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Minor March G小调进行曲 Episode 48 End Recap

While Park Qicai and Quan Hee were shopping, they saw a boy dancing there when they passed by the video game city. Park Qicai couldn’t help stopping. She really wanted to see Quan Hee dancing. Right now, Quan Hee was right. Park Qicai said, let’s go to the club too. They played a lot of events, and finally came to the dancing machine. Park Qicai asked Quan Hee Jung to dance. Quan Hee said that she could not, and Park Qicai went to dance for a while.

Then they took a lot of photos and washed them out. While Park Qicai was looking at the photos, Cha Yunxian suddenly appeared. Cha said that he wanted to take Park Qicai to a place. He just wanted to take Park Qicai. Go, Park Qicai yelled, Quan Xizheng heard it, and quickly walked out. He saw Cha Yunxian wanting to take Park Qicai away, and immediately stretched out his hand to hold Park Qicai. Cha Yunxian said to Kwon Heezheng I know she is your girlfriend.

I will take her to a place and come back in a while. Kwon Hee is talking about what he has to say. Cha Yunxon let go of Park Qicai’s hand and came to the side. Qicai gave all the photos in her hand to Quan Hee Jung, and came to Cha Yunxian. Cha Yunxian took out his necklace to Park Qicai and told her that it was given to him by his father when he was 18 years old. I hope he can give this necklace to the girl he likes. Now Cha Yunxian wants to give the necklace to Park Qicai.

He hopes that Park Qicai will be happy, so he put the necklace in Park Qicai’s hands, and Park Qicai watched. The necklace said that I know you like me, but I don’t like you. This necklace is too expensive and I can’t ask for it. I believe you will find a girl full of you in the future, and then return the necklace to Cha Yun constitution. Park Qi Cai came back to find Quan Hee Jung.

Quan Hee was showing her the album she chose. Park Qi Cai said that you are not worried about me at all, but you are still in the mood to choose an album. Quan Hee Jung said that he might have dated you for the last time anyway. , I’m not so stingy anymore. What Park Qicai said to Kwon Hee Jung was very strange. At this time, Kwon Hee was giving the invitation letter to Burram Germany Finals to Park Qicai. After seeing this, Park Qicai was excited to hold the right Hee Jung said there really is me.

At the Jinling Dazzling press conference, the reporter asked Park Jaegong how many points he would give his acting skills. Park Jaegong didn’t hesitate to say that I would give himself 99 points. To give yourself one less point is not to make yourself too proud, reporter. Continuing to ask him what plans he has next, Park Jaegong said that this stage is too small for him now. He decided to go out of Asia and step into the world. The reporters laughed when they heard it.

Park Jaegong took a look. Man, Aman’s expression is serious, Park Jae-gong immediately said that I was just joking with everyone, and the best thing now is to do well in the moment. I will continue to improve my acting skills and bring you more good roles. After everyone listens, All applaud him. The fourth brother’s book is big Brother won an award for creating a prototype novel. He will go to the award ceremony and ask the third brother to advise him which suit is better.

At the award ceremony, the fourth brother said that his next work will be based on the life of the whole family. Create material to write a brand new novel “March in G minor”. Today is the day when Park Qicai and Kwon Hee are going to Germany. Park Qicai went downstairs and saw that her brothers had no reaction at all. She asked the brothers if they would not accompany her this time.

The third brother said that you have grown up and the brothers can’t be with you forever, and then he drove her to the elevator. Park Qicai came to the door and saw Quan Hee-jung and said that the brothers would not accompany her. As soon as I got in the car and walked away, my five brothers came out with their suitcases.

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