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Dating in the Kitchen 我, 喜欢你 Episode 14 Recap

Xu Zhaodi fell in love with the German half-blood. Gu Shengnan was about to have dinner with Lu Jin’s mother. Both sides had to consult. In the late-night Japanese food store, the old uncle and Gu Shengnan Xu Zhaodi began to have discussions. When it comes to dressing for meals, the old uncle has to start tailoring for Gu Shengnan again. Gu Shengnan hurriedly said it was just a casual meal, and the old uncle had to give up.

Since Lu Jin’s good news that the truth became clear that day did not have time to tell Gu Shengnan, she always thought that Cheng Ziqian helped him clean up his grievances. That day, she took the car all the way to prepare for the banquet, holding the cake all the way. Lu Jin looked greedy, Gu Shengnan’s She looked forward to everything, but when she arrived at the hotel, the box of cakes was delivered directly to Cheng Ziqian’s office.

Lu Jin thought about the selection of ingredients and production methods that Gu Shengnan explained to him in detail, what kind of cake embryo is made of dark chocolate with a precise percentage, or raw chocolate that has been frozen for seven hours, or even hand-sieved matcha. powder. These things have no taste now, they are all sour vinegar fermented here in Lu Jin.

When he came to the hotel, Gu Shengnan thought of having dinner with Lu Jin’s mother later, and nervously wanted to go to the toilet, leaving Lu Jin to go in alone. After all, it was impolite to be late.

When she came in again, many leaders were sitting around the dining table. This scene was not the same as what was said. This meal should have only included her, Lu Jin and Lu Jin’s mother, but now a large group of people are in droves. Sit here. Her seat was arranged in the corner, and Lu Jin was separated by Riemann, and there was Cheng Ziqian on the other side. She met again after the cake was delivered.

Chairman Zheng introduced Gu Shengnan’s cooking skills to everyone, so he proposed to let her cook a dish on the spot, in front of so many people, and because of Lu Jin, Gu Shengnan was not easy to refuse, and took the knife and spatula tool from the chef, Riemann Fortunately, she reminded her to fasten her apron and be careful of dirty clothes. It looks like Gu Shengnan is more like a cook, Gu Shengnan takes a deep breath and concentrates on the ingredients.

Chairman Zheng raised a glass of wine and started toasting with many partners. Lu Jin was annoyed and asked Riemann to also show off the craft, but Chairman Zheng blocked it. She said that Mr. Li’s identity was inappropriate. Is Gu Shengnan’s identity suitable? Lu Jin took off his coat and went up to pick up the shovel. Gu Shengnan really couldn’t stand this grievance, it was humiliation at all, she resisted tears and left. Lu Jin saved everyone’s face and followed suit.

Gu Shengnan in the taxi couldn’t help being wronged anymore and couldn’t help sobbing. When she arrived at “Chengdri”, she walked aimlessly, and the figure flashed behind her, and the weird atmosphere scared back to tears. She looked back and saw the drunk Master Yu holding a wine bottle, shaking before her eyes. Master Yu’s complaints were all because of Gu Shengnan and Lu Jin and Cheng Ziqian. These people worked together to calculate her.

Don’t mention how difficult it was after losing his job. He raised his hand and smashed a bottle of wine. On Lu Jin’s head, Lu Jin hugged Gu Shengnan from behind, protecting her aggrieved little. This was the second time that Lu Jin’s head was hit by a wine bottle, and it happened twice because of Gu Shengnan. Last time it was bad luck, this time it was different, this time it was because he loved Gu Shengnan.

In the long dim alley, Gu Shengnan kissed Lu Jin generously this time, ignoring others’ hugs.

Xu Zhaodi won another order, and I had a good chat with the Germans. It was at a time when business and love developed simultaneously. Today I had a dinner with my colleagues to celebrate. Meng Xinjie hid in the car and secretly looked at Xu Zhaodi in the restaurant. I saw that the German whom Xu Zhaodi had swayed had stopped and entered the restaurant. If it weren’t for Xu Zhaodi, he could eat this restaurant. While he said that he was like a perverted stalker, he hid under the car and hid in a corner like a repairman invisible to a German half-blood.

The next day Meng Xinjie was late for his Indonesian class. He was in a hurry to rush to the small class. He ran into Xu Zhaodi, who was eating and dating with a German mixed-race. He couldn’t make it to this class. Following the Germans all the way to the bathroom, listening to him say what hotel he is going to, this is definitely not a good thing. This person just told Xu Zhaodi that he was going to a meeting, Meng Xinjie quietly followed, and finally sent a message to Xu Zhaodi, guiding her to find what she called The perfect lover.

Xu Zhaodi knocked on the door of the hotel room. It was a woman who opened the door. Xu Zhaodi went in and found a group of beautiful and beautiful women surrounded by the German mixed blood, warm and coquettish. This time, in response to Meng Xinjie’s words, the German is a liar, a fire pit, and the most ridiculous thing is that she jumped in happily. Really look away.

Xu Zhaodi was angry, plus the disrespectful Germans stepped forward and provoked. She made two cynics and slapped her for a fist. This German is actually something that can be used against women. It seems that sometimes it is good enough to be not mixed. It’s not just a gentleman to call a foreigner.

Meng Xinjie watched Xu Zhaodi being beaten, and before he hit something with his fist, he was thrown directly to the ground. Two ordinary people in distress looked at each other in embarrassment, and finally laughed. It’s better to see the truth in adversity.

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