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Minor March G小调进行曲 Episode 40 Recap

Quan Xi was making an excuse to say that there was a problem withher piano, so sheasked Park Qicai to adjust it for herself, and then deliberately broke the door lock and trapped her in the piano room. Park Qicai had no choice but to inform the security, but he did not wait for the security to open the door. Park Qicai said that he never missed an appointment because of Quan Xizheng. Quan Xizheng said coldly, if she is really anxious, she can call Director Kong and ask him to open the door, or she can jump down the curtain. Park Qicai looked at him with indifference.

She was very angry. She said that what she disliked most was seeing Quan Hee Jung always indifferent to everything. She had discovered that he was enthusiastic on the surface before. , In fact, it was cold inside. But later I was willing to accept his character, because I really liked him, but even though I did so many things for him, I still didn’t touch his heart. I really don’t want to talk to him again. Up.

Cha Yunxian was very happy to see Park Qicai appearing in the bar, and signaled that the partners started to confess the plan. Unexpectedly, Park Qicai would get drunk with a burst of violent water. When Cha Yunxian was about to confess, he fell asleep directly. Lin Yi also finally plucked up the courage and made an appointment with Park Zaiyu , ready to confess to him. She said that she found that she couldn’t do without him more and more, so this time she decided to be brave and asked Park Jae Yu if she would accept herself. Park Jaeyu was very happy, and the two hugged happily.

After Cha Yunxian waited for Park Qi Cai to wake up, he asked her whether she still liked Quan Hee Jung. Park Qicai cried and said that she knew that Quan Xizheng was bad, but she was used to his existence, and she didn’t know whether it counted as love. Cha Yun-hyun saw that she didn’t let go of Kwon Hee-jung at all, so she had to send her home, and had a drink with Park Jae-joe, and said to him, why Park Qicai never sees her own good. .

He Yuanzhu told Park Qicai that some people in the school set up a gambling game for the piano competition of Park Qicai’s several people, so she kept urging Park Qicai to go for training. Park Qicai asked her if she had also placed a bet, and learned that she had placed the bet on Shen Shien. Park Qicai pretended to be angry, making He Yuanzhu feel a little overwhelmed. She had to tell Park Qicai that all reporters in the school were running after Shen Shien because Quanxi was not accepting any interviews. Aman overheard a colleague from the company talking about it, saying that the company is planning to use Park Jaegong ‘s resources to train new people and is very anxious. Quan Xi was coming to the piano room and saw that Shen Shien was in the piano room.

By the way, he also got the admission letter from the university he had applied to before. Shen Shien said happily, this is all right, and he can go to school with him in the future. Quan Hee interrupted her, saying that he had no plans to study abroad. Aman went directly to Park Jaegong’s room. Park Jaegong was worried that he would not find an agent. Aman told him that he had applied to the company, but no one wanted to be his agent now, so he asked himself to be his agent. on. Park Jaegong was a little angry, and asked Aman if he would be an agent and if he had any contacts.

Aman was speechless, but in the face of Park Jaegong’s picks and choices, she also directly scolded Park Jaegong so that he could see himself clearly, and don’t think that he was the former star of Park Jae-gong who loved him. Up. Park Zaijiao realized that Aman hadn’t come back to pick up things for Park in the palace this week, so he packed up the things and prepared to let Park Qicai send them to him, by the way, to see what happened.

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