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Midsummer is Full of Hearts 仲夏满天心 Episode 18 Recap

After the online exposure, gossip was everywhere in the hospital.

Yun Shu came to the place where Luo Tianran lived temporarily. This residence was provided to Luo Tianran. Luo Tianran told Yun Shu that the two of them should not meet each other recently. Luo Tianran said that he was afraid of injuring others. Yun Shu asked if they were referring to Jin Zeyi. Luo Tianran agreed that Yun Shu apologized to Luo Tianran for what was photographed that day.

Dean Jin called Jin Ze to ask about the Internet. Jin Ze sarcastically said that he was anxious when Yun Shu was involved. As soon as Tiffany handed Jin Ze to the office, he said that he has been very haggard every day, just like being caught by evil. Tiffany said that the image of an idol artist is the most important thing. Jin Zeyi used to manage his body and emotions very well. Now It’s like nothing will happen. Jin Zeyi said that even now, there is no need to worry too much.

Tiffany told him that he did not know how many calls from brand customers every day. They all came to inquire about Jin Zeyi’s situation, fearing that what happened to Jin Ze would affect him. Cooperation, Tiffany said that Jin Zeyi now is like a time bomb. Jin Zeyi has been very confused recently and doesn’t want to care about work. Tiffany then asked him if he knew about the relationship between Luo Tianran and Yun Shu, maybe Luo Tianran would announce the contract marriage for Yun Shu, and Jin Ze would not even have to talk about work.

Jin Zeyi told Tiffany that he was in love with Luo Tianran, and Tiffany’s face was unbelievable, and then his expression showed loneliness and sadness.

Yun Shu called Tiffany out and asked her if she had taken the photo. Tiffany admitted, but it was not she who made public opinion behind her. Tiffany also told Yun Shu that Jin Zeyi had fallen in love with Luo Tianran.

Yun Shu sent a cassette to Luo Tianran, saying that the music in it was something she liked to listen to, so she could take it out and listen to it when she was unhappy.

As soon as Yun Shu asked Jin Ze to meet, Jin Zeyi realized that Luo Tianran was with Yun Shu.

Yun Shu asked Jin Ze to reflect on himself. He guessed that the reason why Luo Tianran ran away from home must be because Jin Zeyi said something that hurt her. Mr. Shi saw the Internet saying that Tiffany and Jin Zeyi’s marriage was related, so he specifically called her to ask. Mr. Shi didn’t want to hear Tiffany’s explanation. He emphasized that this matter has affected the outside world’s perception and trust in the company, so he told Tiffany already has this kind of thing never happen again.

Jin Zeyi asked Tiffany if she was behind the online public opinion, and if the photo was taken by her. Tiffany told him that he didn’t do it by himself. Tiffany stopped Jin Zeyi, who was about to leave, and said that he had changed since he met Luo Tianran. Jin Ze did change by himself, but now Tiffany makes him feel stranger.

Jin Zeyi posted on Weibo: I unconditionally believe in nature and in our feelings.

Remember to stop Tiffany and ask her if she has been interfering with Jin Zeyi’s marriage since the photo came from the company. Lin Che rushed into the encirclement of reporters and brought Tiffany out.

Tiffany smashed the glass that Lin Che handed over, and said that he would take care of his own affairs. Lin Che saw that she was angry because of the embarrassment she saw. Lin Che grabbed Tiffany to confess and said that she liked her. Tiffany froze for a while before throwing away his hand and saying that he was naive.

Luo Tianran was puzzled when he saw the news of Jin Zeyi’s statement. Since he cares about other people’s opinions, why would he be willing to do this for himself. He and she told Yun Shu that she didn’t want to be an obstacle between Tiffany and Jin Zeyi, so Luo Tianran thought it was not worth it for Jin Zeyi to do so.

As soon as Jin Ze received a call from Artest, he knew where Luo Tianran was and finally found him. Yun Shu prevented him from taking Luo Tianran back.

Jin Zeyi sent a message to Luo Tianran, saying that he was waiting for her at home, and the little animals remember to bring them back. Luo Tianran didn’t understand what little animal it was.

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