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Dating in the Kitchen 我, 喜欢你 Episode 11 Recap

The rice paper threw away the pen and ink, and the chairman Zheng of Zhenghong Group practiced the calligraphy quietly. His demeanor was graceful, and the whole person had a kind of calmness that settled down after going through hard times. It seems that what he is holding is not a brush calligraphy, but a blueprint for guiding the country. It is not difficult to see that this is a woman with great leadership. Riemann came in from behind her, dressed smartly and efficiently.

Chairman Zheng asked her what happened and what could keep Lu Jin in this small city, even in Switzerland. Riemann chose to put it succinctly because Gu Shengnan’s cooking skills did not indicate Lu Jin’s preference for Gu Shengnan, but everyone understands the implication, let alone the chairman of a group. Instructed Riemann to book a flight ticket, and she was going to meet the female chef who fascinated Lu Jin for a while.

By the sound of bamboo on the water bank in front of the Songqiao No. 1 Villa, Chairman Zheng and President Lu talked about the past. She remembered that among the people she introduced to Lu Jin before, it was either the daughter of the ship king or the daughter of President Jiang. Lu Jin said they were one He is too arrogant and self-willed, and a person with a strong personality is not a person who can get along well with him. But when Chairman Zheng said that Gu Shengnan also had such a personality, Lu Jin was delighted and directly said that the two of them have complementary personalities and perfect match.

Putting the same personality on different people can make Lu Jin such a double standard. Chairman Zheng put aside these far-flung things, she thought Riemann was a good match for Lu Jin, but Lu Jin still found a reason to send it back. He believes that he is too familiar with Riemann and cannot be a lover at all. Even if he can be a lover, he will have one less right-hand man than Chairman Zheng.

In this kind of thing, Lu Jin thinks about his mother very much. Chairman Zheng didn’t say much, he just asked Lu Jin to make an appointment to meet the legendary Gu Shengnan.

Hearing the news of seeing the parents, Gu Shengnan was not as shocked as Xu Zhaodi and the old uncle. They both taught Gu Shengnan excitedly.

From the inside out, dressed up and blowing hair, these things all approached Lu Jin’s age crazily, mature like a thirty-year-old intellectual woman. Even if you are frightened, you will not change your face, so that you can look restrained. Speak softly, smile and resign if you are humiliated.

After learning all these things, Lu Jin came to pick her up in front of the old uncle’s studio and called her to find her, but almost couldn’t recognize it. Eyelashes, lipstick, small suits, high heels and small feet are cumbersome. Obviously, they are a little uncomfortable sitting opposite Chairman Zheng.

Chairman Zheng asked what Gu Shengnan asked, with a gentle smile on his face. Until Chairman Zheng asked the classic question “How much does it cost to leave my son”, Gu Shengnan really didn’t know how to answer. Although she liked money, Lu Jin couldn’t sell it for money. Go, just at this moment, Gu Shengnan remembered Xu Zhaodi’s words, please resign.

Worried about Gu Shengnan’s frustration, Lu Jin came to Gu Shengnan’s “Chengdeli” den at night, but Gu Shengnan expressed his complete understanding and teased Lu Jin, saying that if she is very valuable, that condition can also be considered and agreed. Lu Jin pulled away. , Was still left behind by Gu Shengnan’s coquetry.

The next day’s selection of hotel chefs officially began, with the hotel manager Shen, Cheng Ziqian, Riemann and Chairman Zheng sitting on the table. The sound of the case rang through the kitchen early, and the fresh ingredients were scented, and they were delivered to the mouths of the leaders soon, each with their own taste.

Holding the judging form in his hand, Riemann glanced at Gu Shengnan, marked it and handed it to Manager Shen. Manager Shen announced after reading that Gu Shengnan became the new dinner chef. All the chefs applauded for her, some willingly and others dissatisfied. Riemann looked at her and applauded her, from the heart.

Gu Shengnan’s first day as a chef, the old chefs of the back chef started talking about the fact that 1123’s client turned out to be the big boss of the hotel acquisition. Between Gu Shengnan and this 1123, what else does the people behind these discussions do not understand? ?

After getting off work, Gu Shengnan contacted Lu Jin on WeChat, and he was promoted today to invite Lu Jin to dinner. Lu Jin’s suit was neat and he thought that only the two of them had dinner together, and then Gu Shengnan took him to his grandfather’s food stall. Seven aunts and eight aunts surrounded the tables, beer, peanuts, melon seeds, and fireworks mixed together.

Grandpa shouted loudly. Announce to everyone that his baby granddaughter is the female chef of a five-star hotel. Happy today. Although everyone was so happy, at the end of the speech, Lu Jin, who is the hotel owner, was introduced. After the applause, Lu Jin was interrupted by a young man and asked if they were girlfriends. , Lu Jin should admit it under the question.

Grandpa then asked Gu Shengnan to go to the other table to toast. He dismissed Gu Shengnan and began to care about Lu Jin’s age and health. President Lu Jin, who had seen the big scene, had a little cramped face. When he finally sent off his grandfather, Gu Shengnan’s aunt gave him medicated liquor, and Lu Jin’s face turned greener.

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