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Symphony’s Romance 蜗牛与黄鹂鸟 Episode 3 Recap

Fisher told the principal that he planned to form a symphony orchestra with the students at the end of the crane in the school who were photographed by him, called the S group. He would also teach the original A group of the school at the same time. The principal asked Fisher again. Why target Li Zhenyan? Although Fisher admired Li Zhenyan and wanted to teach him personally, he felt that Li Zhenyan was too arrogant and decided to sharpen his spirit.

After Fisher refused Li Zhenyan, Li Zhenyan practiced in the piano room depressed. When Mr. Hu saw that Li Zhenyan was in a bad mood, he told Li Zhenyan that a musician should not only have control over his skills, but also have creativity beyond music. Li Zhenyan thoughtfully. Here, Fang Xiaolu saw on the bulletin board that he was selected by Fisher to join the S group. Only then did he know that the uncle he met two days ago was Fisher, and Qin Fen was also selected, but he was focused on rock and roll. Dismissed the symphony orchestra.

In the evening, Li Zhenyan was writing a tune at home. Fang Xiaolu suddenly came and suggested that Li Zhenyan should cooperate with the S regiment and be the commander of the S regiment. Li Zhenyan felt that the members of the S regiment were all miscellaneous soldiers and disdain to go to the S regiment. But Fang Xiaolu said that only by truly feeling the atmosphere of the orchestra can you move forward on the road to becoming a conductor.

The next day, Fisher came to the A group to inspect. Tian Yisong was the conductor of the A group. After greeted Fisher, he began to direct the orchestra to play. Before Fisher came, Director Meng told Tian Yisong that Fisher You set up the S group and asked Tian Yisong to perform well. Don’t lose the face of the A group. Moreover, Fisher will choose a student in China this time and take it to Europe for further study. Tian Yisong, who heard the news, decided to perform well. Lost to Li Zhenyan, a man who had never even taken a command class. While playing the timpani, Chen Zheng went wrong. Chen Zheng is a percussion genius in school. He is only fifteen years old.

Because of his young age, Chen Zheng is always teased by his classmates, and Chen Zheng hates others as a child. Before the performance started, there were girls who teased Chen Zheng and gave Chen Zheng a lollipop. Chen Zheng also had a temper, and used the lollipop to play drums during the performance. Tian Yisong was very angry and drove Chen Zheng out. , But Fisher said that he appreciates music with personality more than perfect music. The implication is that he doesn’t mind Chen Zheng’s deliberate weirdness.

Li Zhenyan, who was watching the A group rehearsal outside the door, also saw this scene. Li Zhenyan also believed that Chen Zheng’s approach had brought flaws to the performance of the entire orchestra. Li Zhenyan returned to the piano room and just saw Fang Xiaolu and Qin Fen rehearsing. Hearing the complacency of the two, Li Zhenyan spoke out and criticized the ensemble of the two as being noise. Qin Fen was a little unconvinced and asked if Li Zhenyan would play the violin. Fen was speechless in shock.

After Li Zhenyan left, Fang Xiaoru chased Qin Fen to fight the injustice. Li Zhenyan still insisted on his idea, but was gradually persuaded by Fang Xiaoru. Li Zhenyan gave three points to Qin Fen and asked Fang Xiaolu to pass it on to Qin Fen. Fang Xiaolu conveyed Li Zhenyan’s words. Qin Fen was a little angry and was about to pack his things and leave. Fang Xiaolu quickly grabbed him and said that Li Zhenyan also praised him. After Qin Fen, Qin Fen was dazzled by the words of praise, and then cheered up and practiced with Fang Xiaolu.

As a result, on the day of the make-up exam, Fang Xiaolu had a high fever, and Fang Xiaolu insisted on giving Qin Fen a make-up exam. Li Zhenyan saw that Fang Xiaolu was so confused and still thinking about Qin Fen’s make-up exam. So soft-hearted, he agreed to accompany Qin Fen. Help Qin Fen make up the exam. The piano accompaniment provided by Li Zhenyan to Qin Fen was perfect. Qin Fen passed the exam smoothly, and his attitude towards Li Zhenyan improved. He regarded Li Zhenyan as his friend. Chen Zheng wanted to drop out because he was angry at school.

He was also attracted by the ensemble of Li Zhenyan and Qin Fen. He also went to Li Zhenyan’s house with Qin Fen and Fang Xiaolu. After a few people finished eating, Qin Fen asked Li Zhenyan about his future plans. Li Zhenyan did not want to go abroad, nor did he want to change departments, but in this case, Li Zhenyan could only stay in school for one year. After learning the news, Fang Xiaolu began to help Li Zhenyan. Pass the department application to Fisher.

Fang Xiaoruo had been pestering Fisher, Fisher was busy going to the S group to instruct, so he took Fang Xiaoru with him. After going to the S group, Qin Fen knew the identity of Fisher, and Fisher directly Let Qin Fen be the chief violinist of the S group. Fisher told the students of the S group that they were called the S group because they were the most special. When they met for the first time, Fisher did not start rehearsals, nor did he Let them introduce themselves, but organized a party for them, so that everyone can cultivate feelings.

On the other hand, in the A group, Tian Yisong did not get Fisher’s approval. He was very strict with the A group students. Lin Qingshang wanted to persuade Tian Yisong not to be so eager for quick success, but Tian Yisong refused to listen and even asked the A group to listen to him. The leadership and command of the government are not allowed to be questioned.

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