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Symphony’s Romance 蜗牛与黄鹂鸟 Episode 7 Recap

Zhuo Yin told Li Zhenyan that it was Fisher who pointed him to make such a big improvement. When Zhuo Yin returned to the S group, he felt that he would still drag the S group. He was sighing silently by himself. Scheer suddenly appeared in front of her. After hearing her troubles, he asked Zhuo Yin to take out the piano and play on the street. Zhuo Yin regained his confidence in the process and found that all the problems were solved. Li Zhenyan listened Wan Zhuoyin felt thoughtful.

Here Fisher went to Team A and told them that the two teams were going to compete. The students of Team A were confident and felt that they had won Team S. They didn’t understand why Fisher wanted the two teams to compete. , Fisher told everyone that he just wanted to see what kind of sparks could be created with the power of the two regiments, and let the people of the A regiment not to underestimate their opponents.

After saying this, Fisher Tian Yisong was going to leave, and Tian Yisong chased him out and made a request to Fisher, asking Team A to become a real student of Fisher after Team A wins the game. Fisher did not directly agree, only saying that after Tian Yisong wins, he will Consider again.

Principal Lin Yumian was a little angry after knowing that Fisher was about to hold a match, and asked why Fisher did not ask her opinion. Fisher said that he just thought the atmosphere of Baike was too boring and wanted to add some pressure through a game. And challenges, Fisher promised that he would protect the students.

After the two talked about the orchestra, they remembered what they had done back then. Fisher and Lin Yumian liked each other back then, but Fisher left Lin Yumian for the opportunity to go abroad for further studies. The two had been together for more than 20 years, and Fisher was obviously Still obsessed with Lin Yumian, but Lin Yumian has been evading.

On the way to school, Zhuo Yin ran into Lan Bo from Group A. Lan Bo kindly wanted to help Zhuo Yin get the piano, but Qin Fen passing by mistakenly thought that Lan Bo was bullying Zhuo Yin, so he went forward and quarreled with Lan Bo. , Lin Qingshang also happened to pass by, said a few words for Lan Bo without showing any weakness, and then took Lan Bo away.

In the S group, Li Zhenyan selected Beethoven’s heroes as the competition repertoire. Before starting the rehearsal, Li Zhenyan told everyone that it should not be possible to win the A group technically in a short time, so he planned to conduct the style and completion. To win, Li Zhenyan hoped that everyone in the orchestra could practice well according to the score, but Qin Fen also said that he had a secret weapon, and Fisher came, and he was a little interested when he heard Qin Fen said that he had a secret weapon. At the beginning of the rehearsal, during the performance, Qin Fen suddenly stood up and pulled an abrupt treble.

He felt that this could reflect the characteristics of this piece. Li Zhenyan was a little angry, but Qin Fen said that if their orchestra does not innovate, the others in the orchestra will They all agreed and started talking about what innovation their respective parts could do. Li Zhenyan looked at the messy scene in front of him and wanted to get angry, but imagined that he was angry and cursed. Li Zhenyan realized that even if he treats them Yelling will not be useful, but will scare them. Li Zhenyan finally endured this tone and didn’t get angry in public.

But Fang Xiaolu took Li Zhenyan’s emotions in his eyes. After returning home, Fang Xiaolu bought a scarf for Li Zhenyan as a gift. He also bought flour and pulled Li Zhenyan to make dumplings. He bought Li Zhenyan’s special offer from Qin Dad. For the set meal, with Fang Xiaolu’s efforts, Li Zhenyan finally laughed. The two talked about the match.

Li Zhenyan felt that winning the competition should not be based on luck. He believed that every movement of the symphony was the result of careful polishing, but Fang Xiao Rapunzel didn’t understand, and felt that it would be nice to make music, without so many complicated things. Li Zhenyan sighed and said that if it were really that simple, it would be fine.

The contest between S group and A group made Lin Yumian a little worried, and wanted Fisher to treat the students with a snack, but Fisher said that the S group students have a pure love for music. Although the A group students are all elites, But the purity is missing, and the students of the S group need to be guided slowly in order to let them grow.

Other teachers are also paying attention to the game. Teacher Zhang is very disdainful of the game. He feels that there is no need for the S team and A team to compete. He even said that the S team should be disbanded on the spot. Teacher Hu was a bit dissatisfied and secretly played against Zhang. The teacher choked a few words.

Tian Yisong trains the members of the devil in the A group. Jiang Caiwei originally came to Tian Yisong, but he left silently when he saw it. Director Meng found Jiang Caiwei and said that because of the last performance, Jiang Caiwei was recommended to study in France and let Jiang Caiwei seize this time. opportunity. The rehearsal on the S team was not going well. Li Zhenyan was furious with the members. After the members left, Fang Xiaolu found Li Zhenyan.

Li Zhenyan talked about the efforts of Qin Fen and the other team members in front of Fang Xiaolu. Li Zhenyan actually knew them. Qin Fen, who just happened to be passing by, heard the dialogue between Li Zhenyan and Fang Xiaolu, only then knew Li Zhenyan’s thoughts, and he also held Lin Qingshang to prevent her from disturbing Li Zhenyan and Fang Xiao. Let’s talk.

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