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Symphony’s Romance 蜗牛与黄鹂鸟 Episode 5 Recap

Li Zhenyan found the master who repaired the door, and after repairing Fang Xiaolu’s door, Li Zhenyan looked at Fang Xiaolu’s messy room, and couldn’t help but cleaned it up again. After Fang Xiaole took a bath, seeing that Li Zhenyan was not there, he soaked him a jar of honey lemonade. After returning home, Li Zhenyan drank Fang Xiaolet’s soaked water. He was a little happy, but he refused to show it because of his hard mouth. But involuntarily let Li Zhenyan drink the honey water she soaked so that he could not give up Zhuo Yin and S group.

On a new day, Li Zhenyan came to the S group. The S group students quickly calmed down. Before starting the rehearsal, Li Zhenyan talked about the problems that the orchestra had encountered during the last rehearsal, and answered them one by one. Li Zhenyan’s gentle attitude Everyone in the S group was a little surprised, especially Qin Fenfang, Xiaofu and Chen Zheng, watching Li Zhenyan speak softly, thinking that he was going to give up the S group, in order to cheer up Li Zhenyan, a few people called the rest of the S group.

The students, prepared a crayfish party for Li Zhenyan, which is regarded as a ceremony for Li Zhenyan to join the group. Everyone hopes that Li Zhenyan will not give up the S group, and hope that Li Zhenyan can have more patience with them, and hope that Li Zhenyan will lead them to bigger Li Zhenyan was a little moved on the stage of the show, thanking everyone for a toast, and promised to do a good job in command of the S group.

After Li Zhenyan let go of his emotions, he drank and drank happily at the party. After the party, Qin Fen took the drunk Li Zhenyan back home, and Fang Xiaolu stayed to take care of Li Zhenyan. Li Zhenyan was talking drunk, and Fang Xiaolu thought It was Li Zhenyan who confessed to her. He was surprised and nervous. I did not expect that Li Zhenyan was apologizing to Fisher and told Fisher not to drive him away, leaving him to continue to learn command. Fang Xiaorui breathed a sigh of relief, but was a little disappointed. .

Qin Fen went to Group A to see what kind of people were in Group A. He happened to meet Lin Qingshang, and the two choked a few words. It happened that Lin Qingshang’s younger brother Chen Zheng came to Lin Qingshang, and Qin Fen was here. Only then did I know the identities of Lin Qingshang and Chen Zheng. Zhuo Yin’s level could not keep up with the progress of the A group, she felt a little guilty, but Tian Yisong encouraged her to let her not worry, and allowed her to go to work for an afternoon off.

In the afternoon, Zhuo Yin, who worked in a bakery, was called by the manager to play the piano next to the promotion to attract customers, but Zhuo Yin’s double bass did not perform well in a noisy environment. He came to Zhuo Yin’s Li Zhenyan and others to see it. So she helped her ensemble next to Zhuo Yin. The ensemble attracted a lot of passers-by, and Fisher happened to pass by. Seeing this scene was a little emotional, and took out a camera to take photos of them.

Fisher was playing with his mobile phone in the office of the Baiqi Conservatory of Music. Director Meng wanted Fisher to be interviewed. Fisher was very resistant. After the two said a few words, Teacher Zhang also came to Fisher and questioned him. Hand over the management of the orchestra to inexperienced students

Lin Qingshang realized that Tian Yisong wanted to use Zhuo Yin to bring down the S group and Li Zhenyan. Zhuo Yin passed by and heard the dialogue between the two. Zhuo Yin, who learned the truth, left sadly. He did not participate in the rehearsal of the A group. Zhuo Yin, when he was about to start the rehearsal, Li Zhenyan suddenly came and said that he would take Zhuo Yin back to the S group. The two faced off in front of the members of the A group.

Lan Bo told Li Zhenyan that he saw that Zhuo Yin had just left in tears. Li Zhenyan announced to everyone that Zhuo Yin had officially returned to the S group. Li Zhenyan and others couldn’t find Zhuo Yin everywhere, so they went to Zhuo Yin’s house. Zhuo Yin’s house was not as poor as everyone thought, but a rich family.

Several people chatted with Zhuo Yin’s father for a while, only to realize that Zhuo’s father wanted to realize his dream of playing the violin on Zhuo Yin’s body, but Zhuo Yin only liked the double bass, and Zhuo’s father cut off Zhuo Yin’s expenses. Wanting to let Zhuo Yin learn the violin according to his ideas, Li Zhenyan recalled how he was when Li Yazhe opposed himself as a conductor when he was a child, so he spoke out to persuade Zhuo’s father and asked Zhuo’s father not to impose his dream on Zhuo Yin.

Zhuo Yin was a little angry after knowing that Li Zhenyan and a few people went to her home, but she knew that Li Zhenyan and others were trying to help herself. She told a few people that she just wanted her father’s understanding. No matter what, her father’s position in her heart It won’t change. These words were heard by Zhuo’s father who sneaked into the bakery to visit Zhuo Yin. Zhuo’s father regretted his original obsession and took the initiative to go to the bakery to deliver meals to Zhuo Yin.

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