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Symphony’s Romance 蜗牛与黄鹂鸟 Episode 6 Recap

Zhuo’s father decided to put aside his obsessions, support Zhuo Yin’s dream, and let Zhuo Yin move home. Zhuo Yin finally got his father’s understanding and agreed to Zhuo’s father with tears. In the next few days, the students of S group and A group rehearsed, reviewed, and prepared for the final exam. Li Zhenyan had good academic performance and was not worried about the exam at all. However, Qin Fen and Fang Xiaolu had a headache for the final exam.

Pinging on Li Zhenyan to help them review, Li Zhenyan refused, but he helped them both at Qin Fen’s house to draw the key points and let them review well. After Li Zhenyan returned home, Fang Xiaolu suddenly came to Li Zhenyan’s house with a box of daily necessities. He said that he would stay up late at Li Zhenyan’s house for a recent review. It seemed that he was going to stay at Li Zhenyan’s house. Li Zhenyan resisted, but it was not true. Rushed Fang Xiao let away.

Early the next morning, Li Zhenyan pulled Fang Xiaolu and Qin Fen to recite the vocabulary and Western music history. It was not until noon that Fang Xiaolu had dinner. Sister Xu Zixuan watched Fang Xiaolu eat something and asked about Fang Xiaolu’s and In the relationship between Li Zhenyan, Fang Xiaolu thought she was Li Zhenyan’s girlfriend, but after Xu Zixuan’s sisters heard what Li Zhenyan did, she felt that Li Zhenyan was taking care of a stray cat, and that Li Zhenyan’s ex-girlfriend was Jiang Caiwei.

Fang Xiaolu was a little sad after hearing Xu Zixuan’s words, and was absent-minded when reviewing at Li Zhenyan’s house, and lost his temper at Li Zhenyan. Li Zhenyan accidentally dropped Fang Xiaolu’s toothbrush in the trash can while calling in the toilet. After Fang Xiaolu fell asleep, Li Zhenyan took Fang Xiaolu into her bed and went to the convenience store to give it to Fang Xiaolu. After buying a new toothbrush, Li Zhenyan stayed up all night.

The next morning, when Fang Xiaolu got up, she found that Li Zhenyan had prepared breakfast for herself and bought a new toothbrush for herself. The anger of yesterday disappeared. After Li Zhenyan sent Fang Xiaolu to the exam, he stayed at home to make up for sleep. Who knew he was late and missed the exam. Fang Xiaolu and Qin Fen passed the exam, but Li Zhenyan could only take the make-up exam before graduation.

On the other side, Jiang Caiwei and Tian Yisong got closer and closer. Seeing that Tian Yisong was always tight and training, Jiang Caiwei took him to the game hall to relax. The two left the game hall. On the way back, Tian Yisong told him. Jiang Caiwei confessed that she wanted to protect Jiang Caiwei’s dream. Jiang Caiwei was a little shy, but agreed to Tian Yisong’s confession.

At home, Li Zhenyan was instructing the students of the S group on performance issues. Fang Xiaolu couldn’t say anything, so he soaked lemonade for Li Zhenyan, and Li Zhenyan couldn’t take care of it. He also gave the water to someone else, Fang Xiao Rapunzel was a little angry when he saw it, and left holding the jar of honey and lemon. Fang Xiaorui went to the game hall to vent his emotions, and happened to ran into Jiang Caiwei.

The two chatted for a few words, and Fang Xiaorui learned that Jiang Caiwei had not been selected. After the colonel’s celebration performance, he comforted her a few words. After returning home, Fang Xiaolu told Li Zhenyan about his encounter with Jiang Caiwei, and also teased whether Li Zhenyan knew his ex-girlfriend very well. Li Zhenyan quickly explained that he and Jiang Caiwei were just friends and had never been together.

Jiang Caiwei’s competitor, Jiang Shasha, was preparing for the school celebration performance in the classroom. Before the performance started, Jiang Shasha found herself locked in the classroom. Teacher Zhang, who was in charge of the performance, could not contact Jiang Shasha, so she had to let Jiang Caiwei perform.

Everyone was a little surprised to see that Jiang Caiwei came to the stage, but Jiang Caiwei’s singing quickly attracted the audience, and Li Zhenyan also felt that Jiang Caiwei sang better than before. Fisher watched Jiang Caiwei’s performance, but was not surprised by Jiang Caiwei’s appearance. He felt that Tian Yisong and the others were still young people and they must experience these things. In the future, they will be able to realize that the success or failure of one era is not the success or failure of a lifetime. As long as you are sincere about music, you will definitely get positive feedback.

The next morning, Fisher went to the S group. The students of the S group were saying that Fisher hadn’t come for a long time. Seeing that Fisher was going to listen to their rehearsal, they all cheered up and tried their best. After the performance, Fisher praised them and announced to everyone that there will be a confrontation performance between S group and A group, and the losing group will be dissolved on the spot, and for fairness, he will withdraw from the pair. Guidance of a group.

The S group students were a little frustrated. They felt that they had lost. They thought they were abandoned by Fisher. However, Li Zhenyan said that if everyone is so lacking in fighting spirit, they might as well disband directly, but Zhuo Yin said that he wanted to stay.

Driven by Qin Fen, the students of the S group regained their fighting spirit, and Li Zhenyan also decided to lead them well and fight the A group. After the rehearsal, Li Zhenyan found Zhuo Yin. During the rehearsal just now, Li Zhenyan noticed that Zhuo Yin’s condition was much better than before. Not only did he close every beat, he also integrated his feelings. This surprised Li Zhenyan. He thought Ask Zhuoyin what happened.

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