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Minor March G小调进行曲 Episode 47 Recap

With the help of Shen Shien, Park Qicai successfully got the admission notice from Juilliard College. Shen Shien gave the notice to Park Qicai. After seeing it, she was very happy and immediately said that she would invite Shen Shien for barbecue. During dinner, Shen Shien Seeing Park Qicai and Quan Hee feeding each other, I was very disappointed. Park Jaegong’s crying scene in the crew always fails to achieve the effect the director wants. One shot was taken many times, but everyone on the crew was dissatisfied with him.

This time Park Jaegong failed to pass, and the director ran away angrily. Go to Park Jae-gong and tell him whether you can act or not. You have no feelings about yourself. Park Jae-gung tells the director about the director. Let’s do it again. I can definitely do this. The director said, do you know you’re wasting it? How long does it take everyone, and then the director told everyone that today is here, everyone should go back and rest first, and then Aman came and took Park Jaegong and left. After they left, Ouyang Yan told the director that this was completely acting.

An unfavorable son, he is totally incomparable with the role I played back then. The director called Aman and asked Aman to come to his room to say something. The director told Aman that the crew was going to replace Park Jaegong. Aman asked the director to give Park Jaegong another chance, saying that he would definitely be able to act. Okay, the director said that, personally, I would like to give Park Jae-gong another chance, but he is not the only one who has the final say on the whole crew. Everyone is dissatisfied with Park Jae-gong’s acting skills and has to consider the issue of funding. , Unless Mr. Ouyang Yan can give Park Zaigong another chance, then I can.

The director’s words have not been finished yet, and Aman immediately went to Ouyang Yan after hearing it. Ouyang Yan feels that young actors nowadays can’t endure hardship and treat acting as a child’s play. If an actor does not really integrate into the heart of the role he plays, then his performance will fail. Aman said, please give Park Jaegong another chance. Well, Ouyang Yan said why you girl is so stubborn. In the end, he agreed to give Park Zai another one day.

If he still can’t fit into the role for a whole day, then there is only a substitution. Aman is very grateful to Ouyang Yan for giving Park Zai again Palace one chance. Aman came to Park Jaegong’s room. Park Jaegong was still worried about his acting skills. Aman told Park Jaegong the news. Park Jaegong felt that this role was not suitable for him at all. Aman said you and him There is still something in common. You are both the bosses of the family.

Park Jaegong said that there is only one thing in common. Then Aman told Park Jaegong the story of his childhood and sister, saying that he deliberately wanted to attract the attention of his parents when he was a child. After making trouble in school and deliberately not studying, the parents really didn’t care about themselves in the end, and they loved her sister even more.

She hoped that her experience would give Park Jaegong a little feeling. When Park Jae-gong came home, he took out his childhood diary from the cabinet. I remembered the neglect of my parents since they had younger brothers. I deliberately beat my younger brother in order to attract the attention of my parents. Park Jae-shang came to his eldest brother’s room and knocked on the door several times. Park Jae-shang didn’t hear him.

He came When he sat next to Park Jae-gong, he snatched the diary in his hand and read it out. Park Jae-shang quickly grabbed the diary back and drove Park Jae-shang out of the room. The next day Park came to the set in the palace and successfully passed the crying scene. Even Ouyang Yan was shocked by his acting skills and lost his mind.

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