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Minor March G小调进行曲 Episode 45 Recap

Today is the day of the campus trials. Cha Yunxian stood at the door waiting for Park Qicai. He Yuanzhu brought the dressed Park Qicai to the door. Cha Yunxian was amazed by Park Qicai’s dress. At this time, Shen Shien said that he lacked the manpower to organize the performance. I want to ask Park Qicai to help. Cha Yunxian said that there are so many people inside. You find someone else. He Yuanzhu also disagrees. Shen Shien and Kwon Hee have cramped hands in the past few days.

I dare not trouble him, Park Qicai. Released He Yuanzhu’s hand and said, let’s go help. Now it’s only 5 minutes before the start of the game. After Shen Shien changed her clothes in the background, she heard someone playing the March in G minor. She was very excited, and she didn’t care about her clothes. She ran out to see if she had arranged it.

Park Qicai chased her out and saw Quan Hee playing the March in G minor. Park Qicai thought that only Shen Shi Eun should be worthy to play with him, and then she was about to leave. In the end, Shen Shi-eun pushed Park Qicai onto the stage. Park Qicai felt very strange. It was Quan Xizheng who came to her. Quan Xi was telling Park Qicai that her March in G minor was perfect for her. He gestured to Park Qicai, and the two came to the piano to play together.

Quan Hee was playing, and Shen Shiai suddenly appeared in front of him. Shen Shiai said to him that he hoped that Quan Hee would stop blaming herself. It was he who made his short life meaningful. Shen Shien was very pleased to watch Quan Hee Jung and Park Qi Chae play, and she was also happy for her sister. He was happy that Quan Hee Jung finally came back and found his spiritual partner. After the song was over, everyone was shocked by their performance. ,

Kwon Hee Jung and Park Qicai came to the stage to bow the curtain to everyone. Behind the curtain, Park Qicai asked Kwon Hee if he liked him. Quan Hee was holding Park Qicai’s hand to explain his intentions. The second brother hid on the way home from Xi Ziyi, preparing to act as a hero to save the beauty. She saw Xi Ziyi come out. At this time, a group of people in black appeared.

Park Jae-shang thought that the person arranged by herself had arrived, so she rushed. Going up, he was beaten severely, Xi Ziyi was kidnapped, and Park Jae-shang immediately called the other party and said, “What’s the matter, the acting is really hitting?” The other party said that they hadn’t set off yet. The crew changed temporarily and they had to set off later. After Park Jaeshang heard it, he realized that Xi Ziyi was really kidnapped. He hurried to chase after him in the car.

Xi Ziyi was kidnapped. In an abandoned factory, after Park Jae-shang got here, he got out of the car and prepared to rush in, but he was afraid that he would not be able to call, so he prepared to call the police. He took out his mobile phone and found that the mobile phone was broken. He wanted to call the police, but was afraid of delaying time back and forth. Xi Ziyi would have an accident, so he found a big wrench from the trunk and prepared to attack, but when he was hiding behind the car, he was spotted by someone from the other party.

He was knocked out from behind, and he was also tied up. Xi Ziyi saw that he was also tied up and was very anxious. Wang Cong asked someone to wake Park Jae-shang, and Park Jae-shang saw Wang Cong. Later, you said that you are not Xi Ziyi’s boyfriend? Wang Cong said that I was her client’s ex-husband. Wang Cong took Park Jae-shang and Xi Ziyi in a deal, saying that as long as Xi Ziyi showed his own evidence, he could release Park Jae-shang, but Xi Ziyi did not agree. She said she would Protecting the rights and interests of their clients.

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