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Marry Me 三嫁惹君心 Episode 20 Recap

When Shu Bo and Shu Shu Ruochen had just left the town office, Shu Bo informed that they would send her to the palace in advance. After hearing this, Shu Shu Ruochen’s expression changed drastically. She said on the spot that he didn’t want to enter the palace. Shu Bo’s face changed and became furious. Shu Ruochen’s heart suddenly sorrow and grief.

In the room, Ju Muer picked up the cup to drink tea with difficulty, but accidentally knocked over the tea set and almost got hot. Feng Wu and Xiaobao saw this scene when they entered the house and hurriedly asked about the situation. Ju Mu’er was not in serious trouble, but was worried about the situation in the palace. Feng Wu expressed relief and told Ju Mu’er about going out to investigate, please She helped take care of Xiaobao first, but Xiaobao, who was sitting at the side, suddenly spoke, claiming that she would take care of Ju Muer, which caused the two to laugh.

When Ju Mu’er asked about Long Yue’s situation, Feng Wu told Ju Mu’er of Long Yue’s painstaking efforts, including that he went to the palace to help Ju Mu’er hold the piano. Ju Mu’er was very moved when he heard that, but found that Feng Wu still had something to do. Without telling her, she asked Feng Wu but didn’t tell, Ju Muer planned to ask for it herself.

Afterwards, Ju Mu’er and Long Yue went out in a carriage, and the two bumped on the carriage, making a blind date inevitable. Long Yue took Ju Mu’er to a temple, entered the wing, and suddenly took Ju Mu’er’s hand and walked to an object covered with cloth. As Long Yue lifted the cloth, the piano of Shiboyin and the tablets of Shiboyin were revealed. Ju Muer was moved to see this scene and embraced Long Yue excitedly.

Ju Muer looked at the qin in front of him, saw things and thought about people, and heard the master’s various things. While stroking the qin, she found a familiar mark, but it was a mark of Jiyan, and suddenly felt that there was something hidden. Long Yue didn’t want to put Ju Mu’er in danger again. Ju Mu’er wanted to continue the investigation and reverse the case for her master. Long Yue was worried about Ju Mu’er’s safety and was angrily left alone. Ju Mu’er hurriedly chased out and fell down accidentally. After hearing the sound, Long Yue came back to help Ju Mu’er up. Both of them considered each other and told each other their hearts.

Concubine Shu Gui was talking to Shu Ruochen about the rules of the palace, but Shu Ruochen was thinking about her own business. Unexpectedly, there was a demon atmosphere, and the maids were about to escort Concubine Shu Gui back. Suddenly, a white shadow appeared. Concubine Shu Gui was too frightened and fainted. When the emperor learned of this, he rushed to visit Concubine Shu, Shu Ruochen saw this and left quietly, and immediately went to find Long Teng who was tracking Bai Ying’s whereabouts. Originally, Long Teng wanted to let someone send her away, but Shu Ruochen said he knew Bai Ying’s whereabouts.

Long Teng and his party followed Shu Ruochen to the Cold Palace. The brothers went in to investigate but found no traces. Shu Ruochen said that the white shadow was definitely here, and Long Teng had to ask people to continue to increase the range. When the two were alone, Long Teng planned to explain the previous incident to Shu Ruochen, but he unexpectedly found a clue, and then informed the emperor. The emperor asked Long Teng to investigate the matter. Suddenly, he saw Shu Ruochen next to her. She was very satisfied because of her beautiful appearance. My heart sank involuntarily.

In Liuyifang, a white shadow came in from outside, and Hua Yibai was waiting here. It turned out that Baiying was the owner of this Liuyifang. She admired Uncle Yin, and came here not far away just to return the innocence of Uncle Yin. Hua Yibai helped him, and he cared very much about the owner. He cursed that the owner would be a catastrophe. The owner would not listen at all, and Hua Yibai turned and left with anger.

The next day, Long Yue was carefully examining the details of the birthday banquet, but was told by his subordinates that Ju Muer was taken into the palace by Li Fei. Long Yue hurriedly went to the palace to find Ju Muer, but was stopped by Long Teng outside the palace gate. Long Teng asked Long Yue to focus on the overall situation, and Long Yue had no choice but to promise to take Ju Mu’er home after the birthday banquet, but Ju Mu’er was entrusted by Li Fei with the important task of giving her the piano that she would play at night to Ju Mu’er Custody, Ju Muer completed the task with life guarantee.

That night, everyone was showing their best to the Queen Mother. Li Fei was also carefully preparing, but she was paralyzed by Bai Ying. She ran to Ju Mu’er’s room and she went out to find someone for help. Leave Li Fei alone in the room. The people at the birthday banquet were waiting for Li Fei to play. It has been a long time since Li Fei appeared. Suddenly, there was a sound of piano, which was the Fuxi music played by Shiboyin’s execution ground.

Long Yue found that something was wrong, so he and Long Teng rushed to Li Fei’s bedroom, but met Ju Mu’er who was yelling at someone halfway. Just about to inquire about the situation, a scream came. Everyone ran into the room and found that Li Fei was hanging. Died on the beam.

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