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Midsummer is Full of Hearts 仲夏满天心 Episode 19 Recap

Luo Tianran looked everywhere for what Jin Zeyi referred to as “little animals” and found a diamond ring beside the lizard stone sculpture.

Yun Shulai asked Tiffany if she had said something to Luo Tianran. Tiffany was very angry, and asked him if he still remembered how the two worked hard to achieve their dreams seven years ago. Is it because he has become a big star now that these work results are no longer needed . Jin Zeyi told Tiffany that she was completely different from what she was now seven years ago. Seven years ago, no matter what she decides she would do her best to support herself, but now she allows herself to be a traffic star instead of focusing on music.

Luo Tianran thought for a long time, and finally decided to go back. In the room, Luo Tianran found that Jin Zeyi had given her a puppet doll.

Sa Sa asked Artai to take pictures for herself, but Artai found in her the scandal photos of Yunshu and Luo Tianran. It turned out that those photos were taken by her assistant, and they were also synthesized by Sa Sa. Luo Tianran wondered why she didn’t know Sasha at all. Sa Sa said that although she did not know herself, she knew her. Sa Sa confessed that Luo Tianran was jealous of her being with Jin Zeyi. Luo Tianran Luo Tianran was not angry about this incident, and told Jin Zeyi that she dared to assume that she had been fanned by her.

Sasha issued a statement saying that the photos were synthesized by her, and this derailment finally came to an end.

Tiffany did not receive breakfast and learned that Lin Che was not nearby recently.

Luo Tianran and Jin Zeyi returned to the Jin’s house together. Dean Jin was very angry because of the involvement of Yun Shu in the scandal. He also mentioned his favorite sentence: Isn’t being a doctor more reliable than being a singer? All day long to show your face, dress up in fancy, bouncing on the stage, and still people watching like a monkey, OK? He also asked Jin Zeyi to quickly rein in the precipice while he was young. Jin Zeyi retorted that he was not for his own good, but that he selfishly let himself abandon his dreams and be his marionette. As soon as Jin Zeyi left home, Luo Tianran chased him out. .

Luo Tianran caught up with Jin Zeyi, saying that Dean Jin just didn’t understand his affairs, and asked Jin Ze to go back and apologize to Dean Jin. He also said that if he did not go, he would replace him. Jin Zeyi thought she was in charge. Nosy, drove away.

Luo Tianran offered to play mahjong, and Dean Jin had to join at the suggestion of his grandma. Jin Ze was lucky and won several rounds in a row, and he felt better. Everyone stayed in Luo Tianran, because there was only Jin Zeyi’s clothes at home, Luo Tianran changed into them. Luo Tianran lived in Jin Zeyi’s previous room and found his certificate of merit, as well as his childhood picture album, which contained a lot of dark history, and Luo Tianran secretly laughed and photographed them.

Jin Zeyi called and asked why Luo Tianran didn’t go home so late. After learning that Luo Tianran was in his room, Jin Zeyi found it after a round of searching. Luo Tianran talked about playing mahjong with Dean Jin today. The dean is actually a very interesting person, but Jin Zeyi was surprised to learn that his father would play mahjong. Jin Zeyi said that he should be a failure in the eyes of Dean Jin. Luo Tianran told him that having no children is a failure in the eyes of his parents. Perhaps Dean Jin was just thinking: If I persuaded him at the beginning, he would suffer less. Some bitter. No matter how authoritative Dean Jin is, he definitely hopes Jin Zeyi will be happy. Jin Zeyi said Dean Jin doesn’t know him, but he doesn’t know Dean Jin himself.

Jin Zeyi said that he missed Luo Tianran and wanted to pick her up, but then shyly said that the signal had just been broken, and Luo Tianran was very happy.

Dean Jin and Luo Tianran talked about Jin Zeyi’s childhood, and it is not difficult to see that he actually loved Jin Zeyi very much. Luo Tianran told him that he had accidentally found Jin Zeyi’s concert tickets in an iron box, including Each of his concerts is at the center. These concert tickets that were not sent should be full of Jin Ze’s expectation that his father can support him.

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