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Symphony’s Romance 蜗牛与黄鹂鸟 Episode 4 Recap

Fang Xiaolu and Chen Zheng were sent back to Li Zhenyan’s house by Qin Fen after attending the party. After they woke up the next day, they ate hot pot at Li Zhenyan’s house with Qin Fen. Li Zhenyan was very helpless, but he didn’t take Fang Xiaolu’s Method. Tian Yisong finds Fisher and invites Fisher to go to the A group to watch another performance.

Fisher agrees to come down. Tian Yisong asks Fisher to come to the Baiqi Conservatory of Music whether the real purpose is the S group or the A group. If Fisher If he wanted to belong to the S group, then he gave up the A group and went to the S group, because he wanted to stand on the best stage, Fisher was a little surprised, only saying that he would not treat the two orchestras differently.

Fang Xiaolu and Li Zhenyan went to the supermarket together. When they were about to go back after shopping, Fang Xiaolu saw that there was a piano on the square, and he pulled Li Zhenyan to play together. The four-handed combination of the two attracted many audiences. , Fang Xiaolu asked Li Zhenyan again, why he wanted to be a conductor because he played the piano so well. Li Zhenyan said that it was for his own musical dream.

The first time he really came into contact with a conductor was when he was a child in Paris, watching Wayne. Da is conducting on stage. He also wants to convey his interpretation of music to the audience through the baton in his hand like Wayenda. After listening to Li Zhen’s words, Fang Xiaolu secretly promised him that he would Help Li Zhenyan realize this dream.

In order to let Fisher see Li Zhenyan’s commanding talents and allow Fisher to pass Li Zhenyan’s transfer application, Fang Xiaofu began to pull Chen Zheng and Qin Fen to rehearse Li Zhenyan’s music. Li Zhenyan happened to see their rehearsal, Fei Scheer suddenly appeared next to Li Zhenyan. He was a little bit emotional. For Fang Xiaolu’s hard work, he gave Li Zhenyan a score and promised to give him a chance to try to be the deputy commander of the S regiment first.

The next morning, Fisher brought Li Zhenyan to the S Regiment and announced to everyone that Li Zhenyan would be the deputy commander. However, some people questioned whether Li Zhenyan would command at all. Fisher directly handed the baton to Li Zhenyan. Let him start to conduct, Li Zhenyan was a little excited.

When he really started to conduct, Li Zhenyan knew how messy the performance of the S group was. He bit his head and directed, but he kept silently complaining, not coming out, but playing. Qin Fen suddenly interrupted Li Zhenyan. Li Zhenyan was a little angry. Through the interrupted gap, he pointed out the errors in the various parts of the performance. This time the criticism made Wu Zheng in the orchestra very unconvinced. During the rehearsal process Also deliberately troubled Li Zhenyan.

When Li Zhenyan was angry, the late cellist Zhuo Yin came in, and Li Zhenyan cast his breath on Zhuo Yin. After driving away Zhuo Yin, Fisher stopped Li Zhenyan and apologized to the orchestra students, saying that he had just rehearsed. Li Zhenyan’s mistakes were all Li Zhenyan’s fault. Li Zhenyan didn’t understand why.

After Fischer came to power, he pointed out what went wrong in the orchestra like Li Zhenyan, but his approach was more gentle and respected the students. Under Fisher’s command However, the chaotic orchestra just now played a real symphony. Li Zhenyan only realized that Fisher was teaching himself to respect the music and the partners of the orchestra.

The musicians in the orchestra were not the conductor’s instrument, but the conductor. Friends and family members must respect them. Li Zhenyan recognized his mistake, and happily admitted his mistake to Fisher, and asked Fisher to give him another chance. Fisher said that he could, but he must find Zhuo Yin and solve Zhuo Yin completely. The problem of being late, otherwise he would be the first to expel Li Zhenyan. Both Fisher’s teachings and the dialogue with Li Zhenyan were known to Tian Yisong outside the door.

Zhuo Yin is always late because he lives far away from school and has worked several jobs. Fang Xiaolu, Li Zhenyan and Qin Fen and others found Zhuo Yin and took her home for dinner. Everyone knew Zhuo Yin during the meal. Yin worked so hard for tuition, but Li Zhenyan pointed out that if Zhuo Yin didn’t have time to practice the double bass for part-time work, he might as well drop out. Zhuo Yin was aggrieved, but she knew that Li Zhenyan was right and she was not a genius. ,

If you don’t practice hard, you can’t stick to your dreams at all. After Zhuo Yin went home, Tian Yisong suddenly came to the door and invited Zhuo Yin to the A group. Knowing the news, Fang Xiaolu quickly took Li Zhenyan to the A group. It turned out that after Tian Yisong heard Fisher’s request to Li Zhenyan, he attracted Zhuo Yin to the A group. In this way, Zhuo Yin had left the S group, and Li Zhenyan would also leave.

After going back at night, Fang Xiaolu wanted to make something delicious for Li Zhenyan to make him happy, but Fang Xiaolu, who was not good at cooking, made the kitchen smoky and saw Fang Xiaolu’s room smoking downstairs. Li Zhenyan was a little worried, raised the fire extinguisher and kicked Fang Xiaolu’s door and walked in. After seeing Fang Xiaolu’s okay, Li Zhenyan was relieved, and the two of them sorted out and talked about Zhuoyin’s affairs.

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