhenyan’s house. Fang Xiaolu was a little nervous and quickly signaled that Li Zhenyan was not allowed to agree. Li Zhenyan perfunctory Song Ran and asked her what she did with Baiqi. Song Ran told Li Zhenyan that Fisher asked her to give lectures on Baiqi and share her learning experience.

On a new day, Song Ran and Fisher came to the S group together to teach the students of the S group. Song Ran prepared a Chopin etude and wanted Li Zhenyan to come on stage to cooperate with him in the lecture, but Li Zhenyan refused. Fei Scheer also said that Li Zhenyan was learning to conduct, so he called Fang Xiaoru to the stage. Fang Xiaoru hadn’t heard this piece before, so he could only bite the bullet and play it again.

After all, it was the first time to play this piece, Fang Xiaoru There were many mistakes. Song Ran also heard that Fang Xiaolu didn’t read the music score. Song Ran directly demonstrated it, and pointed to Fang Xiaoluo. As long as she overcomes the problem of not reading the music score, her performance will be successful. Great progress. Fang Xiaolu was deeply shocked by Song Ran. Seeing her depression, Fisher comforted her a few words. The next day, Fang Xiaolu and Li Zhenyan went to Song Ran’s piano recital. Fang Xiaolu looked at Song Ran who was shining on the stage, suddenly a little envious.

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