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The Promise of Chang’an 长安诺 Episode 8 Recap

Xiao Chengrui came to Xiao Chengxu ‘s room and saw that Xiao Chengxu’s bows and arrows were given to him by himself before. He Lan Yunqi found him, and Xiao Chengrui said that he wanted him to do meritorious service on the battlefield, not to die. He Lan Yunqi asked if Zhong Xiao Chengyao was deliberate, Xiao Chengrui said that when Xiao Chengyao’s class returned to court, he would ask it face to face. He Lan Yunqi wanted to intercede for Xiao Chengxuan, but Xiao Chengrui believed that he violated the military order and deserved to be punished, saying that he would make a cautious decision.

Helan Mingyu held a purse that he wanted to give to Xiao Chengxu, very sad. Ling Zhen’er came to tell him that Xiao Chengyao was back today. Helan Mingyu and Ling Zhen’er went to a room to look for something. This is, Xiao Chengrui and Xiao Chengyao also came to this room, and they hid. Xiao Chengyao said that he felt that Xiao Chengxu only looked loyal on the surface, but he actually hated them all the time. Xiao Chengrui’s Responsibilities: Xiao Chengyao had doubts and did not discuss with him and made his own opinion. Xiao Chengyao also said that he had made a temporary motive and that he would be out. The military order was not acceptable. Xiao Chengrui was very angry after hearing this, and Xiao Chengyao left.

Xiao Chengrui noticed that there was someone in the room. Don’t go over with the sword. Helan Mingyu and Ling Zhen’er pretended to be asleep. Helan Mingyu said that he had come to look for the Bingshu, but he did not find it for a long time, and fell asleep tired and sleepy. Xiao Chengrui told her not to talk about his conversation with Xiao Chengyao.

Helan Mingyu returned to the room, thinking that Xiao Chengxu was killed by Xiao Chengyao, and he would protect Xiao Chengxuan. Xiao Chengrui came to He Lan Yunqi. Xiao Chengrui said that Xiao Chengyao was deliberate and didn’t put him in his eyes. He Lan Yunqi said that he always felt that Xiao Chengrui had changed but could not tell. Xiao Chengrui said that he had to do it as a last resort, but no matter how he changed, he would not change to He Lan Yunqi.

Helan Mingyu asked Ling Zhen’er to deliver medicine to Xiao Chengxuan, but Xiao Chengxuan didn’t even eat any food. Today, Xiao Chengyao told the court today that Xiao Chengxuan resigned without authorization and wanted Xiao Chengxuan to die.

Helan Mingyu came to Helan Yunqi to ask Helan Yunqi to save Xiao Chengxuan. Helan Yunqi said that Xiao Chengxuan, as the prince, set the worst example. If he was not taken, it would be difficult to convince the lieutenant soldiers. Helan Yunqi said that unless Wang Shangna marries, the world will be amnesty, and Xiao Chengxuan may be killed. Helan Mingyu said that as long as he can keep Xiao Chengxuan, he is willing to marry Xiao Chengrui.

Helan Yunqi tells Xiao Chengrui that Helan Mingyu respects Xiao Chengrui and is willing to marry him. Helan Yunqi asked what to do with Xiao Chengxuan, and Xiao Chengrui said that she was also very upset.

Helan Mingyu stared at the purse he embroidered Xiao Chengxuan. Xiao Chengrui came to her. Seeing this purse, he thought it was embroidered for her, saying that he would never disappoint Helan Mingyu, but Helan Mingyu did. The performance is very cold.

Xiao Chengrui brought the three princes to the main hall and called Xiao Chengxuan over, saying that Xiao Chengyao was unintentional and that Xiao Chengyao did not intentionally frame the brothers. For Xiao Chengyao’s failure to reward or impunity, Xiao Chengxuan should have been sentenced to capital punishment. Xiao Chengxuan expressed his dissatisfaction, and Xiao Chengrui was very angry, saying that this was his big marriage and amnesting the world.

Xiao Chengyao also believed that Xiao Chengrui’s punishment was unfair, and Xiao Chengrui also said that his throne was also supported by the three princes, and left after speaking. Xiao Chengtai asked if Xiao Chengyao said these things. Xiao Chengyao said that he was telling the truth, and Xiao Chengli also said that sooner or later we would be killed by you Xiao Chengyao.

Helan Mingyu came to her wedding room, and Su Yuying also came to mock Helan Mingyu. After a while, she was taken away by the maid saying that the princess had something to reward him. Xiao Chengrui remembered Xiao Chengyao’s arrogance before, and the more he thought about it, the more angry he got.

Xiao Chengrui saw Ling Zhen’er come to talk to her in front of her and asked her if she was wronged. Ling Zhen’er said that he was wronged less than Helan Mingyu. Xiao Chengrui asked what wronged she was. Ling Zhen’er was late at night. Helan Mingyu was very aggrieved without being by his side to serve Helan Mingyu, and he left after speaking.

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