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The Promise of Chang’an 长安诺 Episode 16 Recap

Xiao Chengyao told Xiao Chengxu and Xiao Chengxuan that whoever was on the throne in the end was the most suspicious, and he was definitely not the only one with the blood of Princess Mu on his hands . Xiao Chengxuan wanted Xiao Chengyao to continue to say that Xiao Chengyao asked them to let him go, so Xiao Chengxu took Xiao Chengxuan away, fearing that he would be caught by Xiao Chengyao’s tricks at this time. This matter needs to be discussed in the long term.

The emperor sent someone to check Xiao Chengyao’s mansion. Xiao Chengyao brought a message to Xiao Chengtai’s mansion, and gave him a jade pendant.

The subordinate reported to Xiao Chengxu and checked Xiao Chengyao’s mansion and found that there was a secret courtyard, but the people in the courtyard had moved ahead of time. However, a rouge box was found in the courtyard and he showed it to Xiao Chengxu. Xiao Chengxu said it was Mu The princess’s rouge box, Xiao Chengxu suspected that the person detained in the other courtyard was Su Qiu.

Xiao Chengxuan also wanted to ask about Princess Mu’s news, and planned to use lynching to interrogate him, but Xiao Chengyao was not afraid of the iron chain at all. Xiao Chengxuan was about to be tortured. Xiao Chengyao struggled desperately. He passed out before the iron hit Xiao Chengyao, and Xiao Chengyao died just like that. . Xiao Chengxuan immediately hid the torture instruments. At this time, Xiao Chengxu rushed over and said that now it can only be half-truths and half-truths. The true and the false are not easy to be dismantled.

Xiao Chengxu pleaded guilty to Xiao Chengrui, saying that Xiao Chengyao was dead. Xiao Chengxu said that he had found Xiao Chengyao hiding in the army, but Xiao Chengyao did not want to say that Xiao Chengyao’s torture tool used for exercise had died of a heart attack. He would also go to court, and would never make Xiao Chengrui embarrassed. Helan Yunqi pleaded, and secretly told Xiao Chengrui that she had promised Princess Mu. Xiao Chengrui said that he would help to conceal this incident and let people disguise Xiao Chengyao as committing suicide in fear of crime

At the court, Hao made a reply to the results of checking Xiao Chengyao’s body, and. There is no doubt that Xiao Chengyao hanged himself to death. Xiao Chengtai didn’t believe it, and wanted to do a more detailed investigation, but was stopped by Xiao Chengrui.

Xiao Chengrui took Xiao Chengxu back to retake the four cities of Yongping. The two were discussing tactics. Xiao Chengtai broke in and said that Xiao Chengrui had divided his soldiers and horses among others. After these battles, there were fewer soldiers, so Xiao Chengrui should return his soldiers. Ma, still acted on Xiao Chengxu in front of Xiao Chengrui, but was stopped by Xiao Chengli in time.

Then, Xiao Chengtai wanted Xiao Chengrui to kneel down and admit his mistake, saying that he had drunk too much. Please forgive Xiao Chengrui. Xiao Chengxu reprimanded De’an for having just missed Xiao Chengtai’s knife and doing nothing. De’an said that he thought that Xiao Chengtai was Xiao Chengrui’s brother, but Xiao Chengxu bluntly said that he was a monarch. At this time, Liang sent Ling Feng a letter, which was a written letter.

Xiao Chengrui and Ling Feng met and asked Xiao Chengrui to keep his promise and don’t kill again. Xiao Chengrui said that he would keep it. Ling Feng heard it and said that I was relieved. After speaking, he committed suicide. He said that he made the decision since childhood.

The book was written by him, and he is responsible for it alone. If it remains in the annals of history, he will only be scolded by posterity. Xiao Chengrui expressed his admiration to Ling Feng’s son. Ling Feng’s son said that he wanted to send his father off, and he still had his wife and children in Jinzhou City. When he picked them up, he joined with Xiao Chengrui and took Jinzhou. Xiao Chengrui agreed and said that he believed him.

Xiao Chengrui and Helan Mingyu talked about the fact that Ling Feng’s son went to Jinzhou and there was no news. At that time, he thought that he might regret it, but let him go. Helan Mingyu said that this is the kind heart of Xiao Chengrui waiting for me. One day, General Xiaoling will voluntarily submit.

In the court hall, Xiao Chengrui gave Xiao Chengxu and Xiao Qihan the two camps in the hands of Xiao Chengrui, because before Xiao Chengrui drew his sword in front of Xiao Chengrui, Xiao Chengxu said that Xiao Chengtai was unsuitable for Xiao Chengrui to manage the affairs of the court, and Xiao Chengli said that from then on, he would ask Xiao Chengrui to live alone. .

Xiao Chengxuan said that Xiao Chengrui firmly held power in his hands. Xiao Chengxu said that as the rule of the emperor, it is to rule people by people, but the top priority now is to hold Xiao Chengtai.

Xiao Qihan wanted to give Ling Zhen’er jewelry, but saw the eunuch who suddenly appeared , so he went to Ling Zhen’er. Ling Zhen’er saw Xiao Chengxu and told him that the horse that Xiao Chengxuan presented to Xiao Chengrui was not good. Fortunately, Xiao Chengrui was busy with government affairs. Without finding out, Xiao Chengxu quickly replaced the inferior horses, Xiao Chengxu said he knew. After speaking, Ling Zhen’er left and met Xiao Qitai on the way, saying that she deliberately avoided him. Xiao Qihan found that Ling Zhen’er was crying and said that if Ling Zhen’er became his side concubine, no one would dare to bully her. Ling Zhen’er said that she was not interested in being his side concubine.

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