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Dearest, Where Are You 亲爱的你在哪里 Episode 6 Recap

He Xuelin took the bag from Ding Yu, and Ding Yu asked He Xuelin to think about it again. He thought this matter was most likely a liar, but He Xuelin couldn’t make sense at all. She stubbornly took the bag to change the child, and the two were young. There was a fight. Ding Yu accompanied He Xuelin to the agreed park to exchange money for clues about the child. A phone call asked He Xuelin to put the money in the trash can. He Xuelin said nothing, but the person on the phone did not provide any clues to Yuanyuan. It won.

Uncle Hong and his mother noticed that something was wrong with the Ding’s family. Uncle Hong followed them all day and witnessed everything they did. Ding Yu secretly told Uncle Hong that Yuanyuan was lost. The two of them were not afraid that his mother could not bear this blow. Uncle Hong helped them coax Mother He back to the room, so that Mother He could stop thinking about it. He Xuelin kept talking on the phone in the room, but no one answered the phone. Ding Yu was about to call the police, but He Xuelin forced Ding Yu the next day.

Call the police again, in case that person has a clue to Yuanyuan. Since Yuanyuan’s disappearance, He Xuelin has been exhausted. She can’t remember how many times she crashed and cried in front of Ding Yu. Ding Yu hugged He Xuelin tightly to regain her confidence. They would definitely find Yuanyuan. Yuan. After comforting He Xuelin, Ding Yu remembered the sensible and well-behaved Yuanyuan, and couldn’t help crying in the bathroom while biting on the towel. Why didn’t he feel sad when Yuanyuan was missing, but he must be strong, he couldn’t fall.

The next day, Uncle Hong wanted to take Ho’s mother back, but Ho’s mother reluctantly wanted to see Yuanyuan. Uncle Hong said something badly, this made Ho’s mother think about going back. Before leaving, He asked He Xuelin and Ding Yu to wait for the Mid-Autumn Festival to take Yuanyuan back to see her. She also asked Ding Yu and He Xuelin to add Uncle Hong’s WeChat account. In case she wanted to be the two of them, this can also be viewed in Moments. News to the two.

He Xuelin brought the lotus soup cooked by He mother to the hospital to visit Mother Ding. The swallow thanked He Xuelin for the first time, and He Xuelin unexpectedly learned from the swallow that He was going to have an operation. After that, He Xuelin came to the office to see Chen Shengliang. She didn’t want to see Chen Shengliang, but unexpectedly learned from Chen Shengliang the reason why Mr. Zhao changed his attitude towards her.

She explicitly asked Chen Shengliang not to interfere in her life without authorization. If it weren’t for her mother-in-law, she I don’t want to see Chen Shengliang at all. Even if Ding Yu is not so good, Ding Yu will accompany her when she needs it most. Even if Chen Shengliang keeps asking for reconciliation, she is unwilling to accept Chen Shengliang. Back then, Ding Yu was willing to marry her and give her a home, so she asked Chen Shengliang to Taking care of Ding’s mother is worth the hatred that Chen Shengliang abandoned her when he left.

Ansuo called Father Ding and asked Father Ding to come over to the police station to identify whether the newly captured trafficker was wearing a baseball cap. If not, Father Ding would have to find other clues. At the same time, she mentioned the retired Zhang Ju and asked Father Ding to find Zhang Ju in the past. Zhang Ju’s extensive contacts may be able to help. Father Ding never does anything for personal gain, but Ansuo mentioned her current situation. Yuanyuan’s whereabouts have been revealed so far, face is far less important than Yuanyuan.

He Xuelin got through the phone with Yuanyuan’s clues, and the other party said in a fierce tone that only two thousand for the one hundred thousand yuan given by He Xuelin was true, and the rest was paper money. He asked He Xuelin to give one hundred thousand yuan, otherwise he would not be able to see all of the children. corpse. After hanging up the phone, Heizi thought that this matter was very unnatural, but Erhu was not at all guilty. He provided clues to the baseball cap, only to ask for payment in another way. At the same time, He Xuelin found Han Wenwen.

She learned from Han Wenwen that Lao Yang did not borrow one hundred thousand yuan to Ding Yu, and instantly knew that Ding Yu was taking the money to save Yuanyuan to perform surgery on Mother Ding. In her heart She was angry and anxious. At present, she couldn’t come up with a hundred thousand yuan. The savings of the Ding family’s parents had bought a house for Yanzi. Han Wenwen asked He Xuelin to ask Chen Shengliang for help, but He Xuelin refused to ask Chen Shengliang, so she decided to think of something else.

Fang Jue and Yanzi have been investigating Chen Shengliang. Fang Jue was investigating and monitoring in a store and found out that He Xuelin and Chen Shengliang had met several times in this store, but since Yuanyuan’s accident, He Xuelin has never been here again. Chen Shengliang came to buy food, and secretly put the food in the trunk.

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