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Dating in the Kitchen 我, 喜欢你 Episode 12 Recap

Gu Shengnan went to another table to toast and never went back. It was a great time to play with friends like the sixth and rice grains. Any boring wine order seemed interesting in this food stall. Lu Jin was left hanging beside him. Grandpa is a little aunt, or another relative who sells chicken feet, it is really miserable. Lu Jin stared at the happy Meng Xinjie for a long time, his clothes could sparkle in his eyes. Xu Zhaodi kindly reminded him to look at your boss quickly.

Only then did Meng Xinjie put his grin to his ears and asked him what he could do. Lu Jin pressed his ears and almost spoke ventriloquist, asking Meng Xinjie to investigate the old six and rice grains beside Gu Shengnan. I don’t know since when, as long as anyone around Gu Shengnan gets too close, he will be sour and panic, and he will not let go of any jealousy.

The old uncle Gao Quanan handed over a tissue and talked to Lu Jin about Gu Shengnan. She has eaten food from hundreds of families. She has never loved her parents since she was a child. She has lived with her grandfather and neighbors around the food stall since she was a child. Everyone is not relatives but better than relatives. Everything here cares for her. Finally tell Lu Jin, don’t bully Gu Shengnan, if you think it can’t be done, don’t drag her.

At this time, everyone was carnival, singing children’s songs and swaying at will, seemingly a group of demons dancing, but it was very warm, especially Gu Shengnan, happiness can not be covered, she shook her head and arms at will, but she was shining in Lu Jin’s eyes Brilliance.

After explaining Lu Jin, the old uncle met Meng Xinjie. Meng Xinjie negotiated with him with a scheming look, and finally a mysterious deal was concluded. Before sending Xu Zhaodi back, the old uncle left Xu Zhaodi for a drink, and the mobile phone in his pocket contacted Meng Xinjie over there. After drinking, Meng Xinjie listened to Xu Zhaodi saying that she thought she was the most special Meng Xinjie, and covered her mouth happily, but in the next second he heard Xu Zhaodi saying goodbye to him, and his face was flatter than anyone else.

There was a carnival in the evening, and Xu Zhaodi was not the only one who was drunk. Gu Shengnan was also drunk, drunk and hungry. What Lu Jin heard when he hugged her was not love, but an honest hungry. I rushed into the kitchen and selected a pot of filtered instant noodles from the back. Gu Shengnan and others looked sad, but Lu Jin was still pinching the watch for three minutes. Gu Shengnan couldn’t stand it anymore and crushed a bag. The noodles are dipped in sauce and eaten dry.

Lu Jin was shocked, unbelievably cautiously breaking a piece for a taste, the result was really unexpected. President Lu, whom he had seen before, was once again defeated by the little life. He felt very good and was very fortunate that he did not leave at the beginning and chose to stay with Gu Shengnan so that he has so many relatives.

Early in the morning, Gu Shengnan went downstairs to go to work and met Cheng Ziqian. Cheng Ziqian drove her there. After chatting, Riemann also admired her when she was the chef candidate that day. When Riemann was a classmate with him, what a goddess The level is popular with brother and brother. Gu Shengnan was angry when he heard him, and compared to himself, Riemann was really too good. However, he was so angry that Cheng Ziqian pulled over and stopped, swept his bike and rode to work. The back chef exploded again. It turned out that Gu Shengnan’s backer was not 1123’s Lu Jin, but the new general manager Cheng Ziqian.

Chairman Zheng’s lunch tomorrow will be arranged by Gu Shengnan, and these master chefs in the back kitchen complain even more after hearing the news. Gu Shengnan would choose whoever arranged it for him. They either couldn’t learn it or forgot how to do it, fooling Gu Shengnan as a fool. Gu Shengnan shouted and shouted, the Master Yu, who has always been uncomfortable with Gu Shengnan, was even more angry than her. He dropped his apron and stared at the box of ingredients in the back kitchen for a long time.

Xu Zhaodi’s order this time received a German. She is now learning and speaking two words of German. Fortunately, the other gentleman can speak Chinese, and she feels relieved.

Meng Xinjie, who has been idle all day, did not play with mobile phones, was in a daze, and even made small notes at this company meeting. It is not like him, it seems that he has been studied and possessed. Lu Jin looked strange, and ended the regular meeting early and asked him, what kind of big changes happened to make Meng Xinjie change his mind and start a new life?

Of course, it was because of Xu Zhaodi’s words in the drink that he wanted to use this glass of wine to say goodbye to him, and these words that poke his heart completely inspired him. So the little assistant who stayed behind his boss all day hurriedly asked for leave to learn Indonesian. Perhaps Xu Zhaodi will ask him to do an interpreter one day. An extra language will give Xu Zhaodi another opportunity to choose.

For this reason, he didn’t even answer the boss’s phone when he was in class, and the boss also asked him because of love. But his own efforts haven’t worked, so Lu Jin can’t be managed. Unexpectedly, I came across Xu Zhaodi chatting with someone alone when I didn’t expect to come out of the small classroom, and went out of the mall together. Meng Xinjie’s teeth were itchy.

The chefs in the back kitchen did not cooperate. Gu Shengnan was in a bad mood today, and Lu Jin was not interested in coming to her. Meng Xinjie, the false love saint, was temporarily unreliable. Lu Jin patiently asked Gu Shengnan what he could do to make her happy. So Gu Shengnan and Lu Jin both drove to the vegetable market, and Lu Jin directly demanded the most expensive one.

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