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Symphony’s Romance 蜗牛与黄鹂鸟 Episode 8 Recap

The competition time is approaching, but Tian Yisong changed the repertoire of the competition and brought a new member to the A group. The new member is Ji Mo. His professionalism is impeccable, but he lacks some emotion in the performance. Tian Yisong is now. Talking about Ji Mo’s question, Lan Bo on the side suddenly interrupted, saying that Ji Mo lacks emotional experience, so he has no feelings like a piece of wood. Tian Yisong sighed, and did not refute Lan Bo’s statement, just saying that he was looking forward to Ji Mo. The next change.

When Qin Fen passed by Lin Qingshang’s piano practice room, he was provoked to say that he was not as good as Lin Qingshang. Qin Fen couldn’t swallow this breath and entered the piano room to fight with Lin Qingshang. , I have some feelings of sympathy for the opponent, and they all say that they will not release water during the game. The S group customized the group uniform, but Zhuo Yin left Fang Xiaolu when counting the number of people.

Fang Xiaolu was a little bit lost, feeling that he did not have a sense of presence in the S group, as if he did not belong to this group. After the S group started rehearsing, Fang Xiaorui left silently, thinking about his thoughts in the piano room. Here Director Meng pestered Fisher to ask him to agree to the interview. Fisher was a little annoyed, so he went to find Fang Xiaoru. Seeing Fang Xiaolu’s troubles, he chatted with her a few words.

At night, when Fang Xiaolu saw that Li Zhenyan had been busy with the orchestra’s affairs and refused to rest, he took him out to eat and ate. Fang Xiaolu mentioned about the group clothes. Li Zhenyan didn’t understand Fang Xiaolu’s thoughts, but just thought Fang Xiao Leti likes team uniforms, so she said that she would not wear the team uniforms on stage, and asked Fang Xiaoluo to take his one. But Fang Xiaorui said that he didn’t want to be a mascot, and Li Zhenyan said that if you are unhappy, don’t do it. It was useless anyway, Fang Xiaolu was a little angry, and left Li Zhenyan behind.

Lan Bo was chatting with Ji Mo to teach Ji Mo the skills of love and help him find love in music. Ji Mo said that he didn’t need it. The two were talking. Zhuo Yin suddenly came to Lan Bo and told Lan Bo. In confession, Lan Bo also liked Zhuo Yin, so he agreed to her. Ji Mo watched Lan Bo and Zhuo Yin go away sweetly, feeling a little moved in his heart. Ji Mo ran into Fang Xiaorui at a convenience store. When he saw that Fang Xiaorui had not enough money to pay, he took the initiative to help Fang Xiaorui to pay. Fang Xiaorui and Ji Mo became friends and told him his troubles, Ji Mo He also listened patiently to Fang Xiaolu’s words. In getting along with Fang Xiaoluo, Ji Mo seemed to have found the feeling of love that Lan Bo said, and made great progress in the rehearsal.

Fang Xiaoluo made a supper for Li Zhenyan. Li Zhenyan was busy thinking about the orchestra’s affairs and ignored her. The next morning, Li Zhenyan noticed what was on the table. In order to live up to Fang Xiaolue’s kindness, Li Zhenyan made a supper. As breakfast, bite the bullet and eat it. After breakfast, Li Zhenyan went to the S team to prepare for rehearsals. Qin Fen and others saw Li Zhenyan coming, and quickly said that they had already practiced separately, and they would not disappoint Li Zhenyan again this time.

After the rehearsal started, Li Zhenyan also felt everyone’s progress and was a little relieved, but as he practiced, Li Zhenyan found that everyone was staring at the score and no one was watching him conduct, and there was chaos during the performance. After the rehearsal, everyone wanted to look at Li Zhenyan expectantly and hear his praise, but Li Zhenyan didn’t say anything, just let them rest for ten minutes.

After the break, Li Zhenyan started a new round of rehearsal. Before the start, Li Zhenyan reminded everyone to try not to read the scores for this rehearsal. It depends on his command. Not long after the rehearsal started, Li Zhenyan suddenly fell uncomfortably clutching his stomach. Everyone Quickly took Li Zhenyan to the hospital.

After Li Zhenyan woke up and knew that he was food poisoned, he guessed that it might be because Fang Xiaorui’s supper had a problem. Fang Xiaorui was also a little guilty, but Li Zhenyan apologized to Fang Xiaorui and said that he had ignored Fang Xiaoru’s. Feel. The day after tomorrow is about to play, Li Zhenyan, in order not to delay the rehearsal, let Fang Xiaoru help him back.

After returning, Fang Xiaolu played the rehearsal of S group at Li Zhenyan’s house. Li Zhenyan was pleasantly surprised to find that Fang Xiaolu’s random adaptation could make the tune look new, and Li Zhenyan suddenly had inspiration. After arriving at S group the next day, Li Zhenyan said to him. Everyone announced that they would change the way of playing, instead of playing in the same way as before, but instead practice in the way Qin Fen said before. This bold decision surprised everyone in the S group, but they decided to listen to Li Zhen’s words.

On the day of the competition, the editor Bei, whom Director Meng had always mentioned, also came to the performance hall. Editor Bei was very interested in Group S. Before the game began, Tian Yisong and Li Zhenyan confronted each other. Group A appeared first, and the members of Group S waiting in the background Started to get nervous.

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