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Midsummer is Full of Hearts 仲夏满天心 Episode 20 Recap

Jin Ze first composed a song for his father. Tiffany went near the company to buy the crepes that Lin Che often gave him, but found that it was not the taste he had imagined.

It was reported in the news that Jin Zeyi went to a poor place to donate money and would hold a concert there. The colleagues were surprised, but Sasha said there was nothing strange: Jin Zeyi was so rich and Luo Tianran was so kind.

Tiffany remembered that not only did she not know Lin Che’s contact information, she didn’t even know what his name was, so she went to ask Jin Xiaoqin.

Jin Zeyi gave Luo Tianran three VIP tickets for the concert and invited her to watch them. Luo Tianran had the final say, and without Dean Jin’s votes, she asked Jin Ze, but Jin Zeyi said Dean Jin would not go, so she didn’t bother to worry about it. Luo Tianran proposed that if Dean Jin went, he promised to reconcile himself with Dean Jin. Luo Tianran found that there was a ticket in the magazine that Jin Zeyi was reading just now.

Jin Zeyi asked if there was a medical project in the hospital and remote areas. Yun Shu was willing to go. Yun Shu once told Dean Jin that he was interested in such a project, but at this time Dean Jin found that Yun Shu hesitated. , Yun Shu said that he needs to consider two days.

Yun Shu asked Dean Jin how the pain felt, and Dean Jin replied that the pain was to make people feel real. Luo Tianran came to the hospital to see Dean Jin, and met Yun Shu. Yun Shu asked her to accompany her on her birthday tonight. The two met at the record store.

Luo Tianran came with the cake, but because the cake was bought temporarily, only the last one was left. The congratulatory message was “Fu Ru Donghai Shoubi Nanshan”, but Yun Shu did not dislike him. He said that Luo Tianran was best for him when he came. one’s gift. Luo Tianran asked if the girl he never forgot was coming, Yun Shu replied that she was coming, but only he could see her. Yun Shu said that for him, the meaning of the day after tomorrow is actually more important than today, because the day after tomorrow is the day when he and the girl meet, Yun Shu tells Luo Tianran that he plans to go to the lake and wait for the girl.

Yun Shu asked if Luo Tianran was this girl, would she come. Luo Tianran said that she was familiar with this day. When Yun Shu was pleasantly surprised that she remembered something, Luo Tianran said that the day after tomorrow was Jin Zeyi’s concert. , Then I can’t go. Yun Shu made a wish, Luo Tianran asked him what wish he had made, but Yun Shu said that he could not tell her.

Meng Meng dated Ling Xiquan and promised to help him get the male single role of the great director. The director heard that Ling Xiquan was planning to invest heavily in the group, and he angrily alluded that Ling Xiquan was so exhausted not because he liked his movie, but because he wanted to use his reputation to climb up. Meng Meng proposed a scandal that could help Ling Xiquan get Jin Zeyi, so that he could no longer compete with Ling Xiquan.

Jin Zeyi discovered that Luo Tianran was sent home by Yunshu again. He deliberately pretended to ignore Luo Tianran. Even Luo Tianran told him to accompany Yunshu on his birthday without responding. Luo Tianran felt very strange. But after a while, Jin Zeyi still exposed her nature and chased Luo Tianran and asked her where she had gone.

After Tiffany got off work, Lin Che hadn’t appeared in the past few days. Jin Ze lamented that the young man was unreliable, but found that Lin Che finally came to her. It turned out that Lin Che had found a new job these days and worked upstairs in the company . Lin Che said that the two could go to get off work together in the future, and asked Tiffany if she was happy. Tiffany smiled unconsciously. Lin Che told Tiffany that the girl she wanted to chase was shining in the workplace, so she didn’t want to hold her back. Tiffany and Lin Che exchanged WeChat.

Meng Meng secretly searched the company to find a marriage contract. Luo Tianran came up with an idea. Everyone pretended that they could not go to the concert and forced Dean Jin to think about it. However, there was a problem with her grandma’s body. Both mother and grandma could not go to the concert.

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