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Minor March G小调进行曲 Episode 44 Recap

The two had to find a place to hide from the rain first. Park Qicai told Cha Yunxian that he knew what he wanted to say, but he couldn’t accept her. What else Cha Yunxian wanted to say, Park Qicai suddenly said that she was uncomfortable. Yunxian braved the rain and ran to the hospital with Park Qicai on his back. They just left, and Kwon Hee Jung also came to the place where they had just sheltered from the rain.

He watched Cha Yunxian running with Park Qicai on his back, and hurried to follow. When he arrived at the hospital, the doctor told Cha Yunxian that Park Qicai had mild pneumonia and needed family members to arrange hospitalization as soon as possible. Quan Hee quietly came to Park Qicai’s ward while Cha Yunxian was going to get the backpack and saw the man lying on the bed.

Park Qicai, when he turned to leave, he heard Park Qicai shouting his name. He walked in front of the hospital bed and squatted and held Park Qicai’s hand. He said his heart to Park Qicai, and Cha Yunxian went back. Hearing what Quan Xizheng said, he turned and left the ward. When the brothers rushed to the hospital, they happened to see Quan Hee Jung and Cha Yun Heon fighting in the corridor. The third brother pulled them away and warned Quan Hee Jung to stay away from Park Qi Cai in the future.

Quan Hee Jung told the third brother that he hoped he could While giving herself a chance, Park Qicai walked out of the ward, and she told Quan Xizheng that if he couldn’t get out of the past, he wouldn’t come close to her again. Cha Yunxian really likes Park Qicai, his eyes are red when he listens to Park Qicai’s words, he knows that Park Qicai can only be truly happy when he is with Quan Hee. Park Jaegong successfully got Jinling’s dazzling script.

He happily signed the contract with the director. When signing the contract, he readily signed his name. The director reminded him to look at the contract carefully. Park Jaegong said Aman I don’t worry. The director said that’s okay. Then he accepted Park Jaegong’s contract and took out the script and biographies from his bag. Park Jaegong and Aman happily sent away the director.

Park Jaegong was happy. He picked up his own script, only to realize that he was not acting as a young man, but a perverted man with scars. He immediately quit. He asked Aman if he took the wrong script, and Aman told him No, and informed him to shoot an advertisement in the afternoon. Park Jae-gong pretended to have a headache when he was filming the commercial, and asked A-man to ask for leave for him. He also said that he could not go to the filming crew.

A-man knew that Park Jae-gong was pretending to be pretending to be. Call Dabao, Dabao and Aman deliberately said that they wanted to have a craniotomy and that they would break the picture. Then Dabao took the scalpel and walked up like Park in the palace, and came to lift his quilt. When Park Jaegong heard that he was disfigured, he immediately admitted He pretended to be, and promised Aman to become a scared man. The next day, Jinling dazzled the start-up.

The reporters and actors saw that Park Jaegong hadn’t come, and it was time for the start-up ceremony. They all discussed whether he didn’t want to act anymore. Some people said that he was replaced by the crew because of his poor acting skills. People, Ouyang Yan I also told the director that such an actor who has no sense of time should be replaced. The director said that there is still one minute left. If he does not come after the time has passed, he will pursue his responsibility for breach of contract. At this time, Park is dressed in ancient costume. Dress up appeared.

Quan Xizheng approached Shen Shien and hoped that she could help him. Shen Shien accompanied Quan Xizheng to the hospital for psychological consultation. After returning home, Quan Xizheng asked his father for the piano he had made for himself before and began to practice. The brothers discussed in video whether they agreed to let Quan Xizheng recover Park Qicai. The second and fifth brothers first expressed their attitudes. They agreed, and the next few brothers also agreed.

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