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Minor March G小调进行曲 Episode 42 Recap

When Shen Shien came to the church, she saw Quan Xizheng. She walked to Quan Xizheng. Quan Xizheng told her to leave. He wanted to be quiet. Shen Shien said that after watching this video, I will leave. She left her mother. The video just sent to her was shown to Quan Hee Jong. Quan Hee started to play with shaking hands. While he was watching the video, Park Qicai also rushed to the church. Shen Shien and Park Qicai were chatting. Shen Shien felt right.

Kwon Hee Jung said that the most special one of Park Qicai’s poems. She hoped that Park Qicai would let Kwon Hee Jung come out of the past and play the piano again. Park Qicai said I could not help Kwon Hee Jung, if he could not forgive himself. , What I do is useless. I have done enough for Quan Hee Jung. I have been moving forward, but he has been moving back. Now I don’t want to move forward anymore. This time I want him to take the initiative. Park Jae-shang was in a French coffee shop and saw the next table

There was a beautiful woman who just walked over to strike up a conversation, then sat down and saw Xi Ziyi coming in from the door. He took the initiative to walk over to say hello to Xi Ziyi, and Xi Ziyi told Park Jae-shang that if he let himself see him chatting around and licking girls everywhere. Be merciful, I posted all the videos I had made about him on the Internet, so that everyone knew about him.

After Park Jae-shang heard what Xi Ziyi said, he angrily said that you were ruthless, and then left the coffee shop. At the birthday party of Park’s palace, Quan Hee was coming to help her mother with something, and she happened to meet Park Qi Cai. Mother Quan saw the two of them and asked them to help herself. She was short of staff, and Aman called her own.

A reporter friend helped Park Jaegong report. After everything was ready, she came backstage to watch Park Jaegong. Park Jaegong was still choosing clothes. Finally, he chose a set. When he went to change clothes, the phone was turned off by the costumer. Hidden away, at the beginning of the birthday party, a person suddenly appeared on stage to sing, but that person was not Park Jaegong. Both Aman and her reporter friends were surprised. Park Qicai and Kwon Hee-jung also found it strange. Four People came to the backstage to look for Park Jae-gong, but they were stopped by the security guard.

Finally, Aman threatened the security. They entered the backstage and found that Park Jae-gong was locked inside the dressing room. A-man smashed the door open with a fire extinguisher Suo, brought Park Jaegong to the scene. Park Jaegong saw that his fans were cheering for the newcomer. He wanted to back down, but Aman stopped him. Quan Hee was asking Park Qi Cai to find the microphone for his eldest brother, let Aman. Man followed him.

The newcomer finished singing and was about to introduce himself. Park was singing at the palace and the line was suddenly cut off. Park Qicai used a wine glass to knock out the music in time to help Park Jae-gong score, Kwon Hee After seeing it, he joined in. Aman found the perpetrator of this incident. Under her persecution, she learned that the company felt that Park Jaegong’s acting skills were not as good as those of the talented players, and in terms of appearance, they were not as good as those of the younger ones.

Fresh meat, decided to let someone take the opportunity to push a newcomer of the same kind to debut at Park Jae-gong’s birthday party. Shen Shien came to the hospital to consult with a psychologist about Quan Hee-jung’s situation. Park Jae-gong received a call from Aman asking him to audition tomorrow and screamed with joy.

Everyone thought that the eldest brother had collapsed, so he hurried to the eldest brother’s room to check , The eldest brother asked Park Qicai to help me send the package to Quan’s mother. Thank you for the contribution of Quan’s birthday party. Park Qicai came to Quan Hee’s home. Quan’s mother knew that Park Qicai and Quan Hee were okay, so she just wanted to give it. Park Qicai introduces her boyfriend.

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