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Midsummer is Full of Hearts 仲夏满天心 Episode 21 Recap

Luo Tianran started to choose clothes. Yun Shu accidentally played the tape that Yunshu gave Luo Tianran. Luo Tianran finally remembered that this was her own tape when she was a child. Although she had guessed before, now she is finally sure of that Yunshu. The girl who has been looking for is her.

Grandma was really sick, and Luo Tianran went to the hospital to visit her. Grandma asked Luo Tianran to attend the concert. Luo Tianran was unwilling to leave her behind. At this time, the results of the test came out. There was nothing wrong with grandma, and Luo Tianran finally decided to go to the concert. Luo Tianran put the tape back on Yunshu’s table. Yunshu waited by the lake where the two met, but did not wait for the girl he loved most.

Luo Tianran, Jin Xiaoqin, and Lin Che drove to the concert venue together, thinking that the concert was about to begin, they planned to take a shortcut, but they went the wrong way. At this time the concert had already started, and because there was no signal in the mountains, everyone was very anxious. Lin Che proposed to find a 5G signal tower to see if he could catch up with the live broadcast.

Several people finally found the signal tower, but there was no picture on the display. Jin Xiaoqin climbed on the roof of the car and put the signal on the car, but the display still did not receive the picture.

After Jin Zeyi thanked the fans, he said that the most regrettable thing was that he lacked the company of his family, so he gave the next song to his family. At this time, Dean Jin rushed to the meeting place, but the ticket check had already been stopped, but the staff heard that he was Jin Zeyi’s father and immediately led him into the meeting place.

Finally, thanks to Jin Xiaoqin’s efforts, the monitor in the car finally played a smooth picture, but Luo Tianran and the others found that the concert seemed to be over. At this time, Jin Zeyi told everyone that he had met a very important person and that he was very grateful to God for letting that person into his life. That girl was willful but courageous, kind but not cowardly, just like a gust of wind, never taking others’ opinions. Keep in mind, if the fan is your own star, and the family is your own moon, that girl is to accept, tolerate, and guard her universe. “The following song is for this girl. Her name is Luo Tianran, my wife. I want to use this song to tell her that as long as I’m here, she won’t be alone.” Luo Tianran found out that this song is just her own Composing the music, and Jin Zeyi added lyrics to it, singing the love for his father, the fatherly love that Luo Tianran has lost forever. A vcr made from photos and videos of Luo Tianran and his father was shown on the big screen of the concert. Luo Tianran hummed along with Jin Ze, tears soaking his eyes.

At the same time, this song was also given to Dean Jin in the audience. Dean Jin followed the fans to support Jin Ze. Standing in the center of the stage, Jin Ze said to his father, “Dad, I love you.”

The concert finally came to an end, and everyone marveled at the excitement of this concert.

After returning home, Luo Tianran hugged Jin Zeyi. Jin Zeyi was still angry because she did not go to the scene. Luo Tianran sang the song that Jin Zeyi gave to him at the concert. Luo Tianran said that he was very moved. Jin Ze took out a recording pen. It turned out that he copied the data on the recording pen that he had stepped on before. The vcr at the concert was also made based on it. Luo Tianran hugged Jin Zeyi.

At this moment, Yun Shu finally stopped waiting. He took off the headphones and put the tape back in the box, but didn’t take it away. He left the good things in place and looked for new encounters.

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