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The Promise of Chang’an 长安诺 Episode 7 Recap

The subordinates wanted Xiao Chengxu to evacuate, but Xiao Chengxu said he wanted to live and die with his brothers and killed him before. He will come out at night.

Helan Ming Yu and Xiao Chengrui outside the palace, etc. He Lan Mingzhe and celebrate with Frank , the palace, also prepared a song and dance to greet HE Lan Mingzhe, HE Lan Mingzhe praise Xiao Chengrui country well, rude Xiao is still far Xiao Chengrui since it represents an open mind than I Father, he is still far away. Helan Mingzhe praised his good vision in choosing a grandson-in-law, and Helan Yunqi asked him to choose a husband for Helan Mingyu. Helan Ke used to mention the previous words that Helan Mingyu wanted his mother to be the world.

Xiao Chengrui went to the pavilion to find Helan Mingyu. He said that he had drunk too much and went out for a walk. Helan Mingyu said that he seemed to have something on his mind. Xiao Chengrui asked Helan Mingyu’s ideal husband, and asked what kind of person Helan Mingyu wanted to marry. Helan Mingyu recalled Xiao Chengxu saying that he would be a great hero.

Xiao Chengrui came to He Lan Yunqi. He Lan Yunqi said that she was pregnant. Xiao Chengrui was very happy and said that if this boy is the future prince, He Lan Yunqi offered to give Xiao Chengrui a concubine. Xiao Chengrui said that he fell in love with Helan Mingyu at first sight. Helan Yunqi was a little surprised, saying that Helan Mingyu was still young. Xiao Chengrui said that Helan Ke’s words could not be given to others in case he could give it to others, so Helan Yunqi agreed.

Helan Yunqi told Helan Mingzhe that Helan Mingyu would marry Xiao Chengrui, and Helan Mingzhe was very happy.

Helan Ke used to talk to Helan Mingyu about Xiao Chengxu. Helan Mingyu said that he didn’t know when he would be back. Helan Ke said about Helan Mingyu and Xiao Chengxu. He went back and told Helan Mingzhe that it would be done. . Helan Mingyu also expressed that he was worried about Xiao Chengxu, and even more worried about Helan Houyin, Shengzhou and Xiqi fighting, and worried that Helan Houyin would be in a difficult situation.

Helan Yunqi told Helan Mingyu that she could not serve Xiao Chengrui because she was pregnant, and expressed that she wanted Helan Mingyu to be Xiao Chengrui’s side concubine. Helan Mingyu expressed her willingness not to marry forever, because her sweetheart is Xiao Chengxu, and he was married. The appointment. Said that he didn’t intentionally conceal it, and that he was waiting for Xiao Chengxu to make contributions so that Wang Shang could marry him. He Lan Yunqi said that she was actually named by Xiao Chengrui himself. Helan Mingyu wants Helan Yunqi to help her withdraw, but Helan Yunqi said that in fact, Xiao Chengxu and Xiao Chengrui have always had a grudge, and Xiao Chengrui has already proposed to marry Helan Mingyu, fearing that this grudge will not be solved by then, right. Xiao Chengxu is even more disadvantaged. Helan Yunqi said that she could not help him. At this time, Ling Zhen’er came to report that Xiao Chengxuan was back, and he was anxious to see Xiao Chengrui, and Helan Mingyu suspected that Xiao Chengxu had something wrong.

When Xiao Chengxuan saw Xiao Chengrui, Xiao Chengyao also wrote a letter saying that Xiao Chengxuan had left his post without permission. Xiao Chengxuan said that Xiao Chengyao would not let him rescue Xiao Chengxu. When he arrived, only the corpse was everywhere, and Xiao Chengxu was gone. Helan Mingyu heard Xiao Chengxuan’s words outside the door, and Xiao Chengrui immediately asked De’an to send people to find Xiao Chengxu. Xiao Chengxuan said that all of this was done deliberately by Xiao Chengyao. Xiao Chengrui said that he wanted to investigate what happened, and Xiao Chengxuan said that he would seek justice for Xiao Chengxu.

Helan Mingyu was very sad when he returned to the room. Xiao Chengxuan brought the golden helmet to Helan Mingyu. When Helan Mingyu saw Jin Helmet, he would go to Xiao Chengxu, pointing to Xiao Chengxu’s failure to keep his promise.

When Helan Mingyu came to the mountain, he had to jump down. Ling Zhen’er stopped him in time. Speaking of Xiao Chengxuan was locked up, he would definitely die. If Helan Mingyu jumped, he would not live any longer. , Helan Mingyu said that Xiao Chengxuan’s fate, Xiao Chengxu’s hatred could not die.

Helan Mingyu came to see Xiao Chengxuan in the cell. Xiao Chengxu said that Xiao Chengrui did not investigate Xiao Chengyao at all. They were all in the same group. Helan Mingyu convinced Xiao Chengxuan that she would rescue him.

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