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The Promise of Chang’an 长安诺 Episode 12 Recap

Xiao Chengyao said that this was Xiao Chengxu’s nonsense, he didn’t know anything. Xiao Chengxuan persuaded Xiao Chengxu not to be impulsive, but told Xiao Chengxu that everyone knew about this incident. Xiao Chengxu said that Xiao Chengyao dared not behave, and that he was a gangster. He angered Xiao Chengyao and said bluntly that Xiao Chengxu just knew what the truth could do with him. Xiao Chengrui also heard their conversation.

Xiao Chengrui came to Helan Mingyu . At this time, Helan Mingyu was reading the military books seriously, and Xiao Chengrui knew that Helan Mingyu really liked the military books. Xiao Chengrui asked her to come and test her, saying that he had made a lot of credit for a falcon he had raised before, but now he is so proud and uncontrollable, he can’t kill him. Ask her what to do, Helan Mingyu knows what he actually said. It was Xiao Chengyao who proposed to let him do evil first, and then get rid of him when everyone couldn’t maintain him. Xiao Chengrui thought this method was good.

Helan Mingyu accompanied Xiao Chengrui to review the memorial. Seeing that Xiao Chengrui was a little tired, he proposed to combine work and rest. Xiao Chengrui asked Helan Mingyu to help her read the memorial. So Helan Mingyu helped him read the memorial, and Xiao Chengrui fell asleep on Helan Mingyu’s shoulder.

Helan Yunqi asked Helan Mingyu if she went to the study to read the memorial recently. Xiao Chengrui would also ask her for her opinion. Helan Mingyu thought she was interfering in state affairs, but Helan Yunqi said she was very happy and Xiao Chengrui could appreciate her talent.

one year later.

Shengzhou fought with Liang and suffered heavy casualties. Xiao Chengrui decided to withdraw. However, Xiao Chengyao and Xiao Chengtai said that they were not happy with the withdrawal. Xiao Chengyao even bluntly said whether Xiao Chengrui was afraid of Xue Ji. Xiao Chengxu also said that he was in favor of retreating. Xiao Chengyao criticized Xiao Chengxu as something , His arrogance and domineering Xiao Chengrui are also in sight.

Xi Xiao Chengrui came to Helan Mingyu Palace for dinner. Speaking of the defeat, Xiao Chengrui was a little angry. Helan Mingyu said that Xiao Chengrui is a great hero, and this failure is the motivation for the next success. At this time, Ling Zhen’er sent an urgent report, and Xue Ji was framed by a traitor to resign. Xiao Chengrui said that the time was not yet ripe and he needed to wait for Shengzhou’s real preparations to succeed in cutting Liang.

Xiao Chengtai told Xiao Chengyao that Xiao Chengrui was going to let them guard the Ningdong front line. Xiao Chengyao was very angry. He also said that he couldn’t understand Xiao Chengrui’s timidity. Without their help, Xiao Chengrui couldn’t do anything at night.

Xiao Chengrui received the medical report from Xiao Chengyao and Xiao Chengtai, and was very angry, saying that these two had repeatedly disobeyed the king’s order and he was no longer in sight. Helan Mingyu said that he could train younger generations, and Xiao Chengrui also said that he also had this intention, such as Xiao Chengxu.

Xiao Chengxu came to see Xiao Chengrui. Xiao Chengrui said that he wanted him to guard the Ningdong Defense Line. Xiao Chengxu said that the third brother’s ninth brother could do it.

A group of maids were throwing pots. Helan Mingyu and Helan Yunqi came over and saw him. Helan Yunqi asked Helan Mingyu to try it. Helan Mingyu was the first one to vote. At this time, Xiao Chengrui and Xiao Chengxu also came. , The next few shots were also won. After the casting, Xiao Chengrui went to care about Helan Mingyu, and Xiao Chengrui took Helan Mingyu to change clothes.

Helan Mingyu came to the pavilion to see Xiao Chengxu. Helan Mingyu said that she had a very good life. He also congratulated Xiao Chengxu for doing a lot of military merits. He also persuaded Xiao Chengxu to let go of herself as soon as possible. Xiao Chengxu said that Helan Mingyu has changed and Helan Mingyu Saying that we have to change, we can’t go back anymore.

Su Yuying came to Xiao Chengxu and accused Xiao Chengxu of being indifferent to her.

In the army, the subordinate came to report that Emperor Liang was dead, and the new emperor was his younger brother. Although Mingde was less than 20 years old, he eliminated the traitorous officials, and he has recently rushed Xue Ji into the palace.

In the Liang King’s Palace, the emperor bluntly said that his third brother had been deceived by others and wronged Xue Ji. Xue Ji said that he was confident that he would conquer Shengzhou within five years.

Xiao Chengrui was discussing peace with Xue Ji, all for the purpose of repairing troops. At this time, his subordinates sent an urgent item, and Xiao Chengrui would lead an army of 200,000 to come.

Xiao Chengrui said that Shengzhou had already won the two major cities. If Ningcheng were to be won, Xue Ji could be defeated. But Xiao Chengyao and Xiao Chengtai proposed to retreat.

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