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Dearest, Where Are You 亲爱的你在哪里 Episode 5 Recap

Ding Yu called He Xuelin. He thought the other party was a liar, but He Xuelin was convinced that this was not a liar. As long as there was a clue to Yuanyuan, she would never give up. Just when He Xuelin had a headache because of Ding Yu, a phone call from He’s mother made He Xuelin’s headache even more because of her unsolicitation. He Xuelin came to the community to pick up the two of them. He’s mother enthusiastically wanted to hug He Xuelin and take pictures, but He Xuelin was not in that mood, she took He’s mother home with a bad face.

Chen Shengliang was rounding the ward. Swallow came to Chen Shengliang’s office and looked carefully at the photo on Chen Shengliang’s desk. It happened that Chen Shengliang came back. He asked the reason why Swallow turned over his things. Swallow directly asked the name of the woman in the photo. That woman is no one else but her sister-in-law. Yanzi did not have the slightest affection for Chen Shengliang, her tone of voice was not good, Chen Shengliang also did not have a good tone for Yanzi, only business affairs mentioned Ding’s condition, Ding’s mother must be stent immediately.

After leaving Chen Shengliang’s office, Yanzi was always worried. She was extremely suspicious of Chen Shengliang, thinking that either Chen Shengliang took Yuanyuan away because of his love and hatred to avenge He Xuelin, or Chen Shengliang wanted to take Yuanyuan away to make peace with He Xuelin, the worst. It was He Xuelin who conspired with Chen Shengliang to take the child away. Fang Jue believed that this matter was because Swallow was too sensitive, but Swallow thought there was absolutely something wrong. She must find out.

He Xuelin didn’t tell the truth to He’s mother. She only claimed that her mother-in-law was ill, so she had no time to accompany He’s mother. When He heard that she was going to the hospital to take care of Ding’s mother, He Xuelin hurriedly refused. At this moment, Ding Yu received the news and rushed home. The two of them unanimously decided to hide the missing persons notice from He’s mother and Hong Uncle on the way.

Ding Yu tore off all the missing persons notices on the street and watched Ding Yu hide in his clothes. He Xuelin breathed a sigh of relief when she read the missing person notice. She hid the missing person notice in the rice cooker. Ding Yu held He Xuelin’s affairs tightly. He hoped that after finding Yuanyuan, the family of three would have a good life.

He Xuelin asked Ding Yu to stay at home to comfort the two elders. She was going to the bank to withdraw money. Ding Yu believed that she was a liar 100%, but He Xuelin was determined, even if that person was a liar, she was willing. He Xuelin went to the bank to withdraw money, and emptied all the 100,000 yuan in the card, and then called the mysterious phone, asking He Xuelin to take the money to the designated place to exchange clues about the child.

At the same time, He’s mother and Hong’s uncle had always wanted to go to the hospital to see Ding’s mother. Ding Yu couldn’t stop them, so they had to take a taxi to the hospital with them, and called Xue Lin to go to the hospital to prepare.

Ding Yu brought her two elders to the hospital to visit Mother Ding. He Xuelin said in the room that Mother Ding was asleep. She told Mother He to put down the gifts and leave first. Mother He and Lao Hong were about to leave, just as Father Ding came back, Lao Hong and Ding The father recounted the old story. He mother didn’t know about Yuanyuan’s loss. She inadvertently mentioned what to do if Yuanyuan was lost. He Xuelin scolded He mother out loud. Ding mother was holding back tears in the bed.

Sobbing, when Mother He heard Ding’s movement, she enthusiastically greeted Ding’s mother. He Xuelin was afraid that Ding’s mother would be stimulated again, so she hurriedly took He’s mother and Uncle Hong to leave. When I left, I also met Han Wenwen in the hospital. Han Wenwen was about to tell Xuelin that the missing person notice was torn off, but Xuelin sloppily went over it. Hong Shu and He Mu didn’t know about Yuanyuan’s loss.

Ding’s mother’s condition worsened. Chen Shengliang suggested an operation immediately. The cost of the operation was about 100,000 yuan. It happened that He Xuelin’s bag was in the ward. Ding Yu used the money to pay for the operation to his mother first, and then Lao Yang gave it One hundred thousand yuan came to borrow urgently, but just after the money was paid, Lao Yang rushed over and said that his money was not working well, and he collected 20,000 yuan for Ding Yu. Ding Yu couldn’t, so he had to go to the funeral home to buy Ming coins, trying to get together with 20,000 yuan with the fake.

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