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The Promise of Chang’an 长安诺 Episode 13 Recap

Xiao Chengyao said that if Xiao Chengrui was dissatisfied with him, he could be dealt with, but when the soldiers saw that the heroes who dealt with him were chilling, they left with Xiao Chengtai, and Xiao Chengrui had no way to deal with him. Xiao Chengxu said that in these two victories, Xiao Chengyao has gained a lot, and has no desire to fight, so he just wants to return to Beijing with the spoils. Xiao Chengrui said that if it were to shrink back at this time and give Xue Ji a respite, they would definitely make a comeback. Xiao Chengxu said that Xiao Chengyao didn’t want to fight, so we forced him to fight.

In the middle of the night, people were sent to burn the camps of Xiao Chengyao and Xiao Chengtai. There were no casualties, but the spoils were burned. At this time, Xiao Chengxu came over and encouraged the soldiers to attack Ningcheng.

The soldiers in Shengzhou had already surrounded Ningcheng with no water, and only after Xiao Chengrui gave an order to break the city. At this time, Xiao Chengxuan came to report, and Xue Ji led his troops to flee. Xiao Chengyao pursued him and was in an ambush, with unknown life or death. Xue Ji thought that Xiao Chengrui would not abandon the Shenxiao Camp held by Xiao Chengyao, and would definitely come back to rescue him, and he would ambush in secret to destroy Shengzhou’s main force.

Xiao Chengxu volunteered to rescue Xiao Chengyao.

The subordinate came down to report, Xiao Chengxu rescued Xiao Chengyao. Xiao Chengrui asked how Xiao Chengxu was able to overcome Xue Ji. Xiao Chengxuan bravely said that he used the sun in the valley to mess up the beam soldiers. Xiao Chengrui asked Xiao Chengyao to thank Xiao Chengxu, but Xiao Chengyao refused with a very arrogant attitude, and Xiao Chengrui was furious.

At night, Xiao Chengyao punched Xiao Chengxu, and Xiao Chengxu told him not to be ashamed.

Shengzhou was about to approach Daliang Capital, and the emperor was a little scared. At this time, someone came to report that Xue Ji and the masters of King Qin had arrived. At this time, they were outside the capital.

The Shengzhou army’s offensive was blocked, and Xiao Chengrui also admired Xue Jihao’s strategy. Shengzhou was already in a dilemma. I don’t know what to do. He had to retreat. Xiao Chengrui said that he must find a way to get rid of Xue Ji.

Helan Mingyu asked Xiao Chengrui if he was on his mind. Xiao Chengrui said that he had lost to Xue Ji again, and he felt a little stunned. Helan Mingyu asked if Xue Ji was very good. Xiao Chengrui said that Ning Dong who was guarding was solid, and he had to admit that he was indeed very good, but he was so deadly that he could not call him under his command.

Xiao Chengrui said that Xue Ji killed a prince. Emperor Mingde didn’t say anything, but Helan Mingyu said that Emperor Mingde didn’t say what he would think in his heart, and there would definitely be suspicion in his heart. Xiao Chengrui said that Emperor Mingde was also a suspicious person, and Xiao Chengrui said that he had thought of a way.

In the Liang Dynasty, the minister was saying that Xue Ji had colluded with Shengzhou, which led to the siege of the capital. Emperor Mingde sent someone to the Shengzhou military camp to inquire about the news.

Some people in the Shengzhou Army were sneaking around near the barracks. Xiao Chengxu knew they were spies and left them on purpose. Performing the play in front of them, Xue Ji has promised Yihe, and details of surrender, such as the Shengzhou army retreating five miles.

The next day, under the court, the ministers said that Shengzhou had really retreated to Wuli. The emperor had completely lost trust in Xue Ji and was about to behead him immediately. Xue Ji was beheaded.

Xiao Chengrui came to tell Helan Mingyu and Helan Yunqi that Xue Ji was dead, and praised Helan Mingyu for her contribution. Helan Mingyu saw that Xiao Chengrui wanted to reuse talents like Xue Ji. Xiao Chengrui said that Xue Ji had been cut in half.

Helan Mingyu sighed that life is impermanent, and there is nothing worth fighting for. Helan Mingyu thought that he had killed Xue Ji and felt very uncomfortable. At the same time, he was also afraid that Xiao Chengrui and Xiao Chengxuan’s brothers would be jealous and discordant, and that Xiao Chengxuan would become a man of good use.

Xiao Chengrui decided that both serfs and captives could participate in the scientific examination, so as to absorb outstanding talents from various countries and try to ease the conflict. Helan Mingyu talked about prosperity and peace for the people. If Xiao Chengrui wins the hearts of the people, he will win the world.

Xiao Chengrui accused Xiao Chengyao and Xiao Chengtai of not being as far-sighted as women, and said that more people would be freed from serfdom and freedom, but Xiao Chengyao disagreed. He only cared about his own interests, not the people’s support.

Xiao Chengrui was very angry and thought that the three princes were short-sighted, and it was better to train a young prince. Li Wencheng recommended Xiao Chengxu.

When Xiao Chengxu returned to the house, Su Yuying asked everyone to greet him. Su Yuying took him to see the stables. He kept the stables very clean. He also gave away a horse. He also sent Xiao Chengxu’s horse to the scared people and took him away. Xiao Chengxu immediately Ask someone to bring his horse back. Su Yuying was a little angry. In order to coax her, Xiao Chengxu took her to ride the horse she had just given him.

In the wild, Su Yuying asked if he wanted to go to Yonglin, Helan Mingyu did not come, would he like her, Su Yuying said that he wanted to marry him, but Xiao Chengxu said that he had no affection for her.

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