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Dearest, Where Are You 亲爱的你在哪里 Episode 7 Recap

He Xuelin was about to mortgage the house for money. The house was a marriage property and needed a marriage certificate and the presence of both spouses. Xuelin had to go home to find a marriage certificate. Uncle Hong and He’s mother hadn’t left yet. Uncle Hong called Xuelin to Yuanyuan’s room alone. He learned from Xuelin that Xuelin was in urgent need of money, so he took the cost of his coffin to Xuelin. It happened to be more than 100,000, even if Xuelin never recognized him, never called him Dad, but he still regarded Xuelin as his relative.

Uncle Hong and He Xuelin went to the bank to withdraw the money. The two saw Father Ding drinking a wedding drink at the opposite hotel. Seeing Father Ding smiling, He Xuelin only said that she had admitted wrong and was unwilling to pay attention to Father Ding. After that, the two prepared to put the money in the storage cabinet according to what Erhu said. He noticed something strange about this, and only asked Xuelin to hand over the deposit slip to him. He called Ding Yu and asked Ding Yu to rush. Going home, he and Xuelin will go home immediately.

At home, Hong Shu repeatedly claimed that Yuanyuan hadn’t lost her at all, but was hidden by Ding’s family. Ding Yutu didn’t do anything else, it was the one hundred thousand yuan that He Xuelin took out without hesitation. The conversation between the three was heard by He’s mother who had just returned from outside the door. He’s mother fainted on the spot and frightened He Xuelin and Ding Yu. Fortunately, He’s mother was fine.

After Ho’s mother was relieved, Uncle Hong mentioned that Ding Yu had stolen one hundred thousand yuan and Father Ding had a wedding drink. Ding Yu thought that Uncle Hong was talking nonsense. He and Xuelin were husband and wife, and he lied to Xuelin. What about the money? Uncle Hong heard the two quarrel last night. The two are about to divorce and are no longer husband and wife. Seeing how Hong Uncle was justified, Ding Yu only told Uncle Hong to stop making troubles, but He’s mother was going to the hospital to confront Ding’s father and ask about the matter clearly.

He Xuelin came to the hospital one step ahead of time and asked Mother Ding to avoid him. He asked about Father Ding’s wedding drink. Father Ding admitted that he was indeed going to the wedding drink. Originally, he wanted Zhang Ju to help find the child. , But he couldn’t save face when he spoke. He Xuelin was really disappointed with Father Ding. Mother He also came to the hospital at this time. Father Ding begged He Xuelin not to go to Mother Ding. Mother Ding would have an operation tomorrow and she couldn’t stand the stimulation. Now everyone is there. He Xuelin took everything on her body. The cause of this incident was that she wanted to divorce Ding Yu and fight for custody. Yanzi took Yuanyuan away in anger. If she did not give up custody, Yanzi would not take Yuanyuan away.

Give it back to her. When He Xuelin heard that He Xuelin was about to divorce, He Xuelin was afraid that He Xuelin was being bullied at Ding’s house, but He Xuelin told He Xuelin not to interfere with her. She asked Hong Shu to take He mother home to wait for her, but Ding’s mother suddenly She was critically ill for surgery, He Xuelin hurried over to guard Ding’s mother’s operating room. Ding’s mother had a successful operation. He Xuelin asked Ding Yu to take Ding’s father back to rest first. She and Yanzi took turns taking care of Ding’s mother in two shifts.

Mother He and Uncle Hong analyzed the matter at home. The two guessed that He Xuelin didn’t tell the truth at all. It must be the Ding family who conspired to hide Yuanyuan and defraud He Xuelin’s money. This night, everyone in the Ding family couldn’t sleep at night. Ding Yu sat at the door of the hospital all night, and Father Ding stayed awake all night at home.

The next day, Uncle Hong and He Mu came to the storage cabinet. Uncle Hong analyzed the function that the storage cabinet needs to be opened by taking a code bar. Therefore, he thinks that this is the method of the Ding family and can get the barcode of Xuelin. It was the person next to Xuelin, and the Ding family wanted to defraud Xuelin of money.

Then, Uncle Hong took the bar code and prepared to open the cabinet to take the money, but the bar code failed. He went to the counter to check and found that the counter did not have the 100,000 yuan. Both the supermarket and Uncle Hong reported to the police. Uncle Hong clarified the matter at the police station. He mother was shocked to learn the truth about Yuanyuan’s loss from Ansuo.

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