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Dating in the Kitchen 我, 喜欢你 Episode 13 Recap

The guy selling vegetables saw Gu Shengnan who often buys vegetables, so this bag of vegetables must not be sold at the original price, according to the experience taught by the older sisters in the neighboring stalls. The young man has the courage and knowledge, and directly said that the bag of duck eggs is of good quality and high value, and the authentic Gaoyou duck eggs are counted as the purchase price for Gu Shengnan. No one can blame Gu Shengnan.

Gu Shengnan didn’t eat this set at all, so he moved a stool and sat in front of the vegetable stall, took out a small black box and started scanning at the boy. The young man said that he was a conscientious seller, and the little box ticked. It turned out that this was a simple polygraph, and he didn’t know where Gu Shengnan had changed it.

Gu Shengnan asked how much the purchase price, the young man answered four yuan, the polygraph sounded, and the young man said that it was lower, and the polygraph still sounded, Gu Shengnan looked at the young man with playful eyes, and he really couldn’t hold on Up. Gu Shengnan asked a few more questions. The polygraph was still ringing, and the young man had to break the jar. In fact, the quality of this duck egg is generally not an authentic high-mail product. Gu Shengnan finally defeated the enemy’s psychological defense line and won six salted duck eggs at the lowest price of 3.5 yuan.

Lu Jin watched this interesting but insignificant price scrupulousness, and watched Gu Shengnan walk away with a winning gesture scanning the QR code to pay, silently doing the aftermath. In the whole food market, Gu Shengnan walked in front of the lie detector to scan the code. Gu Shengnan cut the price difference of others, Lu Jin followed behind and scanned it again for the vegetable stall owner to make it up. The guy who bought the duck eggs thanked the uncle, Lu Jin listened The expression on the face of the uncle became a lot worse.

When the night came when I returned from shopping, the stair light in “Chengdeli” felt the sound brightened, with ten lavish light bulbs on. Lu Jin Gu Shengnan stood at the door and didn’t mean to go in, waiting for the lights to dim, and when his lips and teeth were on each other, Gu Shengnan’s lie detector seemed to be excited too, and a sudden dripping sound blew through the sky. The two of them sorted out one by one, killing the long lighting time in between. When his emotions got up again, Uncle Zhang coughed up from the corner, praising Lu Jinxiu’s light.

The intimacy was interrupted, and the two had to say goodbye to each other. Gu Shengnan of 302 asked the little turtle if you like me, and Lu Jin of 303 said to the collection of Gu’s spoon that I like you. Over and over again, she asked him and answered. Inaudible but audible, happiness lingers in the night illuminated by warm lights.

Chairman Zheng’s lunch is about to begin. Gu Shengnan prepared carefully one by one, and finally when it comes to the last red wine braised truffle, Gu Shengnan will personally introduce Chairman Zheng, but when you open the plate, it is a terrible dish. The ingredients are still truffles, but they are unprocessed and placed alongside a bunch of rotten vegetable leaves.

For unknown reasons, the dishes were changed. Gu Shengnan hurriedly denied that Lu Jin at the table was dedicated to defending her and ordered Manager Shen to withdraw, but Riemann turned the dishes around and explained to Chairman Zheng in detail. The meaning of this dish is also very bad, alluding to Gu Shengnan’s dissatisfaction with the acquisition of the hotel to vent his anger. Chairman Zheng didn’t like her at all, but now she can’t argue with her.

All the chefs in the back kitchen discussed what had just happened. Master Yu pointed at Gu Shengnan, saying that Gu Shengnan must have a holiday with 1123, and then 1123 came to the back kitchen to look for Gu Shengnan. Lu Jin comforted Gu Shengnan and went home to rest, called Gu Shengnan’s small attendant loudspeaker, asked a few words and then called Master Yu.

He hurriedly pursued each sentence and hurriedly pressed on every step of the way. The problem was overwhelmed. In the end, Master Yu shouted angrily and admitted that he had changed Gu Shengnan’s food. But in the end everything was just made up by Lu Jin, but what was truly effective was the words recorded by Cheng Ziqian just now. In the words, Master Yu confessed his crime conclusively. This is the reason why soldiers are not tired of deceit, Master Yu is leaving.

Lu Jin, who had ascertained the truth, came to Gu Shengnan to announce the good news. He happened to ran into her going downstairs. It turned out that Xu Zhaodi and her old uncle ran to Songqiao No. 1 gate and yelled at the injustice for her. This kind of behavior is not polite at all, and it is not conducive to Chairman Zheng’s impression of her originally bad. The good news has to be dismissed and will be presented later.

At Songqiao No.1, Lu Jin had a meaningless argument in the cold wind separating the two groups of people, and explained the cause of the matter with his mother. In the end, her mother decided to invite Gu Shengnan to have a meal and explained clearly. It was Gu Shengnan who became the chef who was so energetic that the whole back kitchen became full of enthusiasm.

In the Quan’an Gaoding studio, Meng Xinjie came to complete the deal agreed last time. The old uncle helped Meng Xinjie chase Xu Zhaodi, and Meng Xinjie gave the old uncle the order for his company’s clothing. Before he finished speaking, Meng Xinjie was suddenly excited, and asked about the handsome guy around Xu Zhaodi, especially the foreigner who came out of the mall that day.

At the bar and nightclub on the other side, Xu Zhaodi Jianghu urgently called and asked the old uncle to pick him up. She and the German weren’t ready to go home together. At the critical moment, the old uncle, a close friend, was reliable. Out of the door of the bar, the old uncle, wearing a suit and sunglasses, with a northeast accent, drove the sports car and parked in front of him.

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