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Minor March G小调进行曲 Episode 46 Recap

Wang Cong put Xi Ziyi and Park Jae-shang in the same room. He said that this was originally prepared for Xi Ziyi alone. Now that Park Jae-shang is here, let the two of you try it together. He also said that as long as they can If you escape from here, you will be safe, or you will stay here forever, and then Wang Cong will leave the room. Xi Ziyi and Park Jae-shang untied each other’s ropes and found it in the house.

They saw that a door was locked. Park Jae-shang was about to kick the door open, but he was injured and his leg was not that big. With strength, he did not kick away. At this time, Wang Cong’s voice appeared. He told them not to take shortcuts, but to follow the rules of the game. He reminded them that if there is a door, there must be a key. Xi Ziyi and Park Zai Shang looked up at the room. The four corners of the room were monitored. Wang Cong watched their every move.

Xi Ziyi asked Park Jae Shang to quickly find the door key. The two found all the mirror fragments in the room. Then I used a highlighter to find the key hidden on the wall. After opening the door with the key, he found that he was in another secret room. Wang Cong told them the secret of customs clearance through monitoring. Just press and hold the blue button to open the door, but the door There is a time limit. The round trip time is only 5 seconds.

There must be a person who keeps pressing the button, so only one person can leave. Xi Ziyi pressed the button with his hand and tried it. The time was indeed only 5 seconds. Xi Ziyi asked Park Jae-shang to leave. , Pressing the button, Park Jae-shang walked slowly to the door. Wang Cong saw this scene in the surveillance, saying that life and death are nothing in front of love, but Park Jae-shang walked to the door, he did not intend to leave by himself , He said to Xi Ziyi that when the meeting door was opened to the maximum, you would run over.

After Xi Ziyi nodded and pressed the button, Park Jae-shang blocked the door by himself and let Xi Ziyi run over, but Park Jae-shang simply blocked it. Without closing the door, being squeezed by the door and seriously injured, Xi Ziyi asked Park Jae-shang that I told you to go, why didn’t you go? Park Jae-shang said to Xi Ziyi, you left me before, do you want to leave me again now?

Xi Ziyi said that you went to find another woman before, don’t you want mine? Park Jae-shang said that your father told me that you don’t love me and you followed other men, so I found other women to piss you off on purpose. When Wang Cong saw this scene, he felt that the two were acting. He did not believe that in times of crisis, someone would not take his own life for love. Xi Ziyi watched Park Jae-shang get so badly injured, and the misunderstanding between the two was solved.

Xi Ziyi was very worried about Park Jae-shang. Xi Ziyi told Wang Cong that she felt worthless for Zhou Qian. Wang Cong was able to live to this day thanks to her not answering the phone call, because no matter whether the kidnappers had to pay the ransom, he might be ripped off. Only when he can’t find his family can the kidnappers let him go, Wang Cong doesn’t Believe that he didn’t believe Zhou Qian would be so kind, Xi Ziyi told him that if he didn’t believe it, he could go to the police station to read the transcripts by himself.

After Wang Cong heard this, he was anxious to go to the police station to check the transcripts. He also opened the door. Then he left the factory with his own people. Park Qicai, Quan Xizheng and He Yuanzhu came back from shopping, and He Yuanzhu calculated their fortunes for them and told them that the road of love for the two of them would not be smooth.

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