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Blues Strike 蓝军出击 Episode 26 Recap

Huo De said to Ai Jia to thank Meng Huainan for bringing individual food to the 808 brigade

Huo De said he didn’t want to run away, but wanted to send a message to Amon to go to the audition later, but he never found a signal. Upon seeing this, Tong Fei gave him a newspaper. It said that Huo De’s classmate died in a car accident on his way back from the audition, and the foreign big stars are also fake. They are all liars who coaxed the actors to go abroad. This makes Huo De unbelievable. .

Huo De admitted that he didn’t really want to join the army, but now he knew he was wrong, and he promised that he would do his best for the past two years. Tong Fei told him that this behavior had violated the law. If he was shot on the battlefield, he would be punished with a serious offense, and he had to conduct a public inspection in front of the brigade officers and soldiers, so that Huo De hurried himself. Think about it.

Chu Zhangang was fishing, and the soldiers accompanying him told him that the Mountain Leopard Brigade sharpshooter had scored two gangsters with a single shot. He knew that it was the special forces brigade led by Hong Yi. It was very angry and was not in the mood to fish.

The Mountain Leopard brigade received the notice from the war zone and immediately stopped the exercise and immediately returned to the station. There are still five days to end the exercise. There must be special circumstances to end the exercise early. Hong Yi wanted to understand the situation and prepare. Han Peng said that he did not need to do this, and announced that he would stop training and rush back tomorrow morning.

Huo De started active training after returning. He approached Ai Jia to express his gratitude to her, saying that he had been afraid that others would say that he was hypocritical before. This sentence was held back for more than half a month, but he couldn’t live his conscience without saying it. Ai Jia understands this very well, knowing that he can’t tell it is the biggest hypocrisy, and it is the concerted efforts of the entire brigade that save him. Huo De said that he would stay here and serve well.

Ai Jia asked him to think clearly that this road is much harder than being an actor. The temptation outside is already too great, and how long Huo De can hold on, all of this needs Huo De think clearly. Huo De said that he had already thought about it clearly, and this time he had touched him too much. Ai Jia encouraged him to follow his heart and do his own thing.

Meng Huainan came to the 808 brigade. This time he resolutely refused to eat. Instead, he asked Wang Kezheng to give him a platoon of troops. When he gathered at the training ground, he brought everything with him. Wang Kezheng and He Yazhou knew that this was the comer. Not good.

Meng Huainan asked everyone to solve the problem of eating in five minutes without a cooking class, without firing or calling for help. Everyone didn’t know what to do, but Meng Huainan took care of himself. rice. Wang Kezheng and He Yazhou watched Meng Huainan finish his self-heating rice, and all the soldiers drooled while watching his self-heating rice. When five minutes were up, Meng Huainan asked the platoon leader to take everyone for a run, saying that he would eat after five laps.

After the training, Meng Huainan let everyone eat while explaining the instant rice to everyone. Meng Huainan said that these field individual foods were developed by a military-civilian fusion company, and Wang Kezheng thought he was here to let them purchase these foods. Meng Huainan said that Wang Kezheng had no sense of war at all, and how important food security was on the battlefield. Modern wars can happen at any time, and all hopes cannot be placed on the food truck.

Meng Huainan put forward a suggestion to Wang Kezheng, that is, to hand over the company canteen to the local staff, let the cooking squad devote all their energy to the development of individual food, and let the soldiers try it often It is more meaningful for troops to adapt to individual food and ensure that they adapt to war scenes that can happen at any time.

Meng Huainan expressed the importance of food and grass to the war. Wang Kezheng and He Yazhou finally understood. Meng Huainan knew that an old sow was comparable to an instructor in the army before, and Wang Kezheng He Yazhou also knew the importance of food and grass.

Team Leader Tan of the Military Commission Working Group came to the Mountain Leopard Brigade. Hao Jianguo took him to visit the daily confrontation training of the Mountain Leopard Brigade. By the way, he let the chief experience the feeling of surviving from the rain of terrorist guns. Hao Jianguo called Hong Yi to let him release the water, and Hong Yi asked him to find the terrorist Ji Dahai.

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