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Minor March G小调进行曲 Episode 43 Recap

In the morning, Quan’s mother called and told Park Qicai that she had asked her to meet with a boy. They met in the candy store at Park Qicai’s house. Quan Xizheng was hanging around with Quan’s mother early in the morning, just to eavesdrop on Quan’s call. Quan My mother asked him, why are you willing to turn around with me today? Are you going to be a mommy boy?

Quan Hee was saying that I should be away from home for a few days, and then left the living room. Cha Yunxian learned from He Yuanzhu that Park Qicai was going to go on a blind date, so he stopped her. Park Qicai said that I had a reason. Cha Yunxian followed Park Qicai to the candy store and met Kwon Hee at the door. When he arrived, Cha Yun-hyun proposed to join forces with Kwon Hee-jung to break the blind date. Kwon-hee-jung told Cha Yun-hyun that this man was not a threat to him.

Cha Yun-hyun walked in by himself, but followed Cha Yun-hyun into the candy As soon as they entered the shop, they just heard that Park Qicai wanted to add the boy’s WeChat. Cha Yunxian hurried over and took Park Qicai’s hand to act, and said that Park Qicai abandoned himself. The boys heard Cha Yunxian’s words and immediately To leave, Park Qicai chased after the boy’s WeChat.

The boy said that for a half-hearted girl like you, your friend is not much better. Then the boy left the candy store and Cha Yunxian came out happily to face When Park Qicai spoke, Park Qicai told them that he wanted to find a boyfriend for He Yuanzhu. Both of them felt very surprised after hearing this. Park Jae-shang hid near Xi Ziyi’s house and wanted to steal the USB flash drive. He was kicked out by the dog when he entered the yard of Xi Ziyi’s house.

He met Park Jae-gong on the road. He held Park Jae-gong and was pushed by him. It drove, and looked at him with disgust. Park Jae-gong said that he was a group performer in the crew. When Park Jae-shang heard the group performance, he asked Park Jae-gong to act as a hero to save the beauty. After class, Quan Xizheng stopped Park Qicai, and Cha Yunxian also came to find Park Qicai, but he was taken away by He Yuanzhu. He Yuanzhu asked him to settle the accounts, and who asked him to destroy Park Qicai to help him find a boyfriend.

Park Qicai asked Kwon Heezheng the other day for sabotage in the candy store, is she afraid that she will like others? Quan Xizheng did not answer, and Park Qi Cai asked if he would play the March in G minor with him? Quan Xizheng said that he was willing, and Park Qi Cai pointed to the piano to let him prove that, Quan Xi was looking at her hand, and Park Qi Cai said to Quan Xizheng that you dare not even try, what right do you have to stop me from being with others and crying Ran out of the classroom.

Lin Yi found Quan Xizheng and asked him why he made Park Qicai sad? Quan Xi was asking why Lin Yi did this? Lin Yi said that I have hurt a person who loves me like this once. I love Park Jae Yu. I want to make Park Jae Yu happy, but now what I do will not make him happy. Now only Park Qicai is happy, can he be truly happy. Get up, Lin Yi left after speaking. In the evening, He Yuanzhu took Piao Qicai to a place

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