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Marry Me 三嫁惹君心 Episode 22 Recap

In the Yinsi Mansion, Ju Muer was blaming herself in front of Hua Yibai for causing Li Fei’s tragic death. Suddenly heard a ringing ringtone. Ju Muer was deeply puzzled, Hua Yibai fooled around, and hurriedly invited Ju Muer out. . After Ju Muer left, Liu Yifang Lin Yueyao came out from behind. It turned out that Hua Yibai quietly took her in for a little love in her heart, but Lin Yueyao had no sympathy, only the voice of her teacher in her heart, Hua Yibai was heartbroken. But still advise her.

The emperor was dissatisfied because he had not been able to find the culprit for a long time. He summoned Ding Sheng and Yun Qingxian and learned that the embers of spices in the palace came from Liuyifang. Ding Sheng took the opportunity to say that Shu Bo had beaten Ji Yanqu into a move. The emperor was hesitant because of Concubine Shu’s relationship. At this time, the eunuch sent Shu Guifei’s letter to the emperor. After suspension, he immediately asked Shizi how to handle the case. Shizi suggested that the old minister handle the case, and Ding Sheng was ordered to take over the Lifei case.

As Concubine Shu Gui chose to stand by for self-protection, Shu Ruochen, who was eager to save his father, had to find Longteng for help. Long Teng reluctantly said that he would thoroughly investigate it. At the same time, Ding Yanshan was talking about Yun Qingxian’s right and wrong, and Ding Yanxiang gave her a meal. After Ding Yanshan left with her father, Yun Qingxian and Ding Yanxiang cuddled with each other, very affectionate. Ding Yanxiang had a heart on Yun Qingxian, but she didn’t know what Yun Qingxian was thinking about.

Ju Muer returned to the home restaurant and wanted to get some good wine to make fish for Long Yue, but Yun Qingxian happened to be here. Just as the two were talking about Lin Yueyao’s case, Long Yue came to look for Ju Muer. By this scene, she couldn’t help being jealous, and angered her without a word. Later, when Long Yue learned the truth from Long Bao, he was very annoyed, and tried his best to coax Ju Muer’s anger, and raised the hope of turning the fake marriage into the real marriage. However, Ju Muer was all about reversing the case for Teacher Bo Yin, worried that the deeper the bond between the two, the more disadvantaged it would be for Long Yue, so she did not directly agree.

On the other side, Long Fei and Feng Wu rushed to the local yamen, but they never thought that Hai Gui’s body had been cremated in advance, and all clues were destroyed. Long Fei anxiously questioned Wu Zuo, but a few people begged Long Fei for mercy on the grounds of the upper order. Long Fei had no other choice but to give up because it had happened.

Long Yue waited for Ju Muer outside the palace gate, and when Ju Muer walked to the carriage, opened the carriage door, and found that it was full of flowers. It was so romantic. Although Ju Muer was moved for a moment, she was only concerned about the clues and was about to take Long Yue to investigate. Suddenly she heard a familiar ringtone. The ringtone was Lin Yueyao’s bracelet. After she took off her veil, she became an envoy of the country, Hua Yibai stopped Ju Mu’er by the side, because they had to let her leave because of their status as special envoys.

Ju Muer and Long Yue came to Long Teng to inform them of the latest findings, and the three discussed strategies to make Lin Yueyao show his true shape. Feng Wu and Long Fei looked at Haigui’s ashes and were helpless. When they were discussing countermeasures, Lao Mu discovered Long Fei and hurriedly ran to him, holding Long Fei’s thigh and crying about a strange incident.

Thinking that his parents hadn’t returned home for a long time, Xiao Bao missed them very much. Long Yue and Ju Muer hurriedly comforted Xiao Bao and even said that they would come back soon. The dragon man followed Lao Mu and others to the place where the weird incident occurred. Several people said that they had encountered a fox fairy in this area, and Long Fei promised to seize the fox fairy tonight for revenge.

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